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					                                                             ALLOWANCES AND PAYMENTS TO STAFF
The following principles guide all allowances:
        - All allowances will be effective as from 1 January unless otherwise indicated.
        - Where guidelines exist the guidelines must be read as part of this document.
        - Percentage increases are shown in brackets along with the revised rate, if applicable.


                           2009          2010         2011            2012            Comments/Assumptions
Lectures                   R255 for 3    R306 for                                            It is hoped that by 2012 this rate will be aligned to the Lecturer’s hourly rate
                           hrs           three hrs    R109 p/hr       R115 p/hr               at the 97.5% compa ratio.
(Temporary Teaching        (21%)         (20%)        (6.87%)         (5.5%)                 From 2011 remuneration will be based on hours of work rather than
Rates)                                                                                        number of lectures. Prior to this it was assumed that for every lecture
                                                                                              (contact hour) there was an equivalent hour of preparation and another for
                                                                                             From 2010, payment rates to staff working at Rhodes affiliates, eg Albany
                                                                                              Museum were in alignment with the rates paid to other staff.
Lectures-Professional      R450          R472 for     R157 p/hr       R160 p/hr              This rate is applied in acknowledgement of the fact that certain disciplines,
rate                       (3.5%)        3 hours      (No increase)   (1.9%)                  in particular those related to professions such as Law, Pharmacy and
                                         (5%)                                                 Journalism, need to pay a higher rate in order to secure the services of
                                                                                              professionals in their field.
                                                                                             This rate should be linked to the Senior Lecturer rate at the 50th percentile
                                                                                              (100% compa ratio). The rate was inflated in 2010 and therefore there will
                                                                                              be no increase for 2011.
Practicals- general        R100          R102         R109 p/hr       R115                   Assumption: Flat rate, no assessment and limited preparation.
                                         (2%)         (6.87%)         (5.5%)                 It is hoped that by 2012 this rate will be aligned to the Lecturer’s hourly rate
                                                                                              at the 97.5% compa ratio From 2011, payment rates to staff at Rhodes
                                                                                              affiliates are in alignment.
ADP Tutors                               R85 p/hr     R87 p/hr        R93                    Where post-graduate students are used for this purpose, the relevant student
                                                      (2.5%)          (6.9%)                  assistance rate should be used.
                                                                                             Where professionals are used i.e. those with teaching experience and an
                                                                                              appropriate qualification, the ADP Tutor rate shall apply.
                                                                                             This hourly rate is aligned with the Teaching Assistance rate at a 100%
                                                                                              compa ratio.
Fieldtrips                 R800p/day     R816p/day R872 p/day         R920 p/d               Based on an 8-hour day, using the hourly rate applicable for practicals (i.e.
                                                   (6.87%)            (5.5%)                  8hrs x R109).
                                                                                             The rate includes overnight stays.

Dean & Dep Dean relief       R53000         R80 359      R85 180 p.a.      R91 015 p.a.            Value determined as the Teaching Assistant rate for 1000 hours per annum
(P/Time Deans for one-                      p.a.         (6%)              (6.8%)                   at the 97.5% compa ratio.
department Faculties)                       (Min)                                                  If fewer hours are needed, this is calculated pro-rata.
                                                                                                   Only paid upon suitable motivation, in time for budget submission
Exam Commissioners
                             R 110          R117         R124              R131                  Paid to external exam commissioners.
                             (10%)          (6.5%)       (6%)              (5.6%)

Exam:                                       R82 p/hr     R87p/hr           R87p/hr               This rate is to be aligned to the hourly temp rate applicable to gr11 based on
Photocopying &                                           (6.1%)            (no change)            a 37.5hr week.
Securing exam papers

