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									Leandro Capocchi
Grad. Dip. App. Sc. OHS Mgmt., A.S.I.A.

19 Arbor Ave,
Belgrave, Vic. 3160
9752 5660
0419 200 930

Leandro Capocchi is a qualified Occupational Health and Safety professional with
experience across a broad range of industries. Areas covered in the past include hospital,
medical, first aid and laboratory environments; the IT industry; transport including road,
rail, goods and services, as well as passenger transport; the forestry industry; call centre
and help desk environments; cleaning and service industries; laser safety, both in the
medical, entertainment and education fields; call centres and help desk; the
entertainment, conferencing and events industry; emergency services (CFA) including
firefighting, fire equipment maintenance and first aid (St John Ambulance).

Leandro is also qualified as a Laser Safety Officer, a Workplace Assessor and Instructor,
Fire Fighter and Fire Equipment Maintenance Officer, First Aid (level 2) provider,
Pathology Collector, Equal Opportunity and Workplace Harassment advisor, office
management and team leadership and computer programming.

He has skills in a range Occupational Health and Safety specific areas including
hazardous substances, dangerous goods and biological waste; risk assessment and
management; accident and incident investigation; research and data analysis; report
writing; workplace testing for insurance, health, toxic exposures and drugs; medical,
surgical, pathology and emergency services; legislation including codes of practice and
compliance; manual handling and ergonomics; environment testing including lighting
and noise level measurement; electrical and electronic safety; lockout / tagout systems;
emergency management; rostering and fatigue management; transport safety.

Leandro has recently completed a number of related projects on fire fighter safety,
fatigue and risk perceptions in the emergency services. Other reports include an
examination into general safety in a pathology setting.

Recent contract work includes a management responsibility plan in relation to legislation
surrounding the forestry industry and preparation, writing and delivery of a Laser Safety
course for a number of educational institutions (including Monash University).

Leandro is currently preparing research material for a Master of Applied Science. He and
his partner have also started a Consultancy in Occupational Health and Safety and
Training and Assessment.

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Graduate Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety at RMIT University (with H D’s)
(currently studying environmental management)
Certificate IV Workplace Assessment and Training 2004.
Certificate IV (equiv) Wildfire Fire-fighter. Country Fire Authority, 2002
Pathology Collection Certificate IV Mayfield College 2000
Operating Theatre Technician Certificate IV issued by Mayfield College 1995
Advanced Certificate in Computer Programming issued by RMIT and ACS 1990.
Computer Training Program, April 1988 consisting of theory, design and programming
on a variety of mainframe systems and 2 years on-site training.
Transport Management at RMIT in 1986/87 with credits in Business Computing and
Computer Theory and passes in Business Law, Transport Operations.
Current Level 2 First Aid Certificate
Certificates in Wildfire firefighting, Fire Suppression, Search and Rescue, Fire Equipment
Maintenance and Hazardous Materials management from the CFA.
E.E.O. Staff Harassment Contact Officer course. N.E.H.C.N. Feb 1997.
Medical Laser Safety course run by the Austin Hospital Staff Development Unit and a
credit pass in the Government regulated Medical Laser Safety Officer’s exam. 1995.
Sexual Harassment Contact officer training course at the Austin hospital 1994.
A certificate in Medical Terminology course. Course run by the Austin Hospital Staff
Development Unit. 1992
A certificate in Ultimate Customer Service issued by CareerTrack
A certificate in Quiz for Developers (Powerhouse 4GL) issued by Cognos
Certificate in Instructor Training (Eq to Cert IV in Workplace Training) issued by St John
Ambulance Brigade.
Officer/Manager certificate (Eq to Cert IV in office management / team leadership)
issued by St John Ambulance Brigade.

2003 – current
I have completed a number of reports into fire-fighter safety over the last two years
I have recently published a paper on Risk Perceptions in Emergency Services and
delivered a presentation at the Safety in Action conference, Melbourne, 2005
Have assisted in production of management guidelines for Occupational Health and
Safety for a national Forest Industry employer
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As a consultant and Licensed Laser Safety Officer I have written a Laser Safety induction
course for engineering students at a major Melbourne university.
Specific projects for OH&S consultancies.

Sep 00 – current
Employed by the Gribbles Group. My tasks require a thorough knowledge of protocols,
operations, safety, medical requirements, computer and communications systems, HIC
regulations, doctor, nursing and patient requirements.
In addition, staff are required to ensure Health Insurance Commission, ISO and NATA
requirements are met. Occupational Health and Safety is a critical component of the
work as there are obligations to be met for these organizations as well as WorkCover and
the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Occupational Health and Safety issues include
patient (manual) handling, management of sharps and contaminated materials and
dealing with difficult clients. Additional duties include training of staff for home visit
work and mentoring new staff members.

