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Transformational Crisis Management in Organizational Development: A Focus on the Case of Barnes & Noble vs. Amazon


This article presents an analysis of the fundamental aspects of transformational crisis management, focusing on the evolving conditions regarding the competitive positions of the Barnes & Noble and Amazon organizations -- two of the leading retail distributors of books in the US. Transformational crisis management refers to the degree to which a crisis situation is viewed as an opportunity, but requiring major changes in the operational paradigm of an organization -- in this particular case, Barnes & Noble, as reflected in its competitive market position with Amazon. In this period of time, the competitive pressure experienced by Barnes & Noble increased substantially to a point whereby a major crisis emerged. The stages in crisis management are identified as the Preliminary, Acute, Chronic, and Resolution Stages. It was determined that Barnes & Noble had progressed through the first two crisis phases, but today remains in the Chronic Stage, and the Resolution Stage still lies ahead.

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                                                              This article presents an analysis of the fundamen-
Transformational Crisis                                       tal aspects of transformational crisis manage-
Management in Organizational                                  ment, focusing on the evolving conditions regard-
                                                              ing the competitive p
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