Invigilators                 P/Hr           P/Hr                                                Principles determined with effect from 1/1/2011:
                             R45            R48        R72 p/hr            R75 p/hr              The rate has been linked to the hourly rate of gr 10 temp support staff
                                            (6.5%)     (5.88%)             (4.2%)                   (37.5hpw), based on the fact that the person is overseeing a process and there
                                            (Reviewed-                                              is a level of complexity.
                                            R68)                                                 Academics who are expected to invigilate as part of their administrative
                                                                                                    duties are not paid this hourly Rate.
Prosecutors & Proctors       P/A            P/A                                                  Related to student disciplinary hearings
                             R18113         R19471       R320 p/hr         R340p/hr              Support staff annual adjustment applied as these are not academic functions.
                                            (7.5%)                         (6.3%)                Move to hourly rate in mid 2010
Sexual Assault:
1) Suppt                                                 R81 p/hr          R84p/h                  Based on gr11 hourly temp rate- from 2012 based on 8hr work day
   Officers(students)                                    R487.40p/hr       (3.7%)                  Linked to the most recent Board of Health Funders rate for a 50-60min
2) Psychological                                                           R530p/hr                 consultation (as advised by Counselling Centre). For 2012 this is a tentative
   Support                                                                                          rate based on an inflationary increase, until this rate can be confirmed.
Reporting Officers for                                   R70 p/hr          R73p/hr                 Based on gr10 hourly temp rate. From 2012 calculation is based on 8hr work
Students/Staff (Unfair                                                     (4.3%)                   day.
Peer Supporters                                                            R62p/hr                 Based on gr9 hourly temp rate. From 2012 calculation is based on 8hr work

Subvention                       Usually this is an additional payment from a professional body to certain academic staff, to supplement income received from the academic’s
                                  employer. Staff holding a CA qualification in Accounting receive a subvention from SAICA (other criteria apply as determined by the
                                  subvention committee).
                               Previously Professors in Law, Computer Science and Information Systems received a subvention. While this was paid in the past by
                                  professional bodies, in more recent years, Rhodes assumed this cost. As a scarcity allowance may be introduced for individuals in these
                                  disciplinary areas, this payment will be reviewed in due course.
See Appendix 1 for costs generally associated with the Temporary Teaching Budget
                 2009                     2010         2011        2012             Comments/Assumptions
Student Assistance       Rates                                                      (RATES & ASSUMPTIONS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REVIEWED)
                         differentiated   P/Day                                         This rate is applicable to students doing work that is not academic in
Admin rate               according to                  R200p/day                           nature, and therefore not related to their field of study.
                         year of study.                (R25p/hr)   R26.50 p/hr          Up to and including 2009, students were paid a rate linked to the year
                         See comment         R188                                          of study.
                                          (R24p/hr                                      The rate was pegged from 2010 at the rate applicable to students who
                                          based on 8                                       have successfully completed their 4th year of study at University. The
                                          hour day                                         rationale for changing the rate to one standard rate is that the basis
                                          and round                                        should be on the work performed rather than the person doing the
                                          up)                                              work. At this stage, there was not a separate rate for defined decision-
                                                                                           making tasks (see below).

Defined decision                                                                           From 2011, the minimum rate is 80% of the student rate for admin-
making rate (eg                           R24p/hr      R22p/hr     R22p/hr                  type work. That this work is done at inconvenient hours and at exam-
setting desks)                                                                              time is factored in already.

IT Lab Assistants                         R25 p/hr     R216p/day                           IT Lab Assistants are paid at a slightly higher rate as a result of the
                                          & R200 per   (R27p/hr)   R28.50 p/hr              additional responsibility involved in this work.

Facilities                                R45p/hr      R45p/hr     R45p/hr (Rates          This rate needs to be aligned with the IT lab assistant rate but it was
                                                                   under review)            agreed that there would be no increase or decrease until assumptions
                                                                                            for higher rates, is determined. As such this rate is an anomaly.

Student Tech rate (IT)                    R35 and      No change   Rates under             The rate in the past has been determined by IT and is based on the
                                          R52                      review)                  complexity & responsibility of the work. This is also an anomaly and
                                                                                            needs to be aligned with the IT Lab assistant rates. Subject to review
                                                                                            for 2012.
- Undergraduate          R22              R24          R26         R27 p/hr                Rate increases linked to that for student fee increases, within the
- PostGraduate           R26              R28          R30         R31 p/hr                 context of affordability.

