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Web site hosting shouldn’t be complicated. That is why we
strive to keep things simple and straight forward and that
is why we will be here to help you along the way. Wether
you want us to design and host your site or you want to
design it yourself. We can help!

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 Hosting Explained
Web hosting is a service whereby a company stores html, databases, and
other files uploaded by users on their servers. These servers maintain
a constant, high-speed connection to the internet. Web hosting can be
shared with many web sites residing on a single server, or dedicated with
one server hosting only one web site. The hosting company typically re-
sides in a data center providing adequate power, climate control, security,
and redundancy for its clients’ web sites.
    Why Not Choose Free Web Hosting?                   small buttons and text links. But usually, the host
                                                       will put large banners in the most visible areas of
On the surface, free web hosting may seem too          the pages. Sometimes a secondary window with
good to pass up. After all, it’s free! Many free web   advertising will pop out in front of or behind your
hosts offer adequate storage space and band-           pages. Free hosting is good for small personal
width for personal and small business needs.           sites or getting your feet wet with web design.
However, most do not offer much support for pro-
gramming (php, perl, ASP) or databases (mySQL          Paying as little as $5.55/month will get rid of the
or MS SQL). Because the service is free, they          tacky advertising and give you much more flexibil-
usually do not offer any technical support. If you     ity in how you build and edit you web site. You can
are using Frontpage to author your web site, you       also have your own domain (www.yourdomain.
must ensure that Frontpage Server Extensions           com) instead of the cumbersome and lengthy
are enabled so that you can upload your site           www.freehostingprovider/ This
properly.                                              works with blogs too... You will also have more
                                                       storage space and programming support to grow
Most free hosting plans do not give you access to      your web site. These benefits greatly outweigh
a control panel where you can monitor your site        the expense of a few dollars a month.
and easily edit site settings. Some do not allow
ftp upload and force you to upload 5 or even 1 file    Contact us today for more information.
at a time! Probably the biggest drawback to free
hosting is that the hosts often put big advertising
banners at the top, side, or bottom of your site.
Sometimes the advertising comes in the form of
About Domains & Domain Names

Simply stated, a domain is space allocated to you on the web. A website typically occupies
one domain, such as A domain can be divided into sub-domains that
consist of parts of a larger website (think of them as shops in a department store). These
domains can be administered separately. For example, university websites often have http:// for each of their colleges. This is preferable to having thousands
of directories to manage under one domain ( for each de-
partment. If you have a website that is very large and departmentalized, sub-domains are
a good means of adding organization and security to your website. Many hosting providers
offer additional sub-domains free of charge. Other hosts even offer additional separate do-
mains free of charge. This allows you to administer completely different websites with differ-
ent domain names (,, and www.webdesignsite.
com all with one hosting account).

