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Open Golf With XGSTOUR


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									                                  Open Golf With XGSTOUR

        An “open golf” tournament is one in which participation is not limited to invitation or
gaining of entry. For any golfer who wants to participate in a tournament, is the
perfect opportunity. Unlike the tournaments held at your local golf course, you can compete
against anyone in the world, from anywhere in the world. Users create tournaments and invite
fellow members to participate. As a member you have the freedom to join golf tournaments and
compete against people in a worldwide competition. Your name can end up on an international
leader’s board, not on a bulletin board hanging by the restrooms at the local golf club.

        On, you can play from any golf course you like. Input your score from
whatever course you last played at. Whether it’s Pebble Beach or your neighborhood course,
XGSTOUR will recognize it. Have a favorite tee box? You are allowed to play from any tee,
beginners, ladies’, expert, etc. There is no pressure to play at any other pace or level than your
own. Each golf course and tee box will have its own rating and slope so that everyone is on a
level playing field. Through playing from any course and any tee box, you can enter your scores
in your account. You will then be able to join tournaments, create tournaments, and
play against others who are doing the same.

        By inputting your golf scores, xgstour’s automatic golf handicap system will adjust with
your game and for each different tee box you are playing from. No need to worry about doing
the math yourself, let do it for you! This is just another one of the site’s grand
features that will help make golfing much easier and accessible for everyone.

        With XGSTOUR, golfers can play from their favorite golf course and tee box at their
own pace and schedule, all while keeping their golf game organized and accessible. Check up on
your scores and watch yourself grow as a golfer. Watch your handicap fluctuate without having
to do the math yourself. Add a whole new meaning to your game, all while giving yourself more
reason to get out there on the golf course. Why not take advantage of an opportunity such as

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