Grad Bursaries
1) Honours               R7000            R7600        R8050       R8100                   Requires 156hours of work spread through the year.
2) Masters               R7900            R8550        R9050       R9100
3) PhD                   R9000            R9750        R10300      R10500
Assistant Prosecutors                     R28 p/hr     R30 p/hr    R31 p/hr                Rate is equal to that of postgraduate tutor.

                  SUPPORT STAFF:
                     2009        2010               2011           2012             Comments/Assumptions
allowances;          R 424           R456 p/w       R487p/w        R516p/w              Artisans in the various occupational groups are expected to be on standby for a week at
1) Artisans          p/w             (7.5%)         (6.87%)        (6%)                  a time. The allowance is paid for each week worked. It is assumed that the person is on
                                                                                         24-hr standby therefore if this is not the case, the allowance needs to be adjusted
                                                                                         proportionally. Overtime is paid for actual time worked if called in.
2) CPU officers      R 919           R988           R1055p/m       R1119p/m
Grades               p/mth           p/mth          (6.87%)        (6.1%)               CPU officers work on average two weeks standby per month. The allowance is
10&11(new)                           (7.5%)                                              determined by taking the artisan standby allowance X 4.333 divide by two.

3)Crisis Line-       R1000 pw on     R1000 pw       R1224 pw       R1297pw on           Only payable in term time. One staffmember on call at a time.
Counselling          duty plus Fri   on duty plus   on duty plus   duty + Fri off       Additional time over 7.5hrs (7.25hrs prior to 2011) as LILO or paid where LILO not
Centre               off or R500.    Fri off or     Fri off or     or                    feasible.
                                     R500.          R603.          R639                 As per the agreement with the Counselling Centre, the allowance will be paid at 67% of
                                                                   (6%)                  gr11 min (excl long leave) for 3 days. Time off equivalent paid at 33% for 3 days.

4)HCC- Nurse
- Sleep in for                       R450x10mt      R477x10mt      R422pm=              Payable for being on night call and duty
10mths                               hsfor          hs             R506x10/12           This is paid over 12 months (ie in 2010 R375 per month)
                                                    R265x10mt      (6.1%)
-Sleep out for 10                    R250x10mt      hs for         R234pm=
mths                                 hs             (6%)           R281x10/12

(Night) Shift
allowance;           R 90            R90 per        R90 per        R120 per             Allowance is part of annual negotiations with NEHAWU.
1) CPU grade 1 to    p/m             month          month          month
5 guards
                     R 144 (gr6)     R144 (gr6)      R144 (gr6)                         CPU head guards work 12 hour shifts. The Guidelines for shift allowances determines
2) CPU grade 9       R 169(gr7)      R169           R169           R249 per              that to achieve parity for shift allowances, the allowance is calculated by dividing the
guards               p/m             (gr7)per       (gr7)per       month                 allowance for grades 1 to 5 by the minimum of a grade 4 salary. The % calculated is
                                     month          month                                then used to calculate the allowance using the minimum of a grade 9 salary. During
                                                                                         2011, the CPU guard posts were upgraded from grades 6/7 to grade 9.

                  2009      2010             2011             2012    Comments/Assumptions
Safety officer                                                         F/T Safety Officer appointed in 2009. Safety officer allowance for Manager Engineering to
allowance;        R 8940                                                continue as designated Competent Person in Charge of Machinery, in line with OHS Act
- Manager:        R 5916    R9611 p.a.   R9611 p.a.     R9611 p.a.      which requires special competencies. Any other safety officer allowances are no longer
Engineering       P/A                                                   applicable. Rate currently under review.

