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									                        How to Ensure Effective IT Risk Management?

Failure to recognize, evaluate and alleviate IT risks can make a business prone to grave security
breaches and financial losses. With our economy being progressively more reliant on the Internet and IT
systems, making the risks in these systems visible is very important. The main objective of IT risk
management is to enable the organization to accomplish itsmissionby providing better security systems
that store, process, or transmit organizationalinformation. Quantifying the IT security risks that support
remediation activities is the primary focus of the IT security risk management process.

With the growth of advanced malware attacks, there has been a need for organizations to adopt a smart
approach when it comes to assessing IT risks and managing compliance.Organizations need to
understand that IT risk management is critical to achieve success in business. The inherent risks show up
in complex and subtle ways, making IT risk management a difficult process to communicate and manage

When it comes to managing information technology (IT) security, the difference between success and
failure is determined by how proactive an organization is in addressing threats. A company can achieve
high levels of security and compliance only when technology and the people are aligned in the
identification, assessment and remediation of IT risks.

To gain a competitive advantage, companies can adopt an effective compliance risk management with
governance, risk and compliance. So the first step in effectively managing IT risks is to detect and
categorize the IT assets that contain vulnerable and classified information. On identifying the assets, it is
possible to then assign controls and mitigate the risks to acceptable levels. Of course, prior to all this it is
essential to understand the principal matters that affect the business stakeholders.

An effective compliance risk management program involves people, policies, processes, and technology.
With an effective and end-to-end compliance and risk management software, there can be a reduction in
business and IT risk, reduction in compliance costs, with also a simultaneous increase in ROI. With the
right tools, IT organizations can take the lead in identifying, assessing, remediating and managing IT risk.

The result of this allows companies to increase network security, reduce management costs and achieve
greater compliance by effectively assessing and classifying IT risk.While organizations are looking to
secure efforts and improve the visibility of risk throughout the enterprise, there are a number of risk
management solutions that can help in understanding the security status of an organization, and
consequently results in effective IT risk Management.

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