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Creating Your Agent Listings Site

 1. Go to DailyDashboard.com

 2. Click on the 10MinuteListings button

 3. Next, you will want to create your 'Agent Listings Site', this will be a site
    created specifically for you so that you can showcase all your listings on

    Fill in your name, email, phone number and choose a password for

    Once you click the button you will get a confirmation message that your
    website has been created.

 4. You now have to check your email. You should receive a message from
    the 10MinuteListing system letting you know where to find your website

    Open the email. Inside you will find two website addresses created for

    The first will look similar to this:


   This is the address to edit your site

   The second will look similar to this:


   This is the link you would send your visitors to (note that typing 'http://'
   in your browser is optional)

5. Click on the first link in the email message. This will open up two
   windows (if you run a popup killer you must have it disabled for this to
   work). One window is your actual Agent Listings Site and the next
   window will ask you to type in your password, go ahead and do so.

6. The next step is to fill in your agent information. When you're done,
   click the update button

   Next you will want to upload your picture. Click the Images button, then
   the button that says Click Here to Upload Image.

   Click the browse button and locate the picture you wish to upload. When
   you've located the file, click the OK button and then click upload. Once
   your image appears under current image you can close the window.

7. You have now completed your Agent Listings Site. If you ever need to
   make any changes (or add new listings as your will see in the next
   section) click the Admin button located at the bottom right hand corner
   of your site.

How to Create a New Listing

 1. In your internet browser type in the address of your Agent Listings Site.
    It will look something similar to this:

 2. Click on the Admin button located at the bottom right hand corner of
    your site, you will then be prompted to enter your password. (Again, if
    you have a popup killer program running you must disable it.)

 3. Next, you want to click on the Create New Listing Button at the bottom
    of the window

 4. You will then want to put the address of the home you wish to create a
    listing for. Remember that this Is the name that will appear in your URL,
    for example if you type in 23 Maple Ave, your URL will be

 5. Once again when you click the button you will get a confirmation that
    your site is ready, Check your email for a message from 10MinuteListings

 6. Click on the first link to edit your listing.

 7. Once you put in your password you will be taken to the editor for your

 8. Fill in each field with the appropriate information. Here's some things to

    If you do not have a virtual tour for your listing simply leave it blank, a
    virtual tour option will not appear on your site.

   If you wish to include a virtual tour in your listing you must enter the
   external link (i.e. the website address where your virtual tour is located)

   The Page URL refers to a domain name you pointed to your
   10MinuteListing. For example if you have
   www.24hourhousetours.com/23mapleave you can register the name
   www.23mapleave.com and forward it to your 10MinuteListing (you can
   do this through Directnic.com), the www.23mapleave.com domain name
   would be the name you would insert in this field.

   The listing headers are images (As they are labeled) that will appear at
   the top of your listing.

   Click the update button when you are done.

9. The next step is to upload your images. You can do so by clicking the
   images tab at the top of your editor.

   This works similar to when you upload your agent image.

   To upload an image you must click on the “click here to upload image”
   box (note that the boxes appear in the order that they will be displayed
   on your listing page)

   For every image you must click “browse” to locate you file, once you've
   done so you can click on it to upload.

   You can now enter a short and long description

   A short description will be displayed under your image on your listing

   The long description will be displayed when the image is clicked and it
   appears in a larger new window.

   You are now done creating your listing site. You can now refresh your
   listing page and you will see your changes.

   To create additional listings you can click on this button:

   In both your Agent Listings Site editor and your Listing Editor.

How to Edit Your Sites
   There are two ways you can edit your listing. First, if you go back to the
   original email sent to you when you signed up for 10MinuteListing either
   by creating a new agent site or a new listing and click on the link that
   looks like the following:


   The second way to edit your sites is by clicking on the admin button at
   the bottom of each site.

How to Compress Your Listing Images
   If you've tried to upload images to 10MinuteListing.com and received a
   file too large error then this guide will show you how to fix this problem.

   The system will allow you to upload an image up to 800k in size, this
   should be more then enough for listing pictures. You might have noticed
   that your pictures come out extremely large on your digital camera. This
   is a good thing, if you're going to be printing off those images then
   bigger is better, but not necessary when it comes to uploading images

   If you upload 7 images that are 800k in file size, then your page will be
   slow to load.

