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					                                                                                 Dream It! Believe It! Achieve It!
             APRIL 2012
                                            Live Your Dream

    Change ~ Is Where the Magic Happens!
                                   Scentsy, Velata and New Brand!
                                  Many of you may be having questions regarding all the changes that
   It’s time:                     we are having. I thought I would put some questions to rest and
   ~To step out of your comfort   hopefully clear them for you.
     zone!                           •   Do I have to sign up for Velata or the NEW Brand being introduced at
   ~Make new friends and talk            convention? No, they are optional
    Scentsy with everyone.           •   When do I sign the contract for Velata? May 1, 2012. If you did not
   ~Hand out your business               order the WOTM for May (Velata Starter Kit) and wish to sign up for
    card with a Scentsy Bar              Velata be sure to subscribe by April 28th (recommended by 4/10).
    sample each day.                 •   If I don’t get the Velata Starter Kit in the May WOTM and want to join
   ~Magic will happen!                   at a later date what is the cost? $99 (USA) $119(CAD) and you will
                                         sign the contract at that time.
                                     •   Do I have to have 150 PRV in Scentsy and 150 PRV in Velata to
                                         remain active in either brand? No, it is cumulative. Sales from Scentsy
                                         Wickless, Velata and New Brand are combined PRV.
                                     •   Do I have to have Scentsy, Velata or New Brand inventory on hand?
                                         No. Both Scentsy and Velata will have everything you need in the
                                         Starter Kit to do home parties. You will need to re-order Scentsy Bars
                                         and Velata Chocolate to share the Scentsy and Velata experience.
                                         More info on the New Brand at Convention.
Our Next Team Meeting                •   What kind of chocolate is Velata and what flavors? Velata chocolates
Date: August 7, 2012                     are Belgian Chocolates and come in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate,
                                         White Chocolate and Caramel Milk Chocolate.
Time: 7pm
                                     •   Does Velata contain nuts? No. Velata does not contain any peanuts or
Address: 1732 E Hilton Ave,              tree nuts and is not produced in a facility that processes products that
         Mesa 85204                      contain peanuts or tree nuts.
                                     •   What is the wattage of the Velata warmer? 25 watts
                                     •   Can I use other brands of chocolate in Velata warmers? Our warmers
                                         are calibrated to work with the recipes of chocolate we sell. You will
                                         not get a better experience using any other chocolate. The Velata
       Come and                          warranty will not cover damage caused by non‐Velata brand products.

   See What’s NEW!

                                                               “Any change, even a change for the
                                                               better, is always accompanied by
          “Things do not happen.                               drawbacks and discomforts.”
                                                                                       Arnold Bennett
        Things are made to happen.”
                  John F. Kennedy
            ARE YOU ALL IN?
Orville and Heidi Thompson had to make a decision
regarding Scentsy and they had three choices.
                                                                       Top 5 Consultants
1. Sell the business
2. Bring investors in
3. Risk everything again for Scentsy
                                                                         Karen Pelley
Can you imagine Scentsy without Orville and Heidi? Can                   Erica Powers
you imagine the changes that investors would have brought
to Scentsy? Selling everything would have been in their                   Katie Smith
best interest. But they believe in all of us and have faith that
we can succeed.                                                       Jessica Schnebelen
                                                                        Sandy Fischer

So, Orville and Heidi are swinging for the fence, they risked
everything! They went ALL IN! All they ask is that if we
want to be a Director or higher that we commit to Scentsy
and be All In! It is such a blessing to know that the owners
of Scentsy have faith in me and my business. I am ALL IN!
                                                                      OUR SUCCESSES!
           Scentsy Convention                                      SALES OVER $2000
                 Registration is NOW OPEN!

