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Modern Oakley Prescription Sunglasses


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									   All About D&G glasses,
  Varifocal glasses, Oakley
Prescription Glasses, Oakley
Prescription Sunglasses, Ray
        Ban Aviators

                Table of Contents

               D&G Glasses Provide the Style Advantage

      Oakley Prescription Glasses for a Clear View of the Outdoors

Oakley Prescription Sunglasses – Extreme Protection, Superior Function

           Ray Ban Aviators – The Epitome of Cool Sunglasses

Varifocal Glasses Exposed – Will Progressive Lenses Work for You or Not?


             D&G Glasses Provide the Style Advantage
It’s no secret that brand-conscious people are particularly fond of Dolce and
Gabbana. It’s a name buyers trust for style and quality. Celebrities from all over
the world are often seen sporting D&G glasses because the spectacles are
perfectly crafted and designed to last a long time. Though they are a bit on the
pricey side, fans of the brand attest that the quality makes them completely
worth every penny.

                                           A lot of people are also drawn to the
                                           somewhat neutral quality of the glasses.
                                           All the designs the glasses come in can
                                           be worn by both men and women,
                                           which is a testament to the brand’s
                                           understanding of complete stylish
                                           function. This, however, is probably one
                                           of the reasons why D&G glasses are
                                           often a candidate for cheap knockoffs.
It’s common to find glasses with the emblem of the brand along sidewalk stalls or
kiosks at bazaars. Beware of these imitations because even if they are stylish
replicas of the famous eyewear, they are likely not to possess the first-class
quality features that D&G eyewear comes with. If you are only after authentic
D&G glasses, they can be found in the brand’s stores and highly reputable optical
stores. In the UK, most optical stores all over London carry a wide range of Dolce
and Gabbana eyeglasses as they are quite popular among the fashionably-charged
folks of the city.

D&G is a brand that knows the importance of maintaining a balance of fashion
and function. D&G glasses are even the prime choice of stylish people for their
prescription eyewear. The superior quality materials used for D&G frames make
them perfectly compatible
with special lenses for visual
corrective purposes such as
varifocals also known as
progressive lenses, bifocals
and reading lenses. The
frames also come in a wide
range of colours that are fun
to choose from. Classic
colours like black, blue and
brown are ideal for people
who lean towards the
traditional. The vibrant hues,
on the other hand, as well as
the tortoise, floral and
checker prints, are perfect for
those who want to create a
bold statement with their
corrective eyewear.

The emergence of designer
eyewear has truly been a
blessing for people who need to correct their eyesight with prescription glasses.
The D&G glasses especially have provided visually-challenged people the style
advantage that wearing glasses is no longer a fashion downer but an opportunity
to subtly create a style statement.

 Oakley Prescription Glasses for a Clear View of the Outdoors
Oakley is an American brand of eyewear that’s greatly associated with the
outdoors. For many years, it has been the choice eyewear of athletes and
outdoor-loving people. Oakley prescription glasses make use of high-grade
                                       materials that make them the most
                                       ideal glasses for people who need to
                                       perform their best with the help of eye
                                       corrective spectacles. Not only is the
                                       brand known to make use of the best
                                       quality materials, but its uniquely
                                       designed frames are also what truly set
                                       the brand apart from the other glasses
                                       available in the market.

                                           The brand’s prescription glasses range
                                           from reading glasses to varifocals to
                                           those heavy lenses used by people
                                           who suffer from severe myopia.
                                           Oakley makes sure that it is able to
                                           cater to the different visual needs of
                                           its customers by making their frames
compatible with the special lenses used by some of their loyal customers. This is
a great provision for people who want to stay active despite their eye conditions.

