Week 3

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					Week 3

In the Studio:
James: I want to welcome you to LIFE Today. I'm James Robison. Betty and I are
absolutely thrilled to have Brian "Head" Welch. He was one of the musicians in the hard
rock group, heavy metal, KoRn. This is a miracle! He says right here, Brian says, "Save Me
from Myself," which is the title of his book.

I'm telling you, I wish every young person would read it. It wasn't written to the
community of faith, Christians, it was written to reach people who have perhaps been
held captive by a lifestyle that actually in so many ways is chaotic and destructive. He
wasn't happy and that's why he said "Save Me from Myself." I want you to welcome a
miracle, I want you to welcome Brian Welch to LIFE Today. Would do you that? Brian, it
is an honor.

Brian: It is an honor to be here. God bless you guys.

James: Now you actually walked in and you met Betty tonight before you and I visited
and you actually told her that you like LIFE Today.

Brian: I told her I love her smile. Every time she smiles on TV Jesus shines through her.

James: That means a lot to me because I want everyone to be comfortable watching our
program and really believe that they're seeing something that is real, not quote just
religious. We really do care about them. Does it come across as far as you can see?

Brian: Yeah, you're doing the work of the Lord and God bears witness with the spirit
inside of you; you can see the love of Christ in you.

James: Well, I see it in you. You said, "Save Me from Myself." I've got to ask you, were you
pretty fouled up when you look back on where you were in the rock music? Tell me
where you were. Tell me what was going on.

Brian: It was a mess from the get-go. When we started KoRn three out of five of us got
hooked on methamphetamines. It was beer, party, girls -- the whole thing was like a frat
party that didn't stop. It got in control as far as the drugs when we hit the road for the first
two albums but when the third album hit, MTV picked us up and we just started selling
millions of records and it got out of control again. Egos, money came in, relationships
were breaking up but we were famous and we were growing. It was just like we were all
going crazy. There were some good times; we were like family out there but it got out of
control for me.

James: So when you say "Save Me from Myself" what was happening that you felt you
needed to be saved from yourself? What was going on? Where were you headed?

Brian: It seemed like everything I did besides the music was a failure -- every time I tried
to do something right. I got married and tried to put together a life at home so I'd have
something to come back to after we'd tour. But every time I came back home, I was
coming off drugs or alcohol and I was a horrible husband. I thought I could buy my wife's
happiness; I bought her the house, the cars, everything and she got hooked on drugs
before I did. She left me and my daughter and so I became a single dad, rock star dad on
the fourth record. Right then my heart instantly left KoRn and was toward my daughter. I
was struggling with what I wanted to do. I wasn't happy anymore. I couldn't figure out
why life wasn't good when I had my dream come true. I just couldn't figure it out.

James: What got your attention?

Brian: Well, after my wife left and I called her the biggest scum of the earth, junkie speed
addict, a year after I called her all of those names, I turned into a junkie speed addict
trying to raise my daughter. I just bumped into somebody when I was drunk and ended
up doing the drugs; another bad choice. I hit the road hooked on speed. It started with the
Oz Fest in 2003 and did drugs the whole year. I was scared because I couldn't get off. I'd
never been hooked on drugs like that.

I went to Asia and I had to hide the drugs in my bags. I took them into countries that
said, “Penalty by death if we catch you with drugs in our country.” I was scared to death
that I was going to get caught but at the same time it felt good. I was out of my mind. I
was like, what if they just lethal inject me? I won't feel anything. I'll go to sleep and the
pain will be over. So I had my drug dealer send me speed to Europe when I was on tour
because I ran out of my stash. I was out of my mind.

In 2004, I was really scared. I started going to rehabs, out-patient rehabs and doctors gave
me medicine to quit but nothing worked -- nothing worked. I had a couple of friends that
I were involved in real estate at the end of 2004 and they were Christians. They were quiet
about it. They didn't talk about it but I knew they were. One of them sent me an e-mail at
the end of 2004, my broker. He said, "Brian, I've never done this before. I don't mean to
get weird on you but I feel like the Lord woke me up and told me to send you this
scripture, Matthew 11:28, Come to me all of you who are weary and heavy-burdened and
I will give you rest." When I saw that I was like, could this be Jesus reaching out to me?
Could this be real?

