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eCommerce – Business Starter Kit

Introducing Business Starter Kit (eCommerce)

The Business Starter Kit Package is an all-in-one Website/Shopping Cart/eCommerce Hosting solution for businesses
wanting to sell online and process credit-card payments securely via their websites using the Web Secure Payment

Web Secure's eCommerce Package is recommended by both National Bank and St George.

Our team is happy to customise to match your requirements and you can always upgrade as your needs change.

Web Site (for Business Starter Kit)

Looking for a professionally designed, custom built 5 page website, but unsure of who to trust to build it? We has
developed responsible and reliable web designers who can execute your individual requirements in a timely and cost
effective manner.

By outsourcing the website development to an experienced designer, you can focus on your core business.

Customers can rely on Web Secure for a web design process that includes trusted partners, quality work as well as
timely delivery.


Web Secure Reliable Web Design solution:

      Determine the look and feel you want for your website
      Delivered within 10 working days (subject to your swift response to feedback requests)

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      A fixed price with no hidden extras
      Website created by a professional designer and developer
      Dedicated account manager to handle any concerns


What is the Web Design process?

When you buy a Business Starter Kit, you will be invited to complete a comprehensive design brief. This will cover
matters such as layout, navigation, style, font and a general look and feel. You can also nominate websites that reflect
your goals and objectives, plus send through any imagery and text you would like on your website.

Our Design Teams will then send you 3 examples of websites that match your brief and ask you to nominate which
one you prefer.

They will then populate the preferred website with your text copy and imagery and present it for your final approval.
You will be invited to edit the copy & imagery twice, after which additional fees may apply. Once final approval is
given, your website will be made live.

Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes. We require advance payment for Business Starter Kit, due to the high cost of sale. We will accept most forms of

What if I require more than 5 webpages?

Additional pages can be developed at $100 each. Or less, if you require a large number of pages.

What if I require applications on my website?

Adding features, booking systems, affiliate applications, chat forums and any other interactive or scripted application
is outside the brief of this service.

If you require these features, please ask our consultants to give you a quote.


Here are some examples of website development by the Reliable Web Design process

                                   Succession Capital                 The Bandits

                                      Petzzz Beds                 Gentle Touch Dental

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                                  Our Special Place              Find Your Childcare

Shopping Cart Software

Shopping Cart software allows you to sell your products via your website and take online payments, but with recent
advances in internet technology, today's Shopping Carts are complete solutions incorporating customer front-end,
product management, inventory, finance and marketing tools as part of a single solution.

Web Secure recommends two state-of-the-art Shopping Cart solutions, X-Cart and EziMerchant that offer enormous
power and control for a small investment and are fully integrated with our Payment Gateway for the real-time
processing of credit-cards.

                                                                                  Find out more about Shopping Carts

About the Payment Gateway

Web Secure's Payment Gateway provides a live link between your web site and a bank
for real-time credit card processing. Once configured with your Online Merchant
Account details (provided by your processing bank) the Payment Gateway is fully
integrated with leading shopping cart software and works in the background, securely
processing payments from your website, which are then deposited directly to your
bank account.

The Payment Gateway can be ordered as a stand-alone service that can be used by developers looking to create a
bespoke eCommerce solution and has an API which allows it to be used from any website, whether it is hosted at Web
Secure or not.

                                                                           Find out more about the Payment Gateway

Fee Free Transactions

Web Secure was one of the first eCommerce provider to offer 'fee free transactions'. So when a transaction is made
through your website, we do not charge you a fee for it*.

Typically, our competitors will charge you $0.50 to $1.00 per transaction on top of the bank processing fees, which
soon adds up.

                                                                           Find out more about Fee-Free Transactions

*normal bank processing charges will apply.

Acquiring an Online Merchant Account

To process online payments to your bank account, all banks require you to have an Online Merchant Account. To
acquire one, you will need to apply to the bank directly, however Web Secure can help fast track this process through
one of our preferred partner banks of St.George and National.

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If you prefer to keep your account with a different bank you can open your Online Merchant Account with our
preferred partner banks and the account can be linked to any nominated bank account, eg. Commonwealth, Westpac
etc. The money is transferred at the end of each business day to your nominated account, and there are no bank fees
associated with the transfer of funds.

                                                          Find out more about Acquiring an Online Merchant Account

                    Features                                                More Info

Storage & Traffic
                                                                         Web space limit

1GB web space                                This is the amount of data (or files) that you are allowed to store on
                                             our servers with this package. Your email inboxes do not count towards
                                             this limit.
                                                                          Data transfer

                                             Your data transfer limit is the sum of all inbound and outbound traffic
15GB data transfer per month*                to the web server. Each time a visitor accesses your site, or you upload
                                             files to your web server you are transferring data, all of which counts
                                             towards this limit. For a regular website with no large multimedia files,
                                             100 MB of web traffic is equivalent to about 4,000 page views.
                                                                        POP mail accounts

100 x 100 MB POP mail accounts               POP (Post Office Protocol) is a client/server protocol in which email is
                                             received and held for you on the server. When you check your email
                                             using products like Eudora or Outlook, the mail is downloaded to your
                                             computer and the mail is deleted on the server.