Another great thing about Oakley prescription glasses is that they are also made
to protect the eyes better from the different elements that may affect vision. It
was Oakley that set the trend for wraparound glasses to really create a better fit
around the face and to shield the eyes from the sides. There are times when
weather conditions are just too harsh, and protecting the eyes is what would
ensure correct vision. Athletes particularly rave about the arms of Oakley glasses
because they are designed to cling to the face better upon contact with sweat,
which is something that regular eyeglasses arms’ cannot do. Before Oakley took
over, athletes with vision problems would use an elastic band to the arms of their
glasses to secure their glasses in place…that must have been uncomfortable.
Thankfully, Oakley came up with this
special design that there would be no
need to apply crude methods of keeping
eyeglasses in place during crucial times.

Oakley prescription glasses are not
purely for optical function; they are also
stylish enough to be worn by some of
the world’s best-dressed people, from Hollywood stars to members of the royal
family. The UK’s prime line-up of polo players who are of course required to have
clear vision during meets wear their Oakleys even when they’re not playing. The
young fashionistas of London also enjoy the unique and comfortable style of
Oakley eyewear, which becomes excessively trendy when international sporting
events take place.

Oakley is available in all optical shops and they come in really attractive prices
that can be accommodated by any budget.

Oakley Prescription Sunglasses – Extreme Protection, Superior
If you need prescription glasses, you naturally need prescription sunglasses.
Wearing sunglasses is not just some trend that you follow to look cool, health
experts consider it as one of the best defenses to premature aging and sun
damage. Wearing prescription sunglasses, on the other hand, is vision correction
                                                 and protection.

                                                    If you’re a prescription
                                                    spectacles-wearing       person
                                                    who loves the outdoors and
                                                    enjoys being active, Oakley
                                                    prescription sunglasses are
                                                    perfect       for   you.   This
                                                    American brand is the front
                                                    liner when it comes to
                                                    superior eyewear quality.
                                                    Not too many people know,
however, that Oakley’s glasses undergo the most rigid product-testing process
that is unparalleled by other eyewear manufacturing companies. The other
eyewear from the brand like the regular reading glasses, varifocals, bifocals and
other vision-correcting glasses also go through a product-testing procedure to
make sure that the quality the brand upholds is evident in all its products.

Another main draw of Oakley prescription sunglasses is that they can make
outdoor activities incredibly easy for their main demographic. They provide
extreme protection and proper vision correction. The lenses can filter harmful UV
rays and are scratch-resistant. The maker of Oakley also discovered that
“Unobtainium,” a special material that increases grip once it gets wet can also be
used for eyewear. This material is incorporated in Oakley glasses, making them
the most ideal for outdoor use where people are likely to sweat profusely. This
material along with the “three point fit” design where the frames of the glasses
rest on three important contact points (nose and the two sides of the face leading
                                         to the ears) completely prevent the
                                         glasses from sliding off. So if you’re
                                         biking and you need to keep your head
                                         down, you can count on your Oakleys to
                                         stay in place and give you a clear view of
                                         where you’re going. This feature
                                         completely defies some scientific
                                         physical laws, which is greatly beneficial
                                         for athletes and incredibly active people.

Oakley prescription sunglasses are also very stylish. There are designs that are
incredibly high-fashion yet still possess the superior durability of Oakleys designed
specifically to help athletes perform better. So if you’re in the London area and
you’re in need of prescription sunglasses that will last you a long time, you’re in
luck because Oakley glasses are always available in optical stores all over the UK.
If you purchase a pair of Oakley prescription sunglasses, it’s likely your last, as
well, because Oakleys are made to withstand more than a lifetime’s worth of
wear and tear.

       Ray Ban Aviators – The Epitome of Cool Sunglasses
Ray Ban perhaps is the only eyewear brand that is deeply embedded in the history
of the world. Figuring in World War II as the eyewear of the great Gen. Douglas
MacArthur when he returned to the Philippine Islands after he said that ever
famous line, “I shall return,” surely no other designer glasses have figured in such
a historically defining moment like those Ray Ban aviators! It’s not even an
exaggeration to point out that, that moment when he waded in the shallow
waters of Palo Beach, Leyte would not have been so cool if he had not been
                                           wearing his Ray Bans…he would have
                                           been photographed squinting.

