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					How does Hosting work?

To create a website you will need to arrange two things. The first is to have a
Domain Name registered in your name or your business name, and the second
is to arrange a way to have your website Hosted.

“Hosting” means that you pay us to provide a way to store your website on our
Server (essentially a computer), which is connected to the Internet. Your Domain
Name is virtually the same as a phone number in principle, in that this is the key
that allows Internet users, as well as search engines to find your Domain Name
and in turn, your website that is Hosted on our Servers, and linked to your
Domain Name.

To set up your site here at DragNet you will need to:

1.     Choose and register an available Domain Name (or transfer an existing
       Domain Name to us).
2.     Lease space on our Servers to store the files that relate to the website you
       are creating.
3.     Use special software to produce and publish the files for your website.

If all of that seems too scary or overwhelming then we can tailor a solution for
you. We can even work with you customise a package and do all the IT side to
simplify the process. Contact us to discuss the options and pricing.

Use the .pdf application form on this page to submit your application for a
Domain Name and/or Domain Hosting.

FAQ’s – Domains and Hosting

How do I register a Domain Name?
Easy… go to the Domains page and register your domain online or by using the
.pdf file available as a download.

How do I find out if a Domain Name is available?
Search online using our Domain Search tool. This is available here on the
Domains page and will let you know what is available as you search. If you
cannot see it, or if it is temporarily offline, please ask us to search for you. Call 02
6049 0700 during business hours.
What will it cost me to register my Domain Name?
A Domain Registration costs only $29.95 per year, with .au Domain Names only
available to businesses with a valid ABN, for a minimum of 2 years.

I bought my Domain Name, now what?
Don’t worry; we will email you a file that contains the details that relate to your
Domain. If you purchased Domain Hosting along with the Domain Name, we will
also email you a file that includes important information that you will need to
connect to and configure your website files on our server as well as a copy of
your Tax Invoice.

Ok, so I get how to find my Domain Name and how to host it, but can you
tell me how I make my site and publish it to the Internet?
Yep… we sure can. Domain Name…check. Hosting Package… check. Account
Information via email… check. Once you have these three steps completed than
you will need to find a program that can create the pages for your website. The
program that you use could be determined in part by the type of computer you
operate, as well as your own understanding and experience in web publishing. A
simple search on the Internet for “Website Publishing Program” will return
hundreds of results… commonly used programs for web publishing include
Dreamweaver by Macromedia and iWeb by Apple. If you need to ask this
question the chances are that you will be low on experience and as such we
suggest you stick to the simple software solutions (for your Operating System)
that will speed up the process and remove any potential frustrations. iWeb by
Apple is a great example of an easy program to use to publish a site. Otherwise
ask us for help.

I only want to build a simple website, just a few pages and a few email
addresses… can you help?
Sure. Check out our Domains and Hosting plans for more information. We have
some very simple and quite cost effective solutions on offer.

Look, you are driving me nuts with all this tech talk and Domain this and
Hosting that. I just want a website, nothing too flashy, say 6 pages with
some photos and a way for my site visitors to contact me… can you help?
Of course we can help you  . Just email us or call and we will help work it out.

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