Apr 91 - Sep 99
Austin & Repatriation Medical Centre. Operating Suite Technician. Duties include
setting-up of theatres for medical procedures: provision of appropriate equipment for
each operation; operation of video; lighting; diathermy or other equipment. Responsible
for laser operation and staff safety. Instructing new staff in correct procedures.
Set up, operation of and maintenance of audio/video systems, recording operations, and
provision of link-up to remote theatres for teaching. Testing blood chemistries.
Responsibility for all related activities and calling in additional staff when out of hours.
Relieving the Senior Technician.

Mar 92 & Aug 91 - Sep 91
Contracted to Collie Cook Consolidated as Hewlett-Packard Systems and Help Desk
Operator.       Duties including computer and communications equipment fault
identification, maintenance checks and scheduled preventative maintenance, data back-
ups, system security and user access control, running help-desk for software and
hardware problems, computer supply and stock control, database maintenance and
report generation.
Incident reports were required for customer or system problems.

Jun 88 - Feb 91
Employed by ComOps (Vic). ComOps is a Software Company producing a Business
Management System.
Key duties included maintenance programming, modifications and enhancement and
writing new programs, customer liaison, assisting with their software, operating system
and hardware queries.
Additional duties included maintaining a regular back-up system, printer maintenance,
cabling arranging servicing of hardware, evaluation of PC needs, installation and
configuration of office PC’s, installing and supporting PC software. Develop and deliver
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training courses for customers and staff. Production of company publications, sales
material and corporate functions support.

1974 - 1988
Tram and Bus Division of the Metropolitan Transport Authority. Duties included office
administration, staff supervision, banking, payroll, security, ticketing, enquiries, dealing
with staff, stock ordering and numerous other functions.
The Metropolitan Transport Authority (formerly the M&MTB) was self insured, so
incident analysis was an important function for staff. Very detailed reports were required
for both traffic accidents and staff injuries. I have experience in incident analysis and

1996 -1999:          Member of Austin Operating Suite Laser and Radiation Safety Committee
                     responsible for setting new standards for Laser safety in surgery.
1995 -1997:          School Council Committee member at Ivanhoe Primary School.
                     Member of Sub-committee: Accountability, Discipline & Targets.
1996:                President of Scout Association 2nd Ivanhoe Group Committee.
1992-93:             Coordinator and a member of the organising committee of the
                     Austin Hospital fund raising Carnival Day (May 1993).
1990 – 1991: Organising committee of the Hewlett-Packard Users Group (Vic) South
             Pacific and Asia Region Conference (1991). I was also a member of the
             Program and Technical Papers sub-committee for the above conference
             and chaired several presentations.

I hold Associate membership of the Australian Safety Institute.
I am eligible for professional membership to the Fire Safety Association.

Currently conducting research into fatigue in volunteer fire-fighters.
Studying Environmental Management
Written and presented a paper on Risk Perceptions in the Emergency Services for the
Safety In Action conference, 2005.
Various Occupational Health and Safety consultancy projects.
Active member of Selby rural CFA brigade. I attended a tour of duty in north-eastern
Victoria for the Summer 2003 bushfire campaign.

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Appointed as a Sexual Harassment Counselor and E.E.O. workplace harassment
complaints contact at the Austin & Repatriation Medical Centre
I have an interest in community radio and in 1991 I acted as relieving Station
Manager/Studio Coordinator at 3INR Community Radio station for a brief period.
I was a member of the St. John Ambulance Brigade for 7 years and held the position of
Divisional Officer and Honorary instructor with the association. During my membership
I completed an Officer/Manager Training course and an Instructor Training Course.
Provision of sound, lighting or video production for entertainers or venues to provide
concerts or functions, including the Dallas Brooks Convention Centre. Instructing junior
staff in Lighting and Audio theory and practice.
Motor Vehicle License endorsed for Rigid Heavy Truck & Bus & M/cycle.
Good Knowledge of Windows, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access.

Mr. Neville Betts, M.App.Sc. CFSIA
Director: Booreea Rudd P/L Safety Consultants.
30 Rotherwood Pde.
East Ivanhoe.
  Phone: 9497 1522
  Fax: 9497 1533
  Mob: 0414 402822

Dr Neale Jackson FSIA,
Senior Lecturer in OHS,
Coordinator Graduate OHS Programs,
RMIT University,
  Bundoora Ph: 03 9925 7481
  City Ph:    03 9925 3364
  Fax:        03 9925 7477
  Mob:        0414 962103

Maxine Jones
Patient Centres Manager
Gribbles Group.
1868 Dandenong Rd
  Ph:         03 9538 6777

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