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Managing Goals The Expert Fabienne Fredrickson, selfmade millionaire, creator of the fast-growing business-coaching firm client and mom of three young children to help Lyndsay achieve strong financial growth, entrepreneur mom fabienne fredrickson suggests she set concrete monthly revenue goals- something she hadn't begun doing-to determine how many retailers she needs and how much marketing she must do to reach them, and then focus on achieving these objectives. "if you keep track on an excel spreadsheet of everything you make each month as it relates to your goal this month, you can say, 'cool, this month i made my goal,' " says fredrickson. "if this month you didn't make your goal, you'll know that next month you need to increase your marketing, presence and visibility to reach it." one way for Lyndsay to ramp up marketing without a lot of additional effort, suggests fredrickson, is to increase the frequency of her once-amonth e-newsletter to twice a month and then, ideally, every week. clients will value fresh, original content. adding customer testimonials to her website will also go a long way. "it's much more powerful than anything you can say about your own product," explains fredrickson. "you will never have as much credibility as offered by the end user, the consumer." if target customers identify closely with the people giving the testimonials, they're more likely to buy.

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