I ended up going to church. When I went I was on drugs. I had stayed up all night and
didn't get a wink of sleep on methamphetamines. I went to church high with a hood on
and I was lost -- I was lost. The guy talked about Jesus being real and cool and all you
need to do is talk to him and seek him; seek first the Kingdom of God and all of his
righteousness and all things will be given unto you. He said if you hang out with him all
the bad things will fall off of your life. So in my crazed mind I said, I'm going to raise my
hand, accept Christ, go home, snort drugs until the stuff falls away from me. I really
thought that. I was just out of my mind. That's what I did, I accepted Christ, I went home.
I snorted my line of drugs and I talked to Jesus. Sincerely, I said, "God, if you're real like
that pastor said, take these drugs from me. You know I want to quit but I'm addicted. My
daughter needs a father. I need to change or I'm going to end up like my ex-wife or dead.
Please change my life."

Within a week, I had a spiritual encounter. I felt Jesus stepped into my room while I was
reading my Bible. I was still dabbling in drugs a little bit and I felt like he stepped in. I felt
arms hug me. I felt a high that took me higher than any drug, any stage performance,
anything I've ever done in my life and I was instantly addicted to God right then.

James: Thank God! [Applause]

Brian: Instant change.

James: We need a power beyond ourselves. Would you agree that you were hooked; you
used the word addict, "I was an addict." Do you really believe that it took a supernatural
power to deliver you from those addictions and to set you on a new course?

Brian: I've got to tell you, I went into that church, in my mind, I wanted to go hang out
with goody goodies because I thought that Christian people were just -- it was a story to
make up to ruin the party. What the guy talked about was that God was real and Jesus
was real. I'm telling you, when I found that out, everything changed. When I felt God
come into my world, a supernatural power coming all around me, I knew it was God
because you just know. That's the only thing that took me off of these drugs. I would still
be messed up if he wasn't real and powerful.

James: Now you love your beautiful little girl. She is sitting out here. Janea is sitting out
here and she is absolutely beautiful. We're just so glad she is here. As a matter of fact, later
before we leave the program, we're going to have her come down here. We want you to
meet her. But I can tell you love this little girl. I love her too. She is beautiful. I love your
associate that's trying to help you do the things God's put on your heart. But I want to tell
you what I feel and you tell me if I'm correct in this. I feel like you love all the kids that
were ever attracted to rock music and all the things that you did and all the people who
have ever been affected, and there are a lot of kids that may really not be tracking right
and they may be dissipating and wasting their life. I feel like you care about them and
you'd like to be a help to them. Am I right about that?

Brian: Yeah, I just want them to know, all the people that thought Christians were crazy,
like I used to, I want to help them by saying, look, man, I walked in that door and I tried
everything out in the room. It is okay, come on in. That's what I feel like. [Laughter]
Because it is such a lie that is out in the world -- I don't know how it works, how the devil
does it, or how the spiritual world works but like the Bible says, it looks like foolishness to
you but when you get there it is the power of God. I love those kids! I love everybody in
this world and my whole goal is to convince them to give God a chance.

James: You left the rock group, you left KoRn; right? Why did you do that?

Brian: A lot of reasons. I was sick of touring. I didn't want to do it anymore. I called KoRn
up and I said, "I can't tour anymore. I want to be at home with my kid. She needs a parent.
Her mom left and she needs someone to be at home -- and no nannies and stuff." But they
had been offered a big record contract, a $20 million deal and wanted me to stay in the
band. He said, "Stay in the band, do the records and we'll hire a guitar player. You could
stay at home." I was like, "Hoo! I can be rich and famous and not have to tour? And I
could be a quiet Christian?" And I was like, "What do I do? What should I do?" I was
praying about it and talking to the guy that brought me to church. He told me I should
stay in the band. I was like, "Wow!"