                                             Webmail allows you to check your email through any internet
                                             connection using a web browser.
                                                                          Email aliases

                                             Email aliases aren't email accounts with their own mail accounts, but
Aliases                                      pointers to email accounts. For example, you can create an email alias
                                             called and point it to john.smith@your-
                                   , which has a mailbox. Email aliases are useful when your
                                             real email account changes - you can just point your alias to the new
                                             address - or if you want to receive mail from many generic addresses.
                                                                         Auto responder

Auto responder
                                             AutoResponder will send an automatic message back to any sender,
                                             who sends you a new message with a notification of your choice.
                                                                      Catchall email address

                                             An email address that you designate to "catch" all incoming emails that
Catchall address                             have no valid recipient. For example, if your email address is
                                    but someone sends a message to
                                   , which doesn't exist, you will still receive
                                             the email. The original sender will not receive an error that his or her
                                             email has bounced.
Anti-spam                                                                   Anti-spam

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                                     All of Web Secure’s email services come with Spam Assassin, which
                                     allows you to filter and remove spam before it hits your inbox.

Anti-virus                           All Web Secure email Services include enterprise grade, server-side
                                     anti-virus protection with the latest virus definitions updated hourly.
                                     We virus scan your email, before it reaches your email mailbox.
Advanced Features

PHP                                  The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is a popular web scripting language
                                     that allows you to create dynamic web content, applications and
                                     interact with databases.

ASP                                  ASP (Active Server Pages) is a Microsoft technology that allows you to
                                     create dynamic web content. ASP is a server side language and can
                                     interact with databases, create dynamic web content and applications.

JSP                                  JSP (JavaServer Page) is an extension to the Java servlet technology
                                     that allows HTML to be combined with Java on the same page. It is a
                                     server side language used to create dynamic web content and

Perl                                 Perl (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language) is an interpreted
                                     programming language that is frequently used for creating CGI
                                     programs on web servers.

                                     Like Perl, Python is an interpreted programming language that is
                                     flexible and often used to create web and CGI applications.

MySQL                                MySQL is a popular open source relational database management
                                     system that uses Structured Query Language (SQL). MySQL is widely
                                     used and is known for its speed, reliability, and flexibility.

                                     PostgreSQL is an open source relational database management
                                                                  The Console

The Console - online control panel   Our state-of-the-art admin system, The Console, gives you powerful
                                     management of all your Web Secure Services. It's available 24/7 and
                                     the changes you make are instantaneous.
                                                                 Web statistics

Web statistics
(Analog/Webalizer/AWStats/Urchin)    Web Secure offers multiple website statistics packages for you to use
                                     to measure the success of your website. You can choose to change the
                                     website statistics package you use from within The Console.

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                                                                      Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Shared SSL Certificate                         SSL is an internet security protocol that validates the identity of a
                                               website and creates an encrypted connection for sending credit card
                                               numbers and other personal data.
                                                                            Shopping Carts
Shopping carts supported: X-Cart,
EziMerchant, OScommerce                        Web Secure's Payment Gateway is fully integrated with X-Cart and
                                               eziMerchant. We will install either of these packages
Setup Fee                                                                      $195.00
Business Starter Kit                                                          $1399.00
Monthly Cost                                                              $127.50/month

* Excess data billed at 15 cents per MB in arrears, or available at 10 cents per MB if bought in advance, only available
in 500MB blocks.

                                                   Optional add-ons

Add-ons                                                                                          Price
Dedicated SSL Certificate                                                                     $269/year
X-Cart shopping cart                                                                             $399
Domain Manager - allows you to point your domain name to any other
web address. It also allows clients, who are domain hosting with Web
Secure, to stipulate unlimited changes to a Domain Name Zone File,
including the ability to modify MX records, A records and sub-domains.
EziMerchant shopping cart                                                                        $499
Online Marketing
Feature+ (Search Engine Submission)
  accelerate your appearance in Search Engines
                                                                                             $95 once off
  guarantees listing in Google, MSN & Yahoo!
  emailed status report
Optimiser Report
  export analysis
                                                                                             $485 once off
  detailed report and action plan
  substantial improvements
Traffic Accelerator                                                            $225/month (minimum of 6 months)

 *Note: All Pricing do not include GST.

**Online Control Panel is available with extra charge. Online Control Panel is our state-of-the-art admin system,
The Control Panel, gives you powerful management of all your Web Secure Services. It's available 24/7 and the
changes you make are instantaneous.

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