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					                              GOVERNING BOARD
                           REGULAR MEETING MINUTES
                       522 N. Central Avenue, Room 225, Phoenix, AZ 85004
                                           June 8, 2010
                                            3:00 P.M.

1. Call to Order – Steve Holm, President
   Steve Holm called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.
      Roll Call
   Cindy Walker, Governing Board Clerk, called the roll. A quorum was present.
   Members Present: Steve Holm, President; Myriam Roa, Superintendent, Phoenix Elementary School
   District; and Terry Shoumaker, Member.

   Member Not In Attendance: Jan Gleeson, Executive Director, Horizon Community Learning Center
   UPSI Staff in Attendance: Debra Gomez, Interim Executive Director; Bill Thompson, Chief
   Financial Officer; Prudence Lee, Director of Human Resources and Legal Services; Sue Henderson,
   Director of Student Services; Barnaby Wasson, Directory of Technology; and Cindy Walker, Board
   ASU: Eugene Garcia, ASU VP for Educational Partnerships; James Rund, ASU VP for University
   Student Initiatives; Safali Patel-Evans, ASU University Student Initiatives.

      Pledge of Allegiance
   Steve Holm led the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance.

2. Approval of Agenda
   A motion was made by Terry Shoumaker and seconded by Myriam Roa to approve the agenda. The
   motion carried 3 to 0.

3. Approval of Minutes
   A motion was made by Terry Shoumaker and seconded by Myriam Roa to approve minutes of the
   April 13, 2010 Governing Board Meeting. The motion carried 3 to 0.

4. Call for Public Participation
   There was no public comment.

5. Executive Session
   No executive session was needed.

6. Consent Agenda
Governing Board Meeting
June 8, 2010

    Steve Holm presented the Consent Agenda for approval.
    6.1. Personnel Summary
           A.   Employment
           B.   Resignations
           C.   Terminations
           D.   Contract Adjustments
           E.   Contracts Not Offered
           F.   Release from Contract

    6.2. Voucher Summary – March and April 2010
           Bill Thompson, CFO, clarified that the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) payments are
           the regular payments. However, in April there were three payments due to the timing of the
           A motion was made by Terry Shoumaker and seconded by Myriam Roa to approve the Consent
           Agenda. The motion carried 3 to 0.

7. Action Items

    7.1. Approval of March and April 2010 Financial Reports

           Bill Thompson, CFO, reviewed the March financial report with the Board. He explained the
           line of credit hit the max limit in March as expected and has since been paid off leaving a zero
           balance in the line of credit. Mr. Thompson explained how the forecast is used in his financial
           reporting, noting that there will be three pay periods in June. In April, there was nothing
           unusual with expenditures. The April operating statement showed the ASU support as
           additional income. The April forecast total shows a negative $55,486 for the year, which is a
           large reduction from where UPSI started at the start of the 2009-2010 year. We will be able to
           cover that from positive cash carryover from last year. We will report it as a deficit to the state.
           There is no penalty for reporting a deficit to the state, as we spend to cash, although it is not a
           good mark on our financials. As we move forward into the next year, a net loss would show on
           our financial statement and we would explain how we corrected it. Forecasts can significantly
           vary from month to month. However, the year-end number is important. Mr. Thompson
           explained the contingency expense reduction.

           A motion was made by Myriam Roa and seconded by Terry Shoumaker to approve the March
           and April financial amended reports. The motion carried 3 to 0.

    7.2. Approval of Best Practices in Special Education and Behavioral Management

           Debra Gomez presented the recommended Best Practices in Special Education and Behavior
           Management, created by the Task Force from Arizona Senate Bill 1197. Sue Henderson,
           Director of Student Services, addressed the issue that at the national level there is a concern
           regarding physical restraint of special education students. The State of Arizona appointed a
           Task Force who spent about a year studying the issues resulting from SB1197, which basically
           said no child should be restrained in Arizona. The Task Force looked at what are the Best
           Practices, not just in Special Education but in behavior management. The Task Force made
           four main suggestions that UPSI recommended the Board accept them as written. These
           included: creating a positive school climate through direct teaching and clear expectations for
           student behavior; restricting the use of crisis management techniques or restraint to cases of
           imminent danger for students not as a punishment or time out; training all student staff in pro-
           active behavior management strategies and crisis de-escalation, with the hope that then we
           would not need to restrain a child; and, lastly, that parents and administrators are informed
Governing Board Meeting
June 8, 2010

           should there ever be an occasion where a child is restrained. When UPSI administrators meet
           with teachers in July at our school sites, training will begin from the beginning with creating a
           positive behavior climate to include more training in de-escalation techniques and ensuring a
           child wouldn’t be restrained except in imminent danger. The law said all boards must consider
           these suggestions and adopt something that fits their district best. Given the size of UPSI, it
           was suggested the board adopt the state’s recommendations as a whole and incorporate them
           into UPSI policy.

