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									IT Manager

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IT Managers plan, direct, support & champion all IT-related activities in their
organization or department.

IT managers ensure that the IT department operates efficiently, effectively, and in alignment
with the business goals of the organization. This professional will plan, coordinate and direct
all IT-related activities. IT managers work closely with the top executives and managers of
other departments to identify, develop, implement, support and champion new technology
solutions for the organization. IT managers are also responsible for setting out and ensuring
adherence to organizational IT policies, procedures and best practices.

Record-breaking growth across numerous computer domains, e.g., networking, software
engineering, virtualization & storage, and the proliferation of emerging mobile and wireless
technologies is driving demand for IT workers across the board, which in turn is fueling the need
for skilled and educated IT managers. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts the IT manager
job market to grow by 17% through 2018, faster than the average for all occupations.

Computer schools and universities offer a wide range of technology management courses &
advanced degrees designed to help you secure employment as an IT manager. Compare the
top-rated IT manager training programs in the U.S. & online.

a.k.a. Information Systems Manager | Technology Manager | IT Director | Vice President of IT |
Chief Information Officer (CIO)

IT Manager Training

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IT Manager

  IT Manager Skills
  IT Manager Salary
 IT Manager Education Requirements
 IT Manager Training and Degrees
 IT Manager Certifications
 IT Manager Jobs
 IT Manager Job Outlook
 IT Manager Related Careers
  IT Manager Skills & Responsibilities

Typical day-to-day activities and in-demand skill sets for IT managers include the following:

    - IT Managers are responsible for strategic IT planning, including fostering innovation &
allocating monetary resources.
    - IT Managers direct operational IT planning, including planning IT projects and the
allocation of manpower resources.
    - IT Managers oversee the financial aspects of their IT team or dept., including purchasing,
budgeting & budget review.
    - IT Managers coordinate IT staffing, including hiring, supervision, scheduling, professional
development and discipline.
    - Successful IT managers keep their computer skills & expertise current with the cutting
edge of technological innovation.
    - IT Managers collaborate with and maintain communications with executives and
department heads in the organization.
    - IT Managers design, implement and enforce the policies, procedures and best practices
for their IT team or department.
    - IT Managers research IT solutions and make recommendations for the improvement of IT
systems and IT infrastructure.
    - IT Managers negotiate and approve technology vendor, outsourcing, and consultant
contracts and service agreements.
    - IT Managers should have superior skills in team leadership, employee development and
interpersonal communication.
    - IT Managers should have a strong command of project management principles,
procedures and best practices.


  IT Manager Salary

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IT Manager

   - Average Starting IT Manager Salary (USA): $111,000

IT Manager Salary $111,000

Average starting salaries for IT managers and related positions from 2011 to 2012:

   -   IT Help Desk Manager salary: $84,875
   -   QA/Testing Manager salary: $93,625
   -   Network Manager salary: $98,625
   -   Web Development Manager salary: $102,125
   -   Software Development Manager salary: $107,750
   -   Applications Development Manager salary: $110,875
   -   Information Technology Manager salary: $111,000
   -   Database Manager salary: $115,000
   -   IT Project Manager salary: $121,250
   -   Information Systems Security Manager salary: $123,500
   -   Director of Systems Integration salary: $128,250
   -   Chief Security Officer (CSO) salary: $143,625
   -   Vice President of Information Technology salary: $151,375
   -   Chief Technology Officer (CTO) salary: $154,500
   -   Chief Information Officer (CIO) salary: $182,625

 Source: 2012 IT Salary Guide, Robert Half Technology


  IT Manager Education Requirements

In addition to some level of technical experience, employers require IT managers to hold at
least a bachelor's degree in IT, typically with a diversified major like computer science,
information science or management information systems. Though a bachelor's degree may be
sufficient when balanced with extensive IT field experience, most hiring managers prefer IT
management candidates with a graduate degree. A Master's of Business Administration (MBA)

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IT Manager

with a technology concentration is the ideal program for IT managers, as the MBA curriculum
covers the business and managerial skills necessary to succeed in a leadership role, and the IT
focus teaches students how to best apply this knowledge in the technology workplace. Most
MBA programs include capstone projects wherein students put their education to the test in a
comprehensive simulated business project to be judged by professors and leading practitioners
in their respective fields.