Then right when I was talking to him I felt God say, "Go home and quit the band right
now. Money is not your God. I want you to show me faith. There is no faith if you stay in
the band and receive the same checks and do the same stuff, what kind of faith is that?"
I'm an extreme person, I did the old life extreme and I want my life with God to be
extreme. Look at me! [Laughter] So I wanted to leave everything so God would provide
for me. I wanted to leave everything and I did. And that's what they did in the Bible. Jesus
said, "Follow me" and they left their jobs. I said, "I'm leaving everything."

James: And you followed him.

Brian: Yes!
James: You left everything and in essence you found everything of value -- you found life.
Now, I want you to tell me what you hope the book does. You want people who don't
necessarily know God at all and you don't mind if every Christian in America reads it but
what you'd like them to do is put it into the hands of people who might be outside the
realm of belief and faith. Right? What do you hope the book does?

Brian: There are two parts in the book. The second part is about my salvation and that is
the part I wanted to write about the most. But the Lord led me to write about my life and
my struggles with my parents, with growing up, with the issues of insecurity, with drugs,
with reaching my dream and finding out it wasn't everything I thought it was going to be.
Kids can relate to that. So many people have told me they went through similar things
and I hope Christians can grab it and give it to non-believers who will be able to relate to
it. It is anointed. God is going to use it.

James: All right, beyond the book, what are you going to do? What is the future? Music?
Anything? A band? What are you going to do to try to touch other people? What is your

Brian: My main goal in this life is to be one with God and to have that union with him; I
just want to be in love with him and him with me. I want to take care of my daughter.
Everything as far as music, I'm doing that too but it has got to be in God's timing. I'm
done -- I'm almost done mixing some now and I want to wait on the Lord and make sure
it is right, because I love God and I wrecked myself. I like to be around the spirit of
goodness just for a while.

James: If you go out in any kind of musical capacity and have a band or something now,
is it going to be a band with a purpose of trying to touch people's lives and see them
experience a relationship with God like you have?

Brian: That's all my life is about: there is no more -- it is not about me any more.
Sometimes I struggle with that because the music is cool that he gave me and I'm like,
that's rocking! But it is not about me anymore. It is not about me. It is about heaven. I
want to grab souls and hand them to heaven. That's all I want to do in life. [Applause]

James: What do you think, Betty, you sweet, little church girl over here? What do you see
and hear when you listen to Brian right now?

Betty: I was just sitting here thinking that as young a Christian as you are, God is giving
you wisdom really fast. I think that's just wonderful and amazing. You just keep grabbing
hold of that like you are, that love for him and he is going to show you in his timing
exactly what you need.

Brian: I've learned a lot of lessons though because I tried to go, go, go, and he's like, sit
down, take your ba-ba.

James: Why don't we see if we can get your daughter that you love so much, if she would,
to come down and stand by you now? I know we were talking about doing it at the end
of the program. Introduce us to your daughter. Would you tell us who this is?

Brian: This is the love of my life -- one of the loves of my life, Janea. God used her to --

James: Come stand by your dad. Can you do that? Is she beautiful? Is this a beautiful girl?
Janea, let me ask you, can you tell a difference in your dad? You know he loves you but
can you tell a difference since Jesus came in his life? Can you see a difference in him?

Janea: Well, his beard grew out more.

James: Can you tell that he loves you? Do you believe that he loves Jesus?

Janea: Yeah.

James: This is not a new show, he really love Jesus, right?

Brian: For eternity.