           A motion was made by Myriam Roa and seconded by Terry Shoumaker to approve the
           proposed Best Practices in Special Education and Behavior Management created by the Task
           Force through Arizona Senate Bill 1197. The motion carried 3 to 0.

    7.3. Approval of Agreements for UPSP Bus Transportation Service and School Lunch

           Debra Gomez explained it is time for renewal of the agreements with Phoenix Elementary
           School District (PESD) for UPSP bus transportation and school lunch. There are no changes to
           the agreements. Discussion followed on the positive attention and response PESD provided.

           A motion was made by Terry Shoumaker and seconded by Myriam Roa to approve the bus
           transportation service agreements. The motion carried 3 to 0.

    7.4. Approval of Meeting Dates for 2010-2011

           Debra Gomez presented the proposed Governing Board Meeting schedule for the 2010-2011
           year on the second Tuesday of the month at 3:00 p.m.:
            August 10, 2010
            September 14, 2010
            November 9, 2010
            December 14, 2010 – Steve Holm is not available
            January 11, 2011 – Steve Holm is not available
            March 8, 2011
            April 12, 2011
            June 14, 2011

           A motion was made by Myriam Roa and seconded by Terry Shoumaker to approve the
           proposed Governing Board Meeting schedule for 2010-2011. The motion carried 3 to 0.

8. Reports

    8.1. Proposed 2010-2011 Budget

           Debra Gomez explained the proposed budget for next year. There will be a Budget Hearing in
           July and the budget will be presented to the Corporate Board for approval at their July meeting.
           Bill Thompson, CFO, provided an overview of the proposed 2010-2011 budget. The revenue
           side of the budget represents a reduction in state aid and adjustment to our ADM for next year.
           ADM is expected to be lower next year as we adjust through the seventh and eighth grade at
           UPSP, due a very large eighth grade class which has moved out while the incoming seventh
           graders will be a smaller class. Even with an additional 150 ADM at the Polytechnic
           Elementary campus, as we expand into the ASU Polytechnic campus, the increase is offset by
           the loss at UPSP. The reasons the budget will go down is the reduction in state aid and a slight
           reduction in our ADM for next year.

Governing Board Meeting
June 8, 2010

           There is a similar adjustment on the expense side of the budget, particularly in salaries, given
           our budget reduction and our lower ADM, which results in less of a demand for teachers. The
           budget also incorporates some administrative changes. This budget represents a positive
           number for next year of approximately $50,000. On July 13, UPSI will have the formal
           adoption of the budget. IDEA and Title I amounts have not been allocated so these numbers
           were carried over from last year in this proposed budget. When UPSI receives these
           apportionments, they will be added to the July budget for 2010-2011. By law, we must have an
           adopted budget by July 15. It can be amended, if needed.

           Mr. Thompson provided an update on the outcome of UPSI’s Title I appeal to the Arizona
           Department of Education (ADE). The response was that there would be no change and that
           ADE had no violation on how they allocated the funds. UPSI was really going for a broader
           look at how Title I funds are determined for all charter schools across the state and the appeal
           process didn’t lend itself for us to get that message out. It was focused on a couple of points of
           law which resulted in the fact that UPSI couldn’t prove the ADE had allocated incorrectly.
           According to those points of law, the ADE had allocated correctly. However, our argument
           was that schools would be better served using the primary methodology instead of the
           secondary one. The ADE said they were not going to change. A change would have impacted
           a lot of districts and charter schools, some to the negative and some to the positive, which was
           an argument the ADE used. However, our goal was that the money should always follow the
           student. In this case, Title I money doesn’t follow the student because the ADE uses the county
           poverty census not actual numbers of students moving from school to school. Even though
           UPSI had to submit our actual numbers, the ADE used the county poverty census for their
           allocations. The state argued there was no way to capture the data. However, Mr. Thompson
           found the data on the internet and calculated it to show about a $100,000 difference in our
           allocation. The ADE stated they don’t capture that data, which means it is not a part of their
           procedure to capture that data. The ADE had captured the data according to their guidelines
           and our allocation stands as it is.

    8.2. Enrollment Summary

           Debra Gomez provided an update on the enrollment. Polytechnic Elementary is at full capacity
           with 380 students enrolled, with a K-7 wait list of about 150 students. We have added sections
           for next year which required hiring for next year.

           UPSP has 499 students. First, fourth, and eighth grades are closed for enrollment, with wait
           lists for additional students in those grades, from which parents are called as new openings
           occur due to students not returning. UPSP is staffed for 550 students. We continue to hold
           orientation meetings weekly for interested parents through next week. Administration is
           researching our marketing efforts and the website seems to be a large resource of information.
           In July, it is expected that kindergarten will grow as we prepare for the opening of school on
           August 2. There are still a few openings in kindergarten. Once there are 18 students on the
           wait list for a cluster grade, we will hire a teacher for a new class. UPSP had 75%-80%
           retention, which is a high number for a new charter school. Most of the student withdrawals
           are due to parents moving away from the area.