Marketable skills to look for in an IT manager education program include project management,
team leadership & development, IT strategy & planning, corporate decision-making, database &
network management, managerial finance, research & analysis methodology, and effective
verbal & written communication skills. With recent technological advancements in online
learning platforms, the subject matter in IT management training & degree programs works well
in the distance learning format.

Research and compare the top-rated IT Manager training programs in the U.S. and online


  IT Manager Training & Degree Programs

Browse the top-rated undergrad & graduate degrees, professional certificates, online training
programs and self-paced courses matching the IT Manager education requirements and career

   Admissions advisors can provide more information about IT manager courses & curriculum,
admissions & start dates, online learning, career opportunities, tuition costs, personalized
financial aid options & scholarships.      Got targeted learning goals? Many schools offer
individual courses from campus and online degree programs.

 IT Manager Training Program
 Course Highlights & Certifications

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IT Manager

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MBA - Technology Management

  -   Method:                Online Degree
  -   Degree Level:          Master
  -   Accredited Program: Yes
  -   Financial Aid Available:
  -   Prerequisite:          Bachelor's Degree

  -   Prepare to Lead Organizations in the Planning, Development, Operation & Management of IT
  -   Applied Managerial Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing & Decision-Making Courses
  -   Led by Real-World IT Management Practitioners
  -   Use IT to Foster a Real Competitive Advantage
  -   Learn to Manage Relational Database Systems
  -   Networking & Telecommunication Management
  -   IT Innovation's Impact on Strategy & Operations
  -   IT Management and Team Leadership Training
  -   IT Management Capstone featuring Research, Analysis & Study of Real Business / IT Issues
  -   Award-Winning Online Learning Platform
  -   Option to Attend Individual Online Courses

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MBA in IT Management

  -   Method:                Online Degree
  -   Degree Level:          Master

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IT Manager

  -   Accredited Program: Yes
  -   Financial Aid Available:
  -   Prerequisite:          Bachelor's Degree

  -   Provides the Skills & Knowledge to Pursue a Mid- to Upper-level IT Management Position
  -   Demonstrate Mastery of Leadership, Innovation, Finance & Customer Relationship Management
  -   Learn to Assess & Apply Innovative Emerging Technologies to Advance Organizational Goals
  -   Advanced Courses in IT Project Management
  -   Learn Online Product Development Strategies
  -   Study Quantitative Analysis & Decision Making
  -   Team Leadership and Employee Development
  -   Financial & Managerial Accounting Training
  -   Sustainable & Environment-Friendly Business
  -   WGU is a Microsoft and Oracle IT Academy
  -   Option to Create Custom Online Semesters

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Master of CIS - IT Project Management

  -   Method:                Online Degree
  -   Degree Level:          Master
  -   Accredited Program: Yes
  -   Financial Aid Available:
  -   Prerequisite:          Bachelor's Degree

  -   PMI Globally Accredited Master's Degree
  -   Advanced IT Project Management Training
  -   Degree Credits Transfer to PMP, CAPM, etc.
  -   Learn Concepts Embodied in PMI's PMBOK
  -   Quantitative Methods for Information Systems
  -   Enterprise-Level Information Security Training
  -   Business Data Communication and Networks
  -   Business Database Design & Implementation
  -   Learn Network Systems Analysis and Design

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IT Manager

  -   Distributed Software Dev. and Management
  -   Java Object-Oriented Development Training
  -   Traditional and Web Enterprise Architecture
  -   Prepares Students for PMI's PMP Certificate

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Master's of Information Systems Management (MISM)

  -   Method:                Online or On-Campus
  -   Degree Level:          Master
  -   Accredited Program: Yes
  -   Financial Aid Available:
  -   Prerequisite:          Bachelor's Degree

  -   Gain the Knowledge to Determine & Implement Organizational Goals through IT Initiatives
  -   IT Leadership & Organizational Communication
  -   Enterprise Information Systems Management
  -   Project Management Systems and Principles
  -   Strategic IT Mgmt. and Introducing Innovation
  -   Managerial Finance & Accounting Coursework
  -   Successfully Manage Organizational Changes
  -   Business System Analysis, Planning & Control
  -   Database / Network Concepts & Applications
  -   Learn Information Security & Privacy Principles
  -   Achieve Expert-Status in a Hot IT Domain by Choosing One of Ten Additional Focus Areas
  -   Information Systems Mgmt. Capstone Project
  -   Over 95 US Campuses, Online Training or Both