James: You sure are a sweetheart. I pray that every one of you will pray for Janea. I pray
that you will pray for Brian and the outreach that God puts before him and really consider
getting this book and using this as an outreach. Would you like to say a great big thank
you to Brian Welch and to his beautiful daughter? Would you like to say thank you for
sharing your story? Thank God. [Applause]

Janea, if you want to go back and sit out in the audience, you can. If you want to, okay?
Yeah, you can go back and sit right there. She said she didn't want to stay up here very
long. You know what? Really and truly, she reminds me of Betty because there is a
sweetness there. I could show you some pictures of Miss Betty when she was a little girl
and she had the sweet look that you have.
Brian, I believe that you're going to be a tremendous blessing, not only to your daughter
but I believe you're going to be a blessing to many people's children and that you will
inspire them to look behind quote "the good times" that don't necessarily lead to
meaningful times and really find life. I'm going to pray that for you. I want you to know
that I'm really proud of you. I'm proud of the journey you're on. It means a lot to me that
you respect me and Betty.

Brian: I honor you guys and your show. I just appreciate you having me.

James: He wouldn't even want you to know this but a while ago before we came out here
he said, "I want to give a gift to help you do what God has called you to do." It really
surprised me. He wrote a note to us in his book and I'm going to tell you what that said.
He hasn't been a Christian very long but he said, "I believe what you're doing is what
Jesus would do. I want to do what Jesus does so I'm going to help you. I want to make a
special gift of my book to you."

It has been a real honor because see I've encouraged all of you who watch this program to
pray for entertainers and people you may not agree with or approve of their example or
what they're doing but Jesus really did die for people that sometimes we don't think we
care for. I remember seeing someone who was real mean, as a matter of fact, he hurt me
real bad. Right after he hurt me he stormed off, burst away in kind of a hot rod type car.
As I looked at him anger rose up and God said, Jesus speaking to me, "I died for him -- I
died for him." Boy, God just moved my heart.

Those of you who watch this program rejoice that Brian has come to Christ. I know with
all my heart that you love helping others. Right now, we have an opportunity to do what
Brian said he wanted to do, help others. We've got an opportunity to give far more than a
cup of water, we can give a well of water. I want you to listen and watch with your heart
very closely. Watch this.

On the field:
Narrator: Another day has dawned in Africa. Women are busy doing their chores.
Teenage girls struggle to collect the family's drinking water. And all the while an unseen
predator is lurking; a silent killer that preys upon the most innocent.

James: Betty, we have to step over animal waste and these ladies of course, are washing
their clothes over here. But the thing I think people don't realize is that we've got a source
of water right here that looks good. When you just look at this water it looks clean but it is
cholera-ridden, it is disease-infested water.
Betty: James, I would not even want to do my laundry in this kind of water -- let alone
drink it -- let alone give it to my children. I can't even imagine! But this is all the water
they have.

Narrator: Contaminated water sources in Africa continue to steal more lives than war or
famine combined.

James: There are many people who literally run to find water like this and they don't
realize that when they drink it, it satisfies, it quenches their thirst but then disease sets in
because it is contaminated. We can drill a well near here and literally solve this problem
but we can only drill the well if we have your help.

In the studio:
James: Boy, it is so, so sad to see people running to get water or traveling many
kilometers, many miles to carry water back because they want to stay alive and they are
actually taking into their system a very slow form of death. They've got to have water to
live but in their attempt to live they're getting something that creates slow death. Betty,
you know a lot of times, you'll see a problem, you'll see someone in a desperate situation.
You wish you could get them out of a house that's on fire. You wish you could get them
out of a river that's flooding and they're trapped but you can't, there is no way you can get
them. But when you see a situation like this where you can do something about it, what a
shame! What a shame that you can throw a life preserver to someone who is drowning
and you didn't, you just watched them. You say, "Well, I couldn't! There was nothing I
could do." But here there is something we can do. We can actually drill a well and we can
give them clean water.

Betty: Right now you look and you see they don't have a choice. But we have an
opportunity, if we join together to give them a choice of the contaminated water or clean,
pure water that is going to save their lives and the lives of their babies; their babies are
their whole life. So let's give them an opportunity. It makes such a difference. We've seen
it happen. Let's do it again.