   Some of you might already have a photo editor type program on your
   computer that you can use to compress your images before sending them
   off to 10MinuteListing. If you don't I've come across a simple to use FREE
   program that will let you do this.

   Here's how it works.

   The program is called JPEGCompress 1.2. It's a utility to help you
   compress and convert any existing jpg, gif, bmp or png using JPEG
   compression. That's all it does.

   Most images from digital cameras are downloaded to your computer in
   .jpg format.

   The first step is to download this program on to your computer by going
   to www.deanjackson.com/blog/uploads/JPEGCompress.exe. a pop up
   box will appear, select SAVE TARGET AS. Specify where you want to
   download to and your set.

   Once the program has download, go ahead and open it up. It is relatively
   simple to use since it will allow to only do one thing, compress images.

   Here's how to compress your images.

   Select FILE, then OPEN IMAGE, select your image you wish to open and
   you will then see it in the main window. Next, you'll want to select to
   which degree you'd like to compress your image, it's located on the top
   left hand corner. You can either select a predetermined quality or enter
   your own number from 1-100 (100 being the best quality). Go ahead and
   play with the numbers until you get a result you like. Remember that

the smaller your image size (the file size will appear on the top bar) the
faster your listing will load on the page.

Here's an example I did.

This is a picture I took of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, it came out of
my camera at 617K - much too large to upload. So I ran it through the
program and it came out at 1/3 its original size, and you can't tell the

This program only compresses your images, it doesn't resize them, this
you don't have to worry about since 10MinuteListing.com already has a
built in feature that will do this for you automatically and resize the
images perfectly to fit your listing.

How to Purchase and Forward a
Domain Name to an Existing Listing
When you create a new 10MinuteListing the system will assign you a unique
web address, such as www.24hourhousetours.com/43mainstreet

If you find this address too long an alternative is to register a domain name
(your own .com) and forward it to your listing.

For example you could register www.43MainStreet.com which then would
forward to www.24hourhousetours.com/43mainstreet, saving your visitors from
having to type in one long address.

You can do this for approximately $15. There are numerous websites where you
can register such domain names. Some companies will charge a few dollars
less, but beware that often the price does not include a free forwarding

We recommend that you use www.DirectNic.com, each domain will cost you
$15 per yer, and they include a free forwarding service.

If you currently have an account at DirectNic.com, and you know how to
purchase domain names skip to 'Forwarding Your Domain Name'

Setting up an Account at DirectNic and Registering a Domain Name

The first step is to create a free account at www.directNIC.com/signup/ and
then register the domain in your account. Here are the steps to register a
domain name once you've create your account.

   1. Log into your account at https://secure.directNIC.com/myaccount
   2. Click on "Domain Registrations" under the Basic Options section.
   3. Search for your desired domain name(s), selecting either the basic or
      advanced search feature.
   4. When an available domain is found, click on that domain to add it to
      your Shopping Cart.
   5. When you finish finding available domains, click on "Check Out."
   6. Examine the list of domains in your Shopping Cart, setting the number of
      years to register the domains to the desired amount and removing any
      domains you do not wish to register. Then, click on "Continue Purchase."
      (.info domains are required to be registered for a minimum of two
   7. Choose the 'DirectNic Defaults' as the nameservers for the domains, and
      then click on "Continue Purchase." Check over the confirmation
      information for your purchase, enter your credit card information (or use

     your directNIC Dollars) and then click on "Purchase." (Note: only click
     purchase ONCE; the process can take several minutes).
  8. You will receive an invoice via email.

Forwarding Your Domain Name

     To redirect a domain name to an existing website follow these

        1. Log into your account and click on the "Domain Manager" link.
        2. Click on the "Change Hosting Information" icon next to the domain
           you wish to modify and then click on the "Change Hosting Type"
        3. Click on the button next to the "Redirect" option. Choose the
           "Redirect" option. Click on the "Change Hosting Type" button.

     The following page will allow you to enter the URL to which you wish to
     redirect your domain. Make sure that you click the "Redirect" button to
     submit the change. It may take up to 48 hours for the changes to

            If you have any questions email


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