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IT Manager

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B.S.I.T. Project Management

  -   Method:                Online Degree
  -   Degree Level:          Bachelor
  -   Accredited Program: Yes
  -   Financial Aid Available:

  -   Pprovides the Skills & Knowledge to Pursue Employment as an IT Project Manager
  -   Learn how to Select, Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control and Close Technology Projects
  -   Analyze & Evaluate Total Quality Management (TQM) Principles and Continuous Quality Improvem
  -   Learn to Develop a Successful Project Team
  -   Business Process Management (BPM) Training
  -   Implement Project Risk & Mitigation Strategies
  -   Kaplan University Career Placement Services
  -   Option to Attend Individual Online Courses

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Master's of Business Information Management

  -   Method:                Online Degree
  -   Degree Level:          Master
  -   Accredited School:     Yes
  -   Financial Aid Available:
  -   Prerequisite:          Bachelor's Degree

  -   Harness Enterprise Information for Effective Business Strategy and Decision-Making
  -   Advanced Business Intelligence Training
  -   Enterprise Business Analytics & Reporting
  -   Data Retrieval, Data-Mining & Text-Mining
  -   IT Team Leadership & Project Management
  -   Machine Learning for Predictive Modeling

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IT Manager

  -   Data Stores, Data Warehouses & Data Marts
  -   Information Systems Software Architecture
  -   Soft Skills: Management & Communication
  -   Comprehensive Career Placement Services
  -   Earn a Valuable Certificate in Under 2 Years
  -   Option to Attend Individual Online Courses

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B.B.A. in Project Management

  -   Method:                Online or On-Campus
  -   Degree Level:          Bachelor
  -   Accredited Program: Yes
  -   Financial Aid Available:

  -   PMI Globally Accredited Bachelor's Degree
  -   Credits can be Applied to PMP & CAPM Certs
  -   Advanced Cost and Resource Management
  -   Contracts and Bid Negotiation Workshops
  -   Project Risk Assessment & Risk Management
  -   Learn Just-In-Time (JIT) Business Strategies
  -   Business Systems Analysis & Problem Solving
  -   Advanced Interview Skills and Best Practices
  -   Coordinating Human Resources for Projects
  -   Degree Aligns with PMI PMBOK Curriculum
  -   1500 Hours of PM Experience Toward PMP
  -   Seamlessly Continue to DeVry's MBA or MPM
  -   Over 95 US Campuses, Online Training or Both

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IT Manager

Project MoreLevel:Certification Manage Projects
  - Method:Costs, Quality, Tools TrainingRisk
     AccreditedProjectand WorkforceComponent
     Financial EssentialManagement LifeVendors
     DegreetheAid Available:& Prep Techniques
           the Program: Skills
RequestManagement Certificate &Necessary to Move Into a Senior Role in your Organization
     PMI the Organize, Plan & ContractProgram
     GainGlobally AccreditedProcurementCycle
     Team to PMP
     Manage Specialized PMYes
     Includes Info
     Master Plan, Negotiate Certificate &
     Learn Leadership PM Online Motivation

Request MoreLevel:Available: SoftwareCourses HonorsStrategic the & Mobile Device Integration
Master's of to andProgram:TeamComputerworld Cloud "Best of Software Engineering Solutions
  - Method: AnalyzeIndividual Online Strategy with Computing Best" Academia Award
    DegreetoInfo Databasewon in Software Engineering
    CTU's Computer
    Network Aid
    Graduate-Level Science Management
    Accredited Design Planning and Usability
    FinancialEmerging Technology Degree e.g.,
    Prerequisite:Campus Management Skills
    Examine EngineeringProgramming Degree
    Software Application
    AdvancedAttend & Solve Business Course
    Learn Virtual Java andOnline Trends,
                UI          Bachelor's Problems

