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               Powerful Tools For Lucid Dreaming
Dream Signs - What Are They?

"I awoke in the morning as usual. I lay in bed for a moment and reached over to pick up the
phone, as I had an important call to make. I started to dial the numbers and glanced away
briefly. Looking back at the phone, I noticed something odd had happened. The object in my
hand had now changed into the remote control for the television! What was going on?"

As you may have guessed, I was in fact dreaming. The above extract is from my dream
journal. That was my first hint of what was to prove to be one of the major dream signs to
occur repeatedly throughout my dream journals. After spotting this, becoming lucid became a
lot easier. Whenever I see a phone in my dreams I almost always know that I am dreaming,
and therefore become lucid.

That is exactly what a dream sign is. It's a common theme that occurs within your dreams
that may give you some sort of hint that you are dreaming. Keeping a dream journal is the
key to spotting these because you can read through old dreams and try to spot a common
element. Some dream signs can be something as subtle as a flashing light or the
appearance of an animal occurring repeatedly in your dreams. Noticing them and seeing
them for what they are is the key to making a dream sign work for you.

Reality Checks

One of the most powerful tools for inducing lucid dreams, is the reality check. It is also the
one method that requires the most commitment. This method often seems futile to those who
have never experienced a lucid dream but a certain amount of faith has to be put in the
advice offered by those who have more experience.

Where ever you are at this very moment as you are reading this book, just stop for a moment
and ask yourself "Is this real or am I dreaming". Now, this may seem silly to a lot of people
but I can assure you that I have failed to achieve many a lucid dream because I was
convinced that my dream was real life and I chose not to bother with a reality check.

Merely asking "is this real?" is not enough to test your reality. You need to perform a test.
The following paragraphs describe some ways of testing our reality.
The Clock Test

It's a little known fact that when we dream,
our short term memory becomes very poor
indeed. A good example is the clock test. If
you look at a clock or wristwatch now, either
an analogue or digital clock will do. Now,
look at the time on the clock and remember
it. Look away from the clock for a couple of
seconds and then check the time again. You
will notice that the time is exactly the same
(except for a few seconds). In our dreams, when we check the clock for the second time, the
time will be totally different! This then tells us that we are dreaming and hey presto we enter
a lucid dream.

My own mother once asked me to have a look at her alarm clock for her because when she
woke up during the night it would sometimes read a later time than when she woke in the
morning. What in fact was happening was during the night she was having what is known as
a "false awakening".

A false awakening is when we wake up in during the night but we are in fact still asleep and
just dreaming we are awake. This happens a lot more than people realize. I have several
false awakenings per week. Usually I perform reality checks that can alert me to this false
awakening and cause the onset of a lucid dream.

As it turns out, the alarm clock was perfectly o.k. but my mothers dream alarm clock was
reading strange times. When I pointed this out to her (she didn't believe me at first) the next
time it happened she looked away from the clock and then re-checked the time. The second
time she checked, the time had changed. This immediately told her that she was dreaming,
and so began the first of my mother's lucid dreams. That method has worked several times
for her.

An extension of this check is reading text. In our dreams just as with the clock, if you read
something it often changes when you read it again.
You'd better read that sentence again just in case. Who knows, you may be dreaming!

Light Switch Test

Another way to check your reality is to test the light switches. In our dreams, light switches
do not seem to work properly. In fact most gadgets seem to do odd things. Phones don't
seem to work very well either. To test a light switch just go over and press the switch a few
times. If the lights fail to operate properly, either your dreaming or somebody forgot to
change the bulbs.

Pinch Nose Test

In my opinion this is by far the best reality check. If you consider that you will be checking
you reality through the day it is the most convenient and the most reliable. Simply pinch your
nose and then try and breathe in with your mouth closed. As you'd expect, you can't. In our
dreams we can! If you can breathe in easily through a pinched nose then you must be

How To Use Reality Checks

The most effective way to use reality checks is to periodically throughout the day perform at
least one reality check. Some people find it easier to set their watch to bleep on the hour and
then perform the clock check for example.

Others find it easier to look for "weirdness" during the day like a flickering light, or a door
jamming shut. As soon as you encounter one of these situations, ask yourself "Is this real ?"
and do a reality check.

The commitment involved with this method is actually doing the reality checks and also not
just saying the words "Am I dreaming" but actually meaning what you are asking yourself.

If you perform ten reality checks per day, eventually that habit will start to enter your dream
world and this is when things really start happening. You will find yourself questioning your
reality whilst you are dreaming and that is why reality checking is the single most powerful
tool to assist you with lucid dreaming.

This is an extract form the book - Lucid Dreaming The Easy Way To learn more techniques
for lucid dreaming.


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Description: I noticed something odd had happened. The object in my hand had now changed into the remote control for the television! What was going on?"As you may have guessed, I was in fact dreaming. The above extract is from my dream journal.