                                                                   SALES OVER $1000
                                                                   Karen Pelley
                                                                   Erica Powers
                      July 25-28, 2012                             SALES OVER $500
                     Las Vegas, Nevada                             Katie Smith
            Meet team/group members. Learn from                    Jessica Schnebelen
                 Orville and Heidi Thompson                        Sandy Fischer
                  and other Scentsy Leaders.
                                                                   Linda Robbins
                  Brand #2 will be Announced!
                   We hope to see you there!
                     Scentsy Spirit!
                                                              APRIL 2012                     Dream It! Believe It! Achieve It!
               Live Your Dream

                                                               Example: Scentsy Group Downline
               May WOTM ~
              Velata Starter Kit
   Here's a listing of the Velata Starter Kit contents
              (actual contents may vary):

       •   1 Velata Fondue Warmer (includes four
           fondue forks that match the warmer)
       •   5 Velata Spatulas
       •   1 six-ounce package of Caramel Milk
       •   1 six-ounce package of Dark Chocolate
       •   1 six-ounce package of Milk Chocolate
       •   1 six-ounce package of White                  Red: Scentsy Wickless/Velata, Gray: Scentsy Wickless,
           Chocolate                                     Green: Velata, Yellow: New Brand
       •   1 Velata Party Carrier
       •   1 Velata Tablecloth
       •   1 Velata Apron
       •   1 Velata "New Consultant Start-Up
       •   1 Velata Welcome Letter
       •   50 Velata Spring/Summer 2012
           Catalogs (2 packs of 25)
       •   100 Velata Customer Order Forms
       •   100 Velata Party Invitations
       •   5 Velata Host Envelopes
       •   100 Velata Print-Your-Own (PYO)
                                                                     Velata Starter Kit ~ continued
           Business / Loyalty Cards
                                                         Whether you order the Velata Starter Kit through the Scent and Warmer of
       •   25 Velata Host / Join Brochures
                                                         the Month Combo Kit offer, or you purchase it at the full price after May 1,
       •   1 Velata Consultant Folder                    no PRV will be earned on the Velata Starter Kit since the products in the kit
                                                         are already deeply discounted.
       Consultants can subscribe to the May
       Combo Kit from Friday, March 30 to                In addition to the Velata option for the Scent and Warmer of the Month
       Saturday, April 28, at the Combo Kit price of     Combo Kit, there is a Scent of the Month Kit for May, 2012, which offers a
       $60 (USD) / $72 (CAD). If Consultants have        new scent. This is for those Consultants who either don't want the Velata
       not subscribed by end of day, April 28, they      Starter Kit or are interested in both Velata AND a Scent of the Month
       will need to wait for Velata to launch on May     option.
       1 before they can order a Starter Kit at the
       full price of $99 (USD) / $119 (CAD).             May 2012 is the ONLY month you will be able to subscribe to both the
                                                         Combo Kit (Velata Starter Kit) AND the Scent of the Month Kit. To
       Velata Starter Kits will begin shipping           subscribe, go to the Subscriptions section under the Account tab of your
       Tuesday, April 10, to Canada and Monday,          Workstation and verify your subscription choices. If you subscribe to the
                                                         Scent and Warmer of the Month Combo Kit AND the Scent of the
       April 16, to the U.S. and its territories.
                                                         Month Kit for May, your June 2012 subscriptions will default to the
                                                         Scent and Warmer of the Month Combo Kit -- so be sure to check your
                                                         subscription settings for June and revise them accordingly.

Team Monthly Prize ~ For every 150 in PRV your name will be entered into our team
drawing for a $25 Scentsy Gift Certificate. So, if your PRV is 300 you will have 2 tickets in the drawing…if
your PRV is 1000 you will get 6 tickets and so forth. The drawing will be on the 1st of the following month.
The more sales…the more tickets in the drawing. The winner will be announced through a team email and
on our Facebook Group. (This monthly prize will be for the following months: April, May and June) There
will be one winner for each month. Good Luck!
                                                                                   Dream It! Believe It! Achieve It!
        APRIL 2012
                                             Live Your Dream

•   Each Consultant may have one (1) external website focusing on one (1) brand. This includes all websites
    and blogs.
•   You may have a Facebook Page for each brand and that page is specific to that brand.
•   You cannot have a Scentsy FB Page and post Velata information and vice versa. If you do, it is out of
•   You may mention both Scentsy and Velata on your personal facebook page as this is not an external
    website. Please be aware of your postings that they do not mention personal inventory, prices or giveaways
    as this is not acceptable per P&P.
•   Prices and specials that can be posted are those specific to Scentsy and Velata such as; Scentsy’s SOTM and
    WOTM special.

                                              Karen Pelley
                                   Independent Scentsy Director

                            Contact me anytime…I am here for YOU!

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