Each website has its own address called an IP address (ex. This is your
unique address on the web. Of course it would be difficult to remember all the digits for
each website you wish to visit, so we use domain names instead. A domain name is just
a pointer to the IP address. There are many different kids of domains such as .com, .net,
.org, and other country domains (.ca for Canada , .de for Germany , and so on). There are
also lesser used domains such as .biz and .tv. The .com domain is the most visible and it is
most easily indexed by search engines. To create a domain name for your site you must first
check to see if it is already registered. This can be done at or a similar
domain registration company. If the domain is available, you can pay a yearly fee to have it
registered. Some hosting plans include free domain name registration. If your hosting plan
does not include free domain name registration you must pay for a company to register it for
you, and then register the domain with the chosen hosting company. After you have regis-
tered your domain name, it will be added to global DNS (domain name servers), and no one
else can register that domain. important to compare merchant account/ payment gateway
providers, as they have different transaction costs, application requirements and operating
What to Look for in Ecommerce Hosting                         a fee and you must have a dedicated IP address (check
                                                              your hosting plan details). Your private account does
E-commerce hosting includes all hosting services relat-       not include your web hosts name in the IP address (ex.
ed to the exchange of goods, services, and investments This is more expensive
online. While we usually think of e-commerce hosting          than a shared SSL certificate because you must pay a
as online shops where you can buy books, CDs, and             yearly fee to renew your private certificate.
computer accessories, there are many other kinds of e-
commerce hosting. E-commerce hosting plans include            Plan Carefully
powerful site design software that allows you to create       Ecommerce sites require many more considerations
an online presence for your company. You can sell one         than regular business web sites. You should develop a
product or ten thousand.                                      detailed growth plan that enables you to choose hosting
                                                              services that will grow with your site and allow your busi-
The Shopping Cart                                             ness to incorporate additional features as you see fit. It is
You have probably seen or used a virtual shopping cart        important to choose a host that offers reliable technical
provided by an e-commerce web site. This is a program         support. You will likely require support in setting up your
that allows you to browse and select one or more prod-        payment gateway and SSL certificate. However, you will
ucts or services from a web site before proceeding to a       probably also need assistance to setup your shopping
checkout point for purchasing. This program uses cook-        cart. You will need to incorporate a database to store
ies to remember each customer and the items in his/her        all of your products and customer information. This can
shopping cart. All e-commerce hosting plans offer one or      be a daunting task made more difficult when using com-
more shopping cart programs, though they vary in com-         plicated application software. Before purchasing a host-
plexity and ease of use.                                      ing plan, you should first talk to a sales representative
                                                              who can answer any questions. You should also ask to
Payment Gateways & Merchant Accounts                          see/use a demo for any important software you will need
E-commerce hosting also includes a payment gateway            (such as a shopping cart). If you don’t have an in-house
so that customers can purchase your goods or services         web developer or are uncomfortable with the complex-
from the convenience of their homes. Together with a          ity of ecommerce hosting, it may be easier to choose
merchant account, your customers can purchase goods           a plan with a ready-made website that you can simply
or services from your site with a variety of payment op-      plug in your pictures and product descriptions. Again, try
tions including: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, checks, or         using the demo first. Keep in mind, ecommerce hosting
sometimes by telephone. A merchant account acts as an         requires more disk space and data transfer than regular
online banking account where sales revenue is stored for      hosting so ensure that you will have an adequate amount
later transfer or withdrawal. These services can often be     for the future growth of your website. You need a host-
purchased independently of the e-commerce plan, which         ing provider that can really offer 99.9% uptime. The last
allows you to choose the best services for your needs.        thing you want is paying customers that can’t access
Before choosing a particular company, ensure that the         your website. Don’t settle for the hosting provider’s glow-
shopping cart, payment gateway, and merchant account          ing testimonials. Search long and hard for reliable impar-
are all compatible. If they are bundled together then this    tial reviews.
will probably not be an issue. It is also important to com-
pare merchant account/ payment gateway providers, as          Conclusions
they have different transaction costs, application require-   Ecommerce hosting provides a means of selling prod-
ments and operating procedures.                               ucts and services online. When choosing a hosting plan,
                                                              ensure that the shopping cart is easy to use and that
Secure Sockets Layer                                          your payment gateway/merchant account are compatible
If you will be accepting payments online you must have        with your shopping cart software. Find out if your plan
some form of SSL. SSL (secure sockets layer) encrypts         includes a shared SSL certificate. If not, you will have to
data such as credit card numbers and addresses so that it     purchase a private certificate at added expense. Impor-
is not visible as it passes through other computers. With-    tantly, make sure your plan includes enough disk space
out SSL all your personal information would be visible to     and bandwidth for your growing site and the uptime and
everyone with access to the internet. If your ecommerce       technical support to see you through any unexpected ob-
plan includes shared SSL, than you can use the host’s         stacles. Reliability of the hosting provider is key, so take
shared SSL certificate (ex. https://secure.yourhostsdo-       the time to carefully research the host(s) of your choice.
main.tld/~username). Or you can opt for a private SSL
certificate. With a private SSL certificate you must pay
                      Packages                       differences

Differences in Hosting Packages

Basic web hosting is hosting that costs less than $10/month – typically $3
-$9/month, though some hosts charge more. Basic hosting is ideal for small
businesses, community groups, and personal sites that are just looking for
a few pages of general information. Basic hosting plans have most of the
features of advanced hosting plans just narrowed down some. You should
have an email account, database support, web site statistics, and other per-
sonalizing features such as weblog (blog) software, guest books, or basic
e-commerce software.

Advanced hosting plans offer more bandwidth and disk space. For sites with
higher traffic or high bandwidth services such as streaming video, sound
or loads of images, these plans may be necessary. Other bonuses for ad-
vanced hosting plans is that they offer lots of storage. Advanced hosting
also (usually) offers better technical support. If you are a novice user not
familiar with FTP or working with databases, you may require more technical
assistance. Advanced hosting also may offer more domains (www.yourcom-, more email accounts, better
e-commerce software, a shared SSL certificate (for accepting secure pay-
ments online), and more MySQL databases.

