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What is your full name_ age and address John Eder_ 101 Gray


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									1.    What is your full name, age and address? John Eder, 101 Gray Street,
      Portland Maine 04102.
2.    What neighborhood do you live in? The West End
3.    How long have you been a resident of Portland? 15 years
4.    Please list your current occupation and any relevant prior occupations. I am
      a citizen organizer and community developer, I work with the addicted,
      homeless and mentally ill, I am a student at Southern Maine Community
5.    Please list any public service and community experience. , a former two
      term State Representative from Portland and a former member of the
      Cumberland County Charter Commission. I served as the House chair of
      Governor Baldacci’s Creative Economy Council.
6.    (OPTIONAL) Are there any individuals or organizations publicly
      supporting you whom you would like to list?
8.    IN 100 WORDS OR LESS, what do you see as the key roles and
      opportunities of an elected mayor? The Mayor should be a renewed, full-
      throated, full-time voice of the citizen. I see the Mayor as a conduit, for the
      people, to City Hall. The right activist Mayor, like me, would connect the
      dots on behalf of the citizens, between the part-time City Council, the City
      Manager and the various city departments to create a government responsive
      to Portland citizens and get the most value for our tax dollars. The Mayor
      should be an organizer, as I am, to work through empowered neighborhood
      groups to organize citizens for effective change at City Hall, around our
      shared issues and values.
10.   IN 100 WORDS OR LESS, what are the top three accomplishments you
      would like to achieve as mayor of Portland? I am committed to getting 1000
      units of affordable housing underway, on the peninsula, in my first term by
      creating a tax break for its development. Tied to those tax breaks, or any tax
      breaks, I want the city to require the recipients to pay livable wages. To
      realize an energy independent future, I want Portland to invest in creating its
      own alternative local sources of electricity generation to offer lower
      electricity cost to resident and businesses. I am committed to creating an
      affordable health care plan for uninsured residents in Portland who are not
      eligible for Maine Care.

11.   IN 100 WORDS OR LESS, how will you achieve these accomplishments?
      I would achieve these accomplishments by working through the
      neighborhood groups to organize citizens around these ideas and bring the
      power and weight of the citizens to City Hall to advocate for these
      initiatives. I will work with all the stake holders, the City Council the
      Manager, the Governor, the Legislature, state, federal and neighboring local
      governments to build consensus to realize these goals.

12.   IN 25 WORDS OR LESS, do you think Portland government needs to
      change? Why or why not? Yes, the part-time council is ill-equipped to
      represent the citizens to the City Manager and departments. There needs to
      be accountability to the citizens on all sides

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