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   12 AUGUST 2010
 Is learning and development part of
 Understand and define the role of HR and
  then contextualize L&D in the role of HR
 L&D is part of strategy: it is important to
  understand your performance needs at the
  begigning of the whole process
 As HR are you an enabler of strategy
    Enabler of strategy vs Business
 As HR you must know the business need so as to
  come up with the strategy. Vs
 You need to first position yourself as an enabler
  and then on that basis what are the business needs
  and what do I need to drive that? This mind set is
  important. As a HR professional you should come
  to the org with an enabler mindset
            Why E-learning
 Real need for knowledge in Africa which is
  lagging behind
 Cost effective
 Time saving
 Flexible
 E-learning does not replace the old ways but
  isn’t its adoption a necessary evil.
Does Learning take place through
    Learning: sustainable behavioral changes
   E-learning changes levels of productivity positively
    and this shows learning takes place
   Should it be referred to as a blended learning
    approach instead? E- Learning is limited and will not
    yield results in itself
   Paradigm shift from e - learning to blended learning.
    studies show only 30% of learning is based on e-
    learning. There is a lot more we can offer to
   The major issues here is life long learning and not e-
 E- learning is more appropriate in certain
  situations e.g. class
 These multi media resources are supposed to
  facilitate learning. The important question
  being has the individual learnt?
 Mindset is a major challenge e.g. HR
  managers reject resumes of candidates who
  have online degrees why?
 How practical is the traditional approach?
  Would you as a HR manager release your
  star talents to go to ‘face to face’ learning
  approaches? Therefore,a blended approach
  is necessary to retain star talent in the
 Learning using the best resources which are
  affordable to the organization
 The recommended approach is the blended
  approach where e- learning supports the
  learning process.
       Challenges of e-learning
 Products found in the market are not need specific
  and therefore, sometimes are unable to solve
  organizational needs. E- learning is not business
 Facilitators and students need a mindset change for e
  - learning to be specific
 Standardization of institutions many of which claim
  to be carrying out e -learning but on the contrary lack
  the resources to carry out effective e- learning
 Access to content
 Lack of skills to carry out e -learning; skills
  should be developed according to our
  capacity e.g the use of mobile phone as their
  usage is growing at 600%
 From an industry perspective the blended
  approach must be complete in that, the
  students must be exposed to real situations.
  This will ensure that they acquire skills that
  will allow them to complete tasks
  successfully. The result is that they must be
  able to do the job!
 Mindset : sensitization about e-learning and it’s
 Blended learning (outcome based) : combination
  of traditional and e-learning
 The government and other organizations e.g. ITU
  need to come up with national policies e.g how to
  guarantee the quality of an online degree
 Infrastructure to support access to e-learning
 Skills should be developed to support
  implementation of e-learning
 HR should not function as a department but
  rather should drive the organizational
 Learning is a continuous process

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