James: The way we give them a choice and we actually give them a choice by making a
choice to do it. Let me tell you what our commitment is, the missionaries in five countries
in Africa have located areas of desperate need, many are places Betty and I have gone
ourselves. But we also trust missionaries who understand the need. They have found the
need and we have chosen 200 areas of desperate need to drill 200 wells; we're asking you
to help. They will be drilled in five countries. If you will simply dial that number, always
a prayer line for you if your heart is broken or you need someone to join in prayer, it is a
lifeline right now. We're asking you to join us in drilling these 200 wells. Now they are
$4800 each. Betty and I have always committed every time we drill a well or we have an
opportunity to drill wells, we ask God to let us do it and you may be able to do a well.
We've got churches that do it; we've got companies, small businesses, corporations,
couples and individuals. We have children who do it. If you can drill a well please do so.
You may say, "Well, I can't do that but I can give part of a well." $1200 as an example,
three people join you and we've got a well. $144 gives 30 people water for the rest of their
life, as an example. I'm asking you at whatever level, it may be $24 or $48, whatever it is,
you're giving people water the rest of their lives.

Betty, we've got a wonderful gift for all who help us with any gift, Billy Graham's "The
Journey." Billy has been a good friend to me since I was 19 years old and I make
comments about the influence that he has had on us here. This is where he deals with
issues of concern to you.

And Betty, I think without a doubt, this is the most beautiful Bible we've ever offered.
This is a New International Version. This is the most popular translation today among all
the scholars, theologians and the people who study. Beth Moore uses it when she teaches.
And then THE MESSAGE BIBLE, parallel, in conversational paraphrase language of the
day right side by side. We're simply giving this to those of you who make a gift of $100 or
more to help.

And then the beautiful bronze, "The Lion of Judah" to those of you who will make a gift of
$1200 or more to help us or give a well.

There is some level at which every one of you can participate. Would you make that call
right now? Take your bankcard, use it like a check. If you want to write a check, make it to
LIFE but call us. If you want go online, lifetoday.org, and make your gift. We really
would like to hear from every one of you today. It is going to take all of us to reach this
goal of 200 wells. You give a cup of water. You give a well. Thanks for making the call.

Narrator: Mission: Water for Life is set to drill 200 new water wells this year in drought
and disease-stricken areas throughout Africa. Your gift of $24 will help provide clean
water for five people. A gift of $48 will help provide clean water for ten people. $72 will
help provide for 15 people and $144 will help provide fresh, clean, uncontaminated water
for 30 people for a lifetime.
With your gift of any amount, be sure to request Beth Moore’s new book, “Get Out of That
Pit,” as our gift of thanks for your support of Mission: Water For Life. With your gift of
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And finally, with your gift of $1200 to help provide water for 250 people, or a gift of $4800
to help sponsor a complete well, be sure to request our new commemorative bronze
sculpture titled “As the Deer,” inspired by Psalm 42:1. This beautiful work of art is a
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Please, don’t delay, call the toll-free number on your screen, or write to Life and make
your gift. Visit us online at lifetoday.org and help provide fresh, clean water for those in
desperate need.

In the studio:
James: I want to say thank you for your gift and just let you know that I think "The Lion of
Judah," that is our wonderful Lord -- I'm going to tell you this may prove to be the most
popular bronze we've ever offered. Thank you so much for your help!

I want to remind all of you, "Save Me from Myself." Boy, that's what Jesus does. That is
what he continues to do to give us overcoming life. Would you like to say thanks to Brian
Welch for coming and sharing his story of what Jesus is doing in his life? Brian, our
prayers are with you. God bless you.

Thank you for watching. If you want to know how to get a hold of Brian, there is a web
site address where you can communicate with him. You may want to say, boy, when you
go reaching out, I want to be a part of it. Thank you so much. Brian, God bless. Thank all
of you.
[Cheers & Applause]

John Eldredge: What this is, it is a whole new way of seeing.

Narrator: Next week on LIFE Today, bestselling author John Eldredge and "The Way of
the Wild Heart."