The Appendix Human History by yasirmehmood2212


									The Appendix - Human History

Homo sapiens are constantly evolving. You may not feel it happening personally, but it
definitely is. We all still have an appendix that we don't need. There was a time however that it
served a purpose for us.

During our hunter-gather days we would eat anything that we could find. We were constantly on
the go and had to forage for food. We would consume a wide variety of vegetation that we no
longer eat today and haven't eaten for thousands of years.

Back then the appendix was most likely an organ the size of the stomach and was need for the
diets of our ancestors. Over the period of many thousand years, due to lack of use it has
decreased in size is of no use at all to us.

There are other animals as well that still have an appendix but do not have a use for it. On the
other hand there are animals such as the koala bear that do not eat meat but still make use of their

Koala bears eat only leaves and plants and use their appendix to break down the chemical
makeup of those items. If humans ate more vegetables maybe we would develop a need for an
appendix again. It would take thousands of years however for us to evolve back to where we
would be able to use our appendix.

Just because we no longer have a use for our appendix doesn't mean that it is going to magically
disappear from or body. It is something that was left with us from our past and isn't the only
thing that we have that we don't use.

The appendix serves absolutely no purpose for us at all anymore. This is proven by the fact that
there are many people leading healthy happy lives that have had their appendix removed.

Maybe one day humans will not have an appendix at all. The appendix will just be a memory and
an entry in the books of the evolution of human anatomy.

By Marcy Parker

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