 Travel                                                               This is under review in 2012 while the University looks into the feasibility of outsourcing
allowances :                                                          provision of transport for staff starting before 7pm and leave after 6pm.
Catering          R 210pm   R225 pm      R225 pm        R225 pm        A travel allowance is paid to staff in certain posts, where work is on a shift basis.. The
-gr 1 to 5                                                               rate takes into account the no. of trips required to and from work, between 1800hrs and
                                                                         0600hrs. Guidelines exist, stipulating principles for these allowances.
                                                                       The allowance for Catering staff is part of the NEHAWU substantive agreement and can
Campus                                                                   be tabled for negotiation on an annual basis. This rate assumes 15 return trips as defined
Protection        R364pm    R390 pm      R360 pm*       R360 pm          above.
-Campus Guards                                                         Campus Protection rates are proportional to Catering rates and also based on the
                                                                         number of trips on average, required per month.
Head/Snr Guards                                                        *Based on 24 return trips per month. Prior to this it was based on 26 return trips.
                  R448pm    R480 pm      R480 pm        R480 pm        Based on 32 return trips per month
Officer & Asst
Mngr posts        R448pm    R524 pm      R542 pm        R542 pm        Based on 35 return Trips per month

Food Allowance    R307      R327         R332           R340 (to be    Payable to all Food Services staff in January and December. For the rest of the year, food
                                                        confirmed)      is received in recognition of additional hours worked (45hrs).
                                                                       Value determined each year by Director: Res Ops, based on cost of the food.
Chairperson:      R30507    R32796P/     R440 p/hr      N/A             This work has been outsourced.
Disciplinary      (PA)      A
Hearings                    (7.5%)
Casual rates      R67       R75          R80p/day       R85 p/day      Casuals are appointed on a daily rate for a short period of time. They are paid weekly
                  p/d       p/d                         (6.25%)         and will not normally work in the same job for a period longer than a month.
                            Hourly       R10 p/hr                      The rate is determined by using as the base, the current salary of a domestic for this
                            rate of                     R10.62 p/hr     region (for workers working less than 27 ordinary hours per week) plus a 15% premium.
                            R9.40                       (6.2%)          This is inclusive of the cost of living adjustment. The rate assumes an 8-hour work day.
Interpreters      R28 per   R30 per      R31 per hour   R33 p/h        Fieldwork translation from isiXhosa to English and vice versa.
                  hour      hour            (3%)        (6.5%)         From 2010 this is linked to the hourly rate at the grade 4 level.
Director EMU      TA rate   TA rate       R60 740p.a.   R65 427p.a.    WEF 2011: Director EMU post vacant since 2004. Responsibilities have been picked up
                                                                        by academic on p/time basis (+-416hrs p.a.) Paid at hrly cash rate of Sen Lect. at 97.5%
                                                                        compa ratio.

              2009     2010        2011    2012       Comments/Assumptions
Long Service                                              All staff, part- time (at least 20 hours per week) and full-time PERMANENT staff are
Awards:                                                    eligible for the same value of the award, with effect 1 January 2012. Temporary staff or
                                                           staff on the casual data base will not be considered.
Gr 1 to 5                                                 Prior to this there were two different dispensations; one for staff on grades 1 to 5 and
15 yrs             R1700   R1700   R1700                   another for other permanent staff.
25 yrs             R2200   R2200   R2200                  The award will not increase automatically every year but will be reviewed every three
35 yrs             R2700   R2700   R2700   n/a- See        years in consultation with the unions.
40 yrs             R3250   R3250   R3250   below          In terms of transition arrangements, a payment will be made with the payroll in December
                                                           2011 as follows: a ) A once-off payment of R1000 for those academics and support staff
Other Support                                              grades 6+ who have been at Rhodes for 15 years but less than 24 years. ) A once-of
Staff & Academic                                           payment of R3000 for those academics and support staff grades 6+ who have been at
Staff:                                                     Rhodes for 35 years but less than 40 years. This is to acknowledge that these staff would
25 yrs             R3500   R3500   R3500   n/a- See        not have received a 15 year or 35 year award.
40 yrs             R4250   R4250   R4250   below          For further information refer to the website:
All Staff                                                  erviceawards/
15 yrs                                     R1700
25 yrs                                     R2800
35 yrs                                     R4000
40 yrs                                     R4500
45 yrs                                     R6000

