Business Success Strategies (PDF) by huangyuarong



    This PDF is a collection of some basic business strategy videos found by Soroya
    that have been put together to form playlists. We've tried to keep each playlist under
    an hour. Enjoy the autoplay feature of the playlists or view only the individual videos
    you are interested in.

                              1 -Attitude and Mindset

  Having the right mindset or attitude can make the difference between succeeding and
  failing in YOUR business. Biz01 - Attitude and Mindset Playlist

Videos in this 33 minute playlist...

The Compulsion To Succeed with Cavett Robert, "Know your product, but Think People"
Comedy And Inspiration with Steve Rizzo, The Attitude Adjuster
You Are What You Think - Brian Tracy
Attitude Makes All The Difference by Zig Ziglar
Gentle With Myself - Positive Affirmations

                           2 - Business Common SENSE

Start thinking about your business in a whole new way with these videos for your everyday
needs. While they may be biased towards building a particular business, each one can be
used to generate ideas for any business! Biz02 - Business Common Sense

Videos in this 29 minute playlist...

The Divinity of Simplicity with Cavett Robert

Leadership and Team Building with Improv by Izzy Gesell

Home Business Training: Brand Yourself Not Your Company by James Holmes

Motivation, Inspiration, and Resuscitation With Steve Rizzo
                             3 - Success PRINCIPLES

  Motivation And Commitment come from knowing that your dream is possible. Keep
  your eyes on your goal and never give up. Biz03 - Success Principles
Videos in this 43 minute playlist...

Secret To Success by Eric Thomas

Failure: The Secret to Success by Honda

Jack Canfield: The Success Principles

Day 1 The Psychology of Success

Napoleon Hill on Cosmic Habit Force from Think and Grow Rich

                           4 - PLANNING for Success

Every business needs different kinds of plans...

             A Business Plan helps investors decide on giving a starting capital.

             A Marketing Plan helps keep the advertising budget on target.

             A Development Plan that is flexible allows a business to grow and
             expand in ways that benefit everyone involved.

                               Biz04 - Planning for Success

Videos in this 31 minute playlist...

Casper Stockham, Success Leaves Clues Coach

         Power of a Commitment

         Develop Your Plan B

         How to Win The Game of Network Marketing

         Success is a Numbers Game

Persuasive Online Copywriting Tips
                 5 - Leads, Lists and Social NETWORKING?

In this section...48 minutes of How-To 'Generate Leads And Prospects' for your business
lists, 'Where To Find Prospects AND What To Ask Them', as well as...

      'Finding Customers To Create More Sales' for your business.

Then we begin to look more in-depth at list building, autoresponders and maintaining a
relationship with the people on your lists.

ALL this, plus writing emails, form a part of your email marketing strategy or plan.

                        Biz05 – Leads, Lists and Social NETWORKING

Videos in this playlist...

Got Leads? by Trent Galloway Video

Prospecting Secrets and Tips

Prospecting for sales

List Building Tips, Are You Building A Relationship With Your List?

How Do You Use Autoresponders?

What Do You Test In Your Email Marketing?

Empowering Your Home Business Recruiting with "Three Simple Questions"

Finding New Business | Prospecting | Sales tips | Networking

Home Business Training: Leveraging Social Media to Drive Traffic Case Study 1

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