Many people decide to start hosting on a basic plan and later upgrade to a
plan that grows with their web site. Most web hosting providers allow you to
upgrade from a basic to a more advanced hosting plan. I would recommend
emailing us with any specific questions about plans that may fit your specific
Caution: Beware of Unlimited Hosting!

When searching for a web hosting provider
you may be compelled to choose the host of-
fering unlimited bandwidth or unlimited stor-
age. Of course there is no way to physically
guarantee this. What the provider is saying
is that you can use as much data transfer
(unlimited bandwidth) or as much disk space
(unlimited storage) as you require. The ma-
jority of web sites use less than 100 megs
of disk space and less than 5 gigs of data
transfer. If your site is one of the very few that
uses a lot of bandwidth or disk space you will
need an advanced hosting or dedicated host-
ing solution. However, be wary of the provid-
ers offering unlimited storage of bandwidth.
Often these are ploys to lure customers into
purchasing plans. If your web site requires
a lot of disk space or bandwidth, it will also
likely require a lot of server resources (cpu
and ram). Some unscrupulous hosting pro-
viders will terminate your account if you use
too much of their server resources (because
they are losing money with your account).
So they still allow you unlimited storage and
bandwidth, but they terminate you for using
too much of their server resources! There
also may be restrictions on the types of files
that you may host such as no video or audio
files permitted. If you know your site will have
heavy traffic or require lots of storage space
you would be better served finding a limited
plan with the high bandwidth or storage you

The most important criteria for choosing a
web host should be their level of technical
support and reliability of all their hardware
and software resources. After all, all the disk
space and data transfer in the world is mean-
ingless if surfers can’t access your web site.
The moral of the story: If something seems
too good to be true – it is.
What Design Software to use?

Well this depends on the user, and how much hands on you want to
do? For the average user the Rvsite builder included with every pack-
age we offer will work splendidly. And operates on an easy to follow
step by step WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) platform

Frontpage is a WYSIWYG html editor. There is a whole suite of
Adobe programs if you have the budget and time for the learning
curve. For most users we recommend using the Rvsite builder that is
included or let us design your site, after all that is what we do.
The first step in internet domain registration is to
choose a domain name. Sometimes that can be
easier said than done. There are many things to
consider when picking the perfect domain name.
For example, you’ll usually want to choose a do-
main name that has a strong keyword so that it
will show up at the top of web searches (SEO).
There are many tips, techniques and tricks for
picking a domain name. The first and biggest
consideration is to Keep It Simple. The easier the
domain is to remember with a keyword in it that
has something to do with the subject of your site
the easier it will be to remember and more likely
to get placed higher on search engines. There are
many more little tricks, tips And Techniques To
Keep In Mind While Picking Out And Registering
Your Domain Name.

Registering a domain name is easy we will reg-
ister a domain name for you if you need one for
$15.55. If you have one simply change your DNS
(domain name server)to point to 5UP hosting. Not
sure how to do this don’t worry we will help.
          Our Strategy

Our web hosting plans are perfect for both individuals or businesses looking for a solid and stable host-
ing solution. Our mission statement is to provide simple honest hosting that is understandable,
at affordable prices. If you need some help getting started, but don’t want someone to maintain your
site, just a little boast. We offer a Simple Site Setup program where for $99, we will set up a basic site
with Home, About US, Contact, and an Info page and one email account inside your cPanel account
using the Rvsite builder so you can go in and edit a little easier. These are just blank pages, where you
can enter the data.

 design                      web design                 editorial design           3D design

 ideas                       stock images               book                       art studio

 print                       logos                      magazines                  rooms
                    Hosting Plans
            Plans    Starter   Basic    Standard   Deluxe    Advanced
Disck Space(GB)         1       1           1        1          1
Transfer (GB)           1       1           1        1          1
email accounts          1       1           1        1          1
add on domains          1       1           1        1          1
Sub-Domains             1       1           1        1          1
FTP Accounts            1       1           1        1          1
MySQL’s                 1       1           1        1          1
cPanel                  X       X          X         X          X
Scripting               X       X          X         X          X
Web Stats               X       X          X         X          X
Instant Blogs           X       X          X         X          X
Instant Forums          X       X          X         X          X
Instant CMS             X       X          X         X          X
Instant Guest-          X       X          X         X          X
Instant Counter        X         X         X         X          X
Instant formail        X         X         X         X          X
Instant Help-          X         X         X         X          X
Plan/month            $5.55     $7.55    $10.55     $15.55    $21.55
Yearly Price         $66.60    $90.60   $126.60    $186.60   $258.60
U.P. hosting

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