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Outdoor media - Global Advertisers


Outdoor Advertising Agency - Global Advertisers - The Ultimate Choice in Outdoor Advertising

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									                              Global Advertisers

Global Advertisers - one of the most sought after OOH Company in India. Global
   commenced mainly to support the business objectives of the Media Owner,
     Planner, Buyers and Users, in the Indian Out of home media Industry.

 More than a decade of OOH has brought us with invaluable experience. We are
engaged in start-to-end OOH Media, Movie promotions, Product Launches, Event
                      Management, Ambient Media services.

 Global Advertisers, is a division of well recognized brand-MM Mithaiwala.The
  agency is dynamic in approach, specializing in Out-of-Home for more than a
 decade. We offer clients the best rates, services & media solutions to advertise
                their brands and Products to their target groups.

  The agency has pioneered the development of India's OOH industry, with the
 Innovation, Technology, Strategy and 24x7 quality Services for clients. Today,
Global Advertisers has over 500 National Campaigns, 700 Product Launches and
      300 Brand Promotions, reaching out to nook and corner of each city.

Location : Shri Ram Trade Centre, 6th floor, S.V.P. Road, Borivali (W), Mumbai,
                                India 400 092

                              Phone: 2228939400

                      Email: sanjeev@globaladvertisers.in


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