                    2009     2010              2011            2012            Comments/Assumptions
DRIVING             R27,0    R29p/hr       R31p/hr         R32.5p/hr               For each hour of driving or any other duty associated with driving, such as
(When this is not   0        (7.5%)        (6.9%)          (4.8%)                   washing the vehicle, loading/unloading, changing a flat tyre, etc.
the persons         (P/H)                                                          Linked to hourly rate for Drivers (grade 4).
primary job)        No                                                             No overtime paid in addition to this.
                    overti                                                         This includes any student who is qualified to drive, irrespective of whether
                    me                                                              the driver would have been a passenger, eg the student is on the fieldtrip.
                                                                                   During normal working hours, the rate will be the person’s normal
DRIVING                                                                             remuneration rate. Overtime payable for driving outside normal work
(When the person is employed by the University as a driver)                         hours, at the appropriate rate in terms of overtime principles guiding such
                                                                                    payment at the time of the work.
STANDBY             R19,2    R21 p/h       R23p/hr         R24p/hr                 This is for the time the person is away from home/work and waiting for
                    9 P/H    (9%)          (9.5%)          (4.3%)                   the return trip or other driving assignments, unless the driver would have
                                                                                    been on the trip anyway.
                                                                                   Based on the hourly rate applicable to grade 1.
                                                                                   Usually applies between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
OVERNIGHT           R100     R107 flat        R115 flat rate R121                  Where the person is required to be away from home, e.g. on fieldtrips,
                    flat     rate.            (7.5%)         (5.2%)                 unless the driver would have been on the trip anyway.
                    rate     (7%)                                                  This is based on the standby rate but capped at R100 in 2009. To increase
                    Usuall                                                          with cost of living adjustments.
                    y 5 to                                                         Usually applies to the period between 5pm and 8am.
                    8 a.m.
SUBSISTENCE         R286 Per night for overnight expense (meals & incidental       Limits in accordance with SARS allowances and as advised by Finance in
                    costs). No vouchers required.                                   their Toplist of 31 August 2011.
                    R88 For day trip supported by vouchers- meal &
                    incidental costs. This is a maximum.
                    Nil when accommodation and meals are provided.


Budget costs related to the Temporary Teaching budget:
                                2009       2010    2011               2012           Comments/Assumptions
B&B Accommodation               R330       R400    R450               R500               Based on quotations from a range of establishments.
                                p/night    p/night p/night            p/night
Transit accommodation           R3400      R3750   R4150              R4575 pm                  Only determined in about October each year. Add 10% increase to existing
                                p/m        p/m     p/m                                           year rate for following year’s budget.
                                                                                                This rate excludes water and electricity (prepaid).
Subsistence                              Please see previous page
Transport- own car                          R2.92 p/km                R3.05 p/km               In accordance with SARS rates & advised by Finance 31/8/2011 (Toplist)
Transport- hired   1 day                 R500            R56 p/d      R61p/d                    Quote from Budget Car Hire
car                2/3 days              R500             R122 p/d    R134p/d                   Prices quoted are for an entry level vehicle.
                                                                                                1 day – no kms included
                     5 days              R1000          5-20 days     R130p/d                   2 days and more – 200kms per day included
                                                        at R118
                                                                                                All kms exceeding daily inclusion = 67c.
                                                                                                Car will be full at pick up. Person renting vehicle can either fill car up before
                     1 month             R3000          21-120        R123p/d
                                                                                                 return, or Budget will fill up and charge Rhodes for the cost of the fuel PLUS
                                                        days at
                                                                                                 R40.00 contact fee.
                                                        R112 p/d
Transport- shuttle (PE/GHT)    R495           R540      R500          R550               Based on quotations from JC’s Shuttle and Rhode Trip
                                                                                         If there is more than one passenger, the rate can be less.
                                                                                         Rate is subject to fuel price increases
Flights (domestic)             R1650          R1800    R2150         R2200               Estimates from Surego for 2011
                                                                                         Flights should be arranged well in advance to secure cheaper prices
                                                                                         Prices subject to seat availability for domestic and international flights.
Flights (international)        Various        Depends on country of origin/destination but guidelines are:
                                              USA (NY) R16,600                     UK         R12,000
                                              Sweden   R11,000                     Australia R18,700
                                              Canada R21,050
                                                                                                            LAST UPDATED : 28 November 2011


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