                                         Aviators are pretty much provided by
                                         other eyewear brands but basically
                                         they’re just imitations because Ray Ban
                                         was the first to design sunglasses
                                         specifically for air expeditions. This was
                                         upon the request of a military man who
damaged his eyes when he did not have the proper eye protection from the sun
during a balloon expedition. These spectacles with dark lenses afterwards were
taken on by the military to be used by air force pilots which, by the way, were
exhibited beautifully in the movie Top Gun with Tom Cruise.

If you want a classic accessory that is cool and functional, you should head to a
nearby optical or any eyewear store and get yourself a pair of Ray Ban aviators.
They are the perfect accessory for any get up; be it a crisp suit, a dress, casual
shirt and jeans, these iconic sunglasses will provide the “cool” factor that you
want to have.

Take a cue from the UK’s new fashion icon, Pippa Middleton who’s been spotted
several times in London wearing her favourite Ray Ban aviators; she wore them to
brunch, to a morning jog around town, to the high-end fashion shops. She
practically wore them wherever she went, and she looked great and cool.

Classic Ray Ban aviators are
characterized by a thin metal
frame that holds dark lenses that
have a green tint to them. Over
the years they started coming in
a variety of colours as they
found themselves the choice
eyewear of a lot of people. This
design is incredibly versatile that
it is also used for prescription
lenses like varifocals, bifocals
and even the usually slim lenses
used for reading glasses. The
classic frames are flattering on
any facial shape and look great
on both men and women.

This simple mix of function and
style of Ray Ban aviators is
definitely the reason why it will continue being the epitome of cool eyewear – no
matter the frequent turnover of fashion trends.

   Varifocal Glasses Exposed – Will Progressive Lenses Work for You or Not?

One of the many woes of people of advanced age is that physical problems
become multidimensional. One problem instantly becomes a myriad of
complications which can be incredibly frustrating to address. Myopia or near-
sightedness, for example, can pair up with astigmatism, dry eyes and night
blindness. And for older people, the ability of the eyes to optically adjust to
                          clearly transmit images from different distances is a
                          common problem. It’s for this particular reason that
                          varifocal glasses or progressive lenses were created.
                          They are considered the premium upgrade of the
                          bifocals which your parents or grandparents use.

                            So what is the edge of varifocal glasses over bifocals?
                            First of all, bifocals are ugly; you can instantly see the
                            difference between the two types of lenses…the lens
                            at the bottom part is the one used for reading, the
                            top is for normal vision. If you’re still relatively young
                            and your friends see you using bifocals, they would
                            surely be like, “Oh, you already need that?” Such a
remark can automatically make you feel like you are already as old as the hills!
Varifocals definitely have the cosmetic advantage because there are no visible
lines separating the three different lenses that allow you to see three distance
ranges. They are like three prescription glasses in one. Opting for them will
automatically create space in your purse normally taken by extra pairs of
prescription glasses.

If you would choose to wear progressive lenses, make sure that you get all the
information you need regarding how they work and the adjustment you would
need to make to become accustomed to them. Getting the lowdown about them
from your ophthalmologist will provide you a better understanding of both their
benefits and flaws, because there are some people who like the concept of these
special lenses but they struggle in physically adjusting to the visual distortion that
seeing through three different lenses creates. There are some who think that this
distortion can be remedied by bigger frames, but the fact of the matter is, it’s the
ability of the eyes to adjust to
the range of magnifications
that are all available at once
that will really determine if
varifocals will work for them
or not.

UK residents who are
interested to try these
prescription glasses can find
them in practically all optical
shops in London, a number of
which even offer a thirty-day trial period to give their customers a chance to see if
varifocal glasses will be worth their budget or not.


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