Washington State University Neuroscience Club Meeting Minutes by dandanhuanghuang


									Washington State University Neuroscience Club Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2009
4:00 pm CUE 319

    T-Shirt Designs
         o Suggestion: Neuroscience club in a cool font on the front with a diagram of a
            neuron on the back
         o Email designs to wsuneuroclub@gmail.com before the next meeting
    Facebook
         o Had club members write down the officer’s names
         o Asked club members to add the officers as their friends
         o Officers will direct the club members to the WSU Neuroscience Club on
    Neuroscience Club Website
         o Neuroscience.wsu.edu
         o Events will be posted to Facebook and to the website
    Outreach
         o We hope to put on workshops for the local elementary and middle schools as well
            as the Palouse Discovery Science Center
         o We hope to work with other clubs
                 Work with the special education kids at the Special Olympics
         o Dr. Rector will be in at our next meeting to train us on outreach demos
         o Outreach is a great way to get Volunteer Hours!!!!!
    Dues
         o $10 see Marjolein at end of meeinting
         o Why we pay dues
                 Money comes back to club members
                 Helps to fund our club’s programs
    Research Opportunities
         o www.vetmed.wsu.edu/research_vcapp
         o has information for all of the research professors
                 What their research involves
                 Their contact info
         o Contact Alex Bond with any questions
    Success in Science
         o Workshop for freshmen held by Dr. Verrell
         o Free Chemistry and Math tutoring in Stephenson from 7pm-9pm Sunday-
    Ice Breaker
         o Played the Dance Move Name Game
    Mentor-Mentee Time
         o The end of the meeting was devoted to meetings with the NuTs mentor groups

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