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					                                                                    Systems Administrator
                                                                                         Job Advert
                                                                                      2 February 2012

IXICO is an ambitious and growing company providing image analysis and data management
solutions to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The company was founded in 2005,
and is now managing clinical trials from phase I to phase III, with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease and
cancer. Many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies are customers of IXICO.

The Role
Due to expansion, we are looking for a Systems Administrator to help manage the office network
and support 30 users in a mixed technology environment including Linux and Windows desktops and
laptops, Linux servers, networking hardware and peripherals including printers, scanners, and a fax
gateway. The responsibilities of the Systems Administrator will include:

        Desktop/laptop support: Ubuntu, Windows, some MacOS
        Server support: Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Suse
        User support / helpdesk
        Running backups
        Managing software licenses
        Desktop Imaging
        Networking: LAN, Wifi, Internet, CISCO Firewall
        DNS, Virtualisation, SQL/database admin, FTP, VPN, DHCP, OpenLDAP, Bacula, Nagios
        Zimbra Email, Anti-virus, Twiki, RT
        Working with vendors and 3rd party service providers

Experience Required
        At least two years working in an IT service position including support of Linux server /
        Highly proficient in the use of Microsoft Office software applications, in particular MS Excel,
        but also MS Word and MS PowerPoint.

Person Profile
        Can manage own time and prioritise requests
        Good communication skills (verbal and written)
        Willing to learn new tools/technologies
        Focus on continuous improvements

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                                                                 Systems Administrator
                                                                                     Job Advert
                                                                                   2 February 2012

Additional Information
Administration of a LAN with around 30 users on a variety of desktop and laptop platforms including
Ubuntu 7.04 - 11.04, Windows XP and 7, Office, Open Office and a variety of medical imaging
applications. Desktops are maintained using imaging and we use a large amount of virtualisation on
the workstation to accommodate specialist needs of the Image Analysts. User administration is
using Samba, Zimbra and Linux on Debian. Additionally there are around 50 servers of various
flavours including Debian, Suse, Ubuntu and Centos all of which need monitoring using Nagios and
capacity planning. The network uses Bind locally and Named for public DNS, Cisco hardware in a
redundant pair and a tape drive and Bacula for backups. There is currently only one other member
of IT staff so there is an opportunity to experience all aspects of the support process as well as
project work.

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