William Shakespeare William Shakespeare died April 23_ 1616 at by dandanhuanghuang


        William Shakespeare died
                                      had to create his achievements.
 April 23, 1616 at the age of 52.
                                      He left his wife; named Anne
Before William Shakespeare
                                      Hathaway and two of kids,
died, he had many achievements
                                      Susanna and Judith Shakespeare
in his life.
                                      and his other son Hamnet
      William had written over
38 plays and 154 sonnets. People
                                        He was born April 23 1564 in
from all over the world knew
                                      Stratford-Upon-Avon. During his
who he was. You wouldn’t find
                                        years in London, Shakespeare
anybody on the street if asked
                                      held jobs as an actor, playwright,
who William Shakespeare and
                                              and a school master.
they didn’t know who you were
                                             He rose to fame from his
talking about.
                                      plays and sonnets; although we
      He created a lot of beautiful
                                      wouldn’t consider him to be very
plays for instance; “Julius
                                      wealthy, he had enough to buy a
Caesar”, “Macbeth”, “Hamlet” as
                                      fancy house for his family.
well as “Anthony and
                                             In Shakespeare’s will, his
Cleopatra”, but the one he is
                                      assets to his two daughters and
most famous for is “Romeo and
                                      “second best-bed” for Anne
      William had many sonnets
                                             From a small actor in the
that people still quote today.
                                      Chamberlain men’s troupe, he
Some of the most famous sonnets
                                      went to become one of the
are, “Shall I compare thee to a
                                      greatest poet and playwright of
summer’s day” or ‘Love is my
                                      all time.
sin.” These were some
                                             Not just England, but
achievements of England’s
                                      rather, all around the globe.
greatest poet and playwright.
                                      People still study Shakespeare’s
       He may not have lived
                                      poets, sonnets, and his
long but he used the time that he
                                      achievements today.

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