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					                                      NYC CoDA Intergroup Minutes
Date: July 21, 2011                        Time: 6:45PM – 8:32PM
X      Call to order with Serenity Prayer
X      Roll call of officers and groups (ROLL CALL SHEET)

      Leta – 92nd Street Y (GSR)
      Lourdes – Vice-chair of NYC CoDA Intergroup
      Sandra – Monday night Realization Center (GSR)
      Jewells – Visitor
      Roland – Friday night Realization Center (GSR)

      Quorum was met
X     Reading of previous minutes
X     Meetings Check in Report (ROLL CALL SHEET)

      Leta – Their meeting is having a hard time getting the Crosstalk statement to be read by the Chair when
      someone asks for it to be read (usually after the Crosstalk has taken place). The Chair has the
      discretion to either read or not read the statement, and when it should be read. Leta expressed that the
      group is not sure if the Crosstalk should be interrupted and have the statement read, or allow it to finish
      and then have it read. The concern is not offending the newcomer, but also maintaining the integrity
      and safety of the meeting.

      Sandra – Nothing to report

      Roland – Nothing to report

      Katie (Wednesday night Realization Center) sent a report via email – People have expressed to her that
      sponsorship seems to be lacking within the fellowship. Newcomers are having a hard time finding a
      sponsor and seasoned individuals are either unwilling to perform this service or unaware that people
      are seeking it.
X     Communications (Web/Phone/Mail)

      WEB: Our Domain Registration and Hosting Management fees are coming up for renewal with Gabe erroneously stated that it would cost about $30 to renew for a year. This is
      because the Domain Registration is $25.17 per year and the Hosting Management fee is $5.00 per
      month (he forgot that it was per month and not per year). The fee to actually renew for one year is
      $85.05 which is due on August 18th and 21st.
      ***Side note 1: Gabe called and spoke with Sean. He learned that if the fees were paid
      today (July 31), we would save 10%. NYC CoDA Intergroup spent $76.55 to renew for one more year.
      ***Side note 2: Gabe learned that NYC CoDA Integroup can save significant money if we purchase a
      block of time instead of paying for a year at a time. For example, if we purchased 5 years of time, the
      discount would essentially pay for a year at our current price level. We pay for four years and get a
      year of service free. This is something for next year’s Intergroup board to review.

      PHONE: Gabe emailed BayLink to learn if there is perhaps a six-month option instead of purchasing
      another year for $285.00. Richard from BayLink sent an email stating that the $285.00 annual fee is a
      discounted rate they offer since they have several CoDA groups as customers. The standard rates are
      as follows: $68 for 1 month; $177 for 3 months; $306 for 6 months; $516 for 12 months. They do not
      offer a six-month discounted rate.
    MAIL: Gabe retrieved the mail on July 19th. The box held our monthly statement from Citibank
    (dated June 13, 2011); an invitation from John C. Liu, Comptroller of the City of New York, for an
    event that took place on July 12th at The LGBT Community Center; Chase solicitation; NECODA
    newsletter; and a 7th Tradition from the Melville group in Long Island in the amount of $75.00.
X   Treasury Report

          Petty Cash is now $430.17
          The balance on Citibank’s statement dated June 13, 2011 is $667.10, which matches last
           month’s minutes
          Citibank’s current balance as of July 20, 2011 is $468.36
          Check #1436 for $100.00 is still outstanding, because Gabe forgot to visit Citibank to issue a
          Total cash on hand as of July 21, 2011 is $798.53 (430.17 + 468.36 – 100.00)
          Gabe will deposit the $75.00 money order from Melville and $230.00 from Petty Cash, which
           will fulfill last year’s motion to keep $200.00 in Petty Cash
          Gabe reached out to DorisAnn to reimburse her $4.84 since she purchased the napkins and soy
           cream cheese for last month’s Share-A-Thon. They have yet to meet to complete this
          Check #1442 to CoRe Publications for $117.99 posted on 06/23/11
          Check #1443 to Trinity Church for $70.00 and check #1444 to Trinity Church for $60.00 posted
           on 06/30/11. The $70.00 is what we agreed to donate to Trinity Church for the 2009 use of
           meeting room 6 (The original donation was for $100, but Citibank is charging us $30 to issue a
           stop-payment). The $60.00 fulfills this current board’s motion to donate $10.00 a month for
           using meeting room 6 this year in two equal checks of $60.00 each. Gabe will issue the final
           check in December.

    The following is a Petty Cash transaction report between May 19th and June 18th:

    200.87 Petty Cash total as of May 19,2011
    +20.00 Cash donation from Yvonne of the Bronx, Tuesday meeting
    +50.00 Cash donation from the Monday, Realization Center meeting
    +25.00 Cash donation from the Tuesday, Bronx meeting
    -52.01 Given to Tom P. to purchase food for the Share-A-Thon
    +21.91 Change received from Tom P. (receipt total was $30.21)
    -33.00 Given to Richard B. as a working bank for the Literature-For-Sale table at the Share-A-Thon
    +56.00 Cash donations received by 12:30PM
    +29.40 Cash donations received by 4:00PM
    +112.00 ($33.00 working bank + $79.00 from literature sales)
    =430.17 Petty Cash total as of June 18, 2011

    The following is the bank reconciliation that Gabe performed for the Citibank account:

                                                                          Statement balance on
     6/13/2011 INTEREST EARNED                                0.06 667.10 07/13/2011
               Deposit TLR Br#: 00439 TID:05 115 EAST
     6/15/2011 23ST,NEW YORK,NY                              50.00 717.10
     6/23/2011     Check #1442                             117.99   599.11
     6/30/2011     Check #1444                             -60.00   539.11
     6/30/2011     Check #1443                             -70.00   469.11
      7/8/2011     SERVICE CHARGE                           -0.80   468.31
                                                                         Current balance as of
     7/14/2011 INTEREST EARNED                               0.05 468.36 07/20/2011
               Deduct check #1436 for $100 (still               -        Actual available balance as of
               outstanding)                                100.00 368.36 07/20/2011

X   Other Committee reports

    Share-A-Thon: 38 people attended the June 18th Share-A-Thon; no food was left over; many of the
    attendees expressed gratitude.

X   Old business

    Motion 1: Gabe fulfilled last month’s motion visiting Susan Suliman at Trinity Church and gave her
    the two checks mentioned earlier in these minutes.

X   New business

    Motion 1: Pay BayLink $285.00 for 12 more months of service (from July 22nd 2011 – July 21st 2012).
    Passed: 3-0

    Motion 2: Renew one more year of service with Passed: 3-0

    Motion 3: Explore whether or not to sponsor a workshop that focuses on Feedback/Crosstalk,
    Sponsorship, and Chairing a Meeting. Passed: 3-0
X   Announcements

    In addition to having another Share-A-Thon in November, NYC CoDA Intergroup would like to
    sponsor a special workshop that focuses on some issues that were heavily discussed during this
    meeting: Crosstalk, Sponsorship, and Chairing a Meeting. Please let us know if you support this
    workshop and if you wish to help organize it. We will need financial and physical support before we
    commit to this.

X   Good and Welfare

X   Adjournment and Serenity Prayer

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