           Ms. Gomez announced Celeste Enochs is the new principal at UPSP. She was one of two
           candidates recommended by an interview committee of ten. The two finalists were interviewed
           by Debra Gomez and Beatriz Rendon, the newly appointed UPSI CEO. Ms. Enochs was
           previously a principal in Arizona for six years. The last two years she was appointed
           turnaround principal by the ADE at the Roosevelt School District’s Brook’s Academy. Prior to
           Roosevelt, she was a principal in the Deer Valley School District. She was a regional facilitator

Governing Board Meeting
June 8, 2010

           in the Washington School District and sat on the Superintendent’s cabinet. She was very
           influential in the gifted education program there. With our focus on project-based learning,
           inquiry learning, problem-solving and critical thinking, her gifted strategies experience will
           align with UPSI. Ms. Enochs has been a principal in an urban-core school and brought that
           school from failing to performing. She has two master’s degrees, one in special education and
           gifted education and one in education administration. She will be introduced to the UPSP staff
           next week at their professional development training.

9. Information Items

    9.1. Grants

           Debra Gomez provided an update on the grants that were reviewed at previous meetings and
           have all been submitted: the Investment in Innovation (i3) Grant, Kids STEM, STEM in the
           Middle, and ITELL, of which Phoenix is the fiscal agent/principal investigator in the last three

           The Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) is a new grant. We are part of the $34M NEXT Grant for
           the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) through ASU. TIF is the follow-up to the NEXT
           Grant. ASU is applying for the TIF Grant with the schools who are part of the NEXT program.
           If we are successful in being awarded this grant, it will provide funding for performance pay for
           utilizing the TAP model.
    9.2. University Public School Phoenix Update

           Both schools held summatives last week, which focused on their learning for the past four
           weeks. They were well attended by parents. Next week is professional development training
           for staff at both schools. Tomorrow, June 9th, is the last day of school for the year and it will be
           a half day. UPSP held three 8th grade promotion ceremonies today, one for each of the three 8th
           grade clusters.

           Bill Thompson provided an update on the UPSP School Council meetings and reviewed the
           minutes of the May and June meetings. The council studied academic results and student
           achievements. UPSP showed great improvement in Galileo scores from quarter to quarter but
           significant improvement is needed. UPSP needs more rapid results moving into next year. The
           council will look at not just where the students are but where they should be. Charter schools
           are allowed three years to show academic achievement. UPSI administrators hope to have all
           the AIMS data from ADE to present to the teachers next week during professional development
           training, curriculum mapping, and accountability. Debra Gomez, Sue Henderson, and Barnaby
           Wasson, along with the master teachers will start the first day of training by debriefing the
           school year in the morning and move to TAP in the afternoon. The next day, will focus on
           working on data. However, ADE advised that we shouldn’t compare this year’s math results to
           last year’s results because the AIMS Math test has been re-normed and it is a different test.
           Administration will share the results with the staff at both schools. With the data results, we
           will break down our data for analysis and look at the predictability from Galileo to AIMS.
           Galileo advised UPSI that they had trouble doing the predictability because this is UPSP’s first
           year. Teachers will be mapping the curriculum based on data on where they need to focus and
           ramping up for rigor and accountability, with an eye on the three year window to show marked
           academic growth. In the AZELLA test that is given for English proficiency, the majority of
           UPSP seventh and eighth graders showed proficiency. Teachers will have training once again
           in July to plan for next year.

Governing Board Meeting
June 8, 2010

      9.3. Polytechnic Elementary School Update

           Ms. Gomez provide an update on the Polytechnic Middle School facility (grades 5-8), located
           on the ASU Polytechnic Campus. She continues to meet weekly along with Barnaby Wasson,
           USPI Technology Director, Todd Raven, ASU Project Manager, and Jean Humphries, ASU
           Polytechnic Vice President of Facilities, on the plans for this new addition. Mr. Wasson
           represents UPSI’s interests on the construction project. The absolute completion deadline date
           is July 15th. Needed demolition is complete and reconstruction is underway. Currently,
           technology and furniture orders are being prepared for the middle school, followed by textbook
           orders for the new sections.

           New teachers report July 19 and returning teachers start on July 21, 2010.
           Discussion followed on adding a member to Governing Board. An ASU appointee from Dr.
           Michael Crow, ASU President, is needed. Dr. Rund will look into it on behalf of the Board.
           This is necessary to insure there is a quorum to hold a meeting in the absence of two board

10.    Adjournment
       A motion was made by Terry Shoumaker and seconded by Myriam Roa to adjourn the meeting.
       The motion carried 3 to 0. The meeting was adjourned at 3.58 p.m.

       Dated this 10th day of August, 2010
       University Public Schools, Inc.

       By: ___________________________
             Steve Holm, President


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