  - Method: Info Design DatabasesDegreeSQL
    IT in Database Management
    Financial AidWorkforce Online
    Prerequisite: Database Implementation
    Information School: of Master
    Degree Security and Business using Skills SQL Server and Oracle Database Decisions
Master'sMoreLevel:Available: TrainingIntelligence Analysis for Smarter Organizational Systems
RequestStrategy toMethodsAnalysis and Design
    DBA Team &
    Digital how
    Learn Data Mining Training in Oracle Microsoft
    Database Systems Investigation inSystems
    Enterprise-Level and
            Forensics       Bachelor'sTraining

Request MoreLevel:Certification Development Investigator (CHFI)
Master's inISO-27000 Specialist Training(CEH)
  - Method: Info CISSP® Security Semesters
    DegreeCustomized&andPrepHacker Degree
    Accredited Certified& Hacking Leadership
    Business Network Assurance
    FinancialSecurity Program & Domains
    Prerequisite: AccreditedEthicalForensics
    Includes Defenses,Security Compliance
    Hacking, Aid Management &
    Advanced 10Program: Master Hacking
    EC-Council Computer Disaster Exams for:
    Cisco&IT Certification Network Recovery
    GIAC CCENT Available: Degree Program
    NSA Management Six-Month Degree
    Based on Continuity & Online Intrusion
    Cyber-Law, Regulations Yes
    Computer Forensics Ethical
    Risk CNSS
    Create                    and

Master'sMoreLevel: andNetworkOnlineTraining Honors "Best of the Best" Academia Award Wireless in
[Top] Method:Emerging NetworkFeaturingDegree of Privacy, Integrity, Server Virtualization,
      DegreetoServer Virtualization Training
      Accredited Program: Online Degree
      Prerequisite: Individual Architecture
      Enterprise Aid
      IT in [524]}
Search All Virtual Campus won Computerworld e.g., Cloud Computing, Availability & Non-Repudiation P
  -{module IT SecurityMgmt and Leadership
      CTU Enterprise Management Courses
      Manage Project Training Technologies,
      Network Info
                 Network Risk Master
                              Bachelor's Analysis
  IT Manager Certifications

Highly desirable certifications for IT managers may include the following:

   -    CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (IT Security Management)
   -    PMP: Project Management Professional (Project Management)
   -    OCP: Oracle Certified DBA Professional (Database Management)
   -    CompTIA Project + Certification (Project Management)
   -   CISM: Certified Information Security Manager (IT Security Management)
   -   Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (Process & Quality Management)
   -   Six Sigma Black Belt Certification (Process & Quality Management)
   -   CCIE: Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (Network Management)
   -   ITIL Expert Certification (IT Process Management)

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IT Manager

IT Manager Certification Prep


  IT Manager Jobs

Your IT management education and technical field experience qualify you for a variety of
lucrative positions including:

   - IT Manager: Browse and apply to Information Technology Management jobs
   - IT Project Manager: Browse and apply to IT Project Management jobs
   - Chief Information Officer: Browse and apply to CIO job openings
   - Chief Technology Officer: Browse and apply to CTO job openings
   - Vice President of IT : Browse and apply to VP of Information Technology jobs
   - Network Manager: Browse and apply to Network Management jobs
   - Database Manager: Browse and apply to Database Management jobs
   - Web Developer Manager: Browse and apply to web developer management jobs
   - Software Developer Manager: Browse and apply to software developer management
   - Businesses & Hiring Managers: Post jobs and find IT management candidates at a

Search Jobs


  IT Manager Job Outlook

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IT Manager

Employment for IT managers & information systems managers is expected to increase by 17%
from 2008 to 2018, faster that the average for all occupations. The growth of IT managers will
be closely related to the growth of the technology occupations they supervise. Unprecedented
 growth in a variety of IT domains, including networking, web & mobile application development,
cloud & virtualization technologies, will continue to spur demand for information technology
workers, in turn fueling the need for skilled and educated IT managers.

Job prospects for qualified IT managers are excellent. IT management candidates with
specialized technical knowledge, effective verbal & written communications skills, and strong
business acumen, as well as those holding a MBA with a concentration in information
technology, will enjoy the best hiring prospects.

Source: United States Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics


  IT Manager Related Careers
   -    Information Security Specialist
   -    Database Administrator
   -    Network Administrator
   -    IT Project Manager


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