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									        REQUEST        FOR      PROPOSAL




Tender No. ECIL / CSD / 10 - 3053 dated 27.05.2011

                    ( A Government of India Enterprise )
                         Customer Support Division
                                 ECIL PO
                          HYDERABAD – 500 062

           Tel No. 040-2712 2778 / 2718 2488 Fax No. 040-2712 2071

           E-mail Id:

          Details of the specifications of Helpdesk Software
1. Introduction:

Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) is a premiere Technology Provider
in the country and it has large customer base in sectors like Nuclear, Defense,
Coal, Space, Security, Port, Steel, E-Governance etc. Customer Support Division
(CSD) of ECIL is responsible for providing installation & commissioning, warranty
and post warranty support to systems / solutions supplied by ECIL. It has a large
service network across the country with 5 Regional Maintenance Centres (RMCs),
20 Sub Regional Maintenance Centres (SRMCs) and 30 sites manned by 250+
experienced and trained engineers to extend service support to the customers to
meet service level agreements (SLAs). ECIL is planning to install a Help Desk
facility at Head Office in Hyderabad to provide satisfactory support to its
customers and intends to procure a state of the art Help Desk Software.

2. Objective:

With the installation of the procured Help Desk software, the Help desk facility of
ECIL should be a value added service centre for its internal and external
customers to improve quality of service resulting in enhancement of customer

3. Eligibility Criteria:

 i. Bidder should have implemented fully similar Software for its three clients in
     India and out of which at least one in Andhra Pradesh. Bidder should be
     ready to demonstrate the functioning of the software at one of such client’s
 ii. Bidder should have a support centre in India, preferably in Hyderabad.
     ( Documentary evidence in support of the above should be submitted )

4. Operational features of Help Desk Software:

  The Help Desk operation is broadly consisting of the following:
   1. Call registration and automatic ticket generation.
   2. Recording of calls received.
   3. Action for call resolution.
   4. Tracking of the calls by the end users.
   5. Conformation of call resolution and call closure.
   6. Prioritization and automatic call escalation.
   7. Report generation.
   8. Gathering customer feedbacks.

4.1. Call registration and automatic ticket generation:

   Call registration with the Help Desk shall be through any of the following:

   1.     Telephone call (Toll free number)
   2.      E-mail message
   3.     Web site
   4.     Fax message
   5.     Letter correspondence

 4.1.1 Telephone call (Toll free number)

   i.      Customer can make call on toll-free number and shall identify himself w.r.t
           name, designation, e-mail and from where the call is originating. The caller
           shall describe the nature of the problem in detail. Based on that Help desk
           personnel will capture all the relevant information into a standard
           registration form.
       ii. Once a call is registered, a ticket is issued which would be the sole
           reference entity for the call henceforth.

4.1.2 E-mail message

  i.      Customer can mail the problem by giving all relevant information to Help
          Desk. The Help Desk will capture the information into a standard
          registration form.
 ii.      Once call is registered, a ticket is generated and ticket ID is mailed to the
          sender automatically

4.1.3 Web site

   i     Help desk shall prepare a list of valid customers with customer ID and
         password. Whenever any customer wants to log with help desk, he should
         provide the customer ID and password. Help Desk validates the customer’s
         identity and allows the particular customer to post his problem through
         standard registration form.

   ii A ticket is generated for a valid compliant and ticket ID is issued to the
      sender automatically.

4.1.4 Fax message

  i.    Help desk will receive the fax. Fax information is captured into the standard
        registration form.
  ii.   A ticket is generated for a valid complainant and ticket ID is conveyed to
        the sender automatically.

4.1.5 Letter correspondence:

  i.    Help desk will receive the letters. Letter information is captured into the
        standard registration form.
  ii.   A ticket is generated for a valid complainant and ticket ID is conveyed to
        the sender automatically.

4.2 Call resolution:

   i. The Help Desk personnel using known error database shall provide first level
      support. If a solution to the problem could be presented immediately over the
      phone or mail, the same shall be done and the call will be treated as closed
      and the complainant is informed accordingly.
  ii. If the problem is not resolved immediately It is categorized and routed to the
      support team based on the rules defined in the workflow.
 iii. The support team shall resolve and pass the status to the Help Desk. Finally,
      the ticket is closed with the caller as per the information available.

4.3 Call monitoring:

  i. Help desk shall have a system of monitoring the status of all registered
     tickets, closed tickets, pending tickets and reasons for pending on day-to-day
     basis and communicate their status to the customers.

 ii. Help Desk should provide the ability to track ticket durations by stage,
     identify how long a ticket has been pending in a certain stage.

4.4 Confirmation of call resolution and call closure:

  i. After the resolution of any ticket, system should send e-mail and SMS
     requesting for confirmation of the ticket resolution from the customer who
     has logged the call.

 ii. Help Desk should be able to close the call only after receiving confirmation
     from caller through SMS or mail.

4.5 Prioritization & escalation of the calls:

     Once ticket is issued, it is prioritized with a tag based on SLA. Support team
     shall act accordingly. If the SLA is breached an escalation alert would be
     sent automatically to the concerned manager through SMS or mail for further

4.6 Report generation:

   i. The Help Desk system shall generate wide range of reports related to calls
       and other operational aspects.
  ii. The Help Desk should allow generation of reports in various standard
       formats such as Excel, Text and PDF etc. and in different graphical views.
 iii. The report generation module should be flexible to user for customization to
       large extent at any point of time.

4.7 Gathering customer feedbacks:

     The help desk shall have a system to conduct online surveys to gather
     customer feedback and service satisfaction levels in order to achieve
     continuous service improvement.

5.   Technical Specifications of the Help Desk software:

   i. Should comply ITILV3 process workflows, procedures and configuration and
      associated documentation out of box.
  ii. Should be capable of managing the entire service life cycle.
 iii. The help desk should have service management through which all customer
      service requests will be channeled. The service request could be initiated
      through a toll free number, e-mail, letter, Fax message and through any
      standard web browser.
 iv. Should have fast logging, automatic request (call) categorization, prioritizing.
  v. Should automatically determine the severity and priority based on the
      specific failed component.
 vi. Should allow queuing of requests and should be resolved on a FIFO basis.
vii. Auto rule based assignments to associate.
viii. Auto escalation through SMS or mail and visual alarm indicating breach
      condition and same should be displayed for Helpdesk personnel.
 ix. Should provide the tools to document capture and update information about
      a customer’s reported issue and leverage knowledge management tools to
      maximize first- call resolution.
  x. Should be possible to capture solutions and re-use them when issues recur.

   xi. System should document the resolution of all kinds of incidents logged.
        Update the problem management system with the details of resolution
  xii. System should be able to provide for the import of any issue along with its
        resolution method into knowledge base. Should have an expandable
        knowledge base.
  xiii. Must notify to the entry operator if an open problem already exists on the
        failed component being recorded or on a "higher level" component.
 xiv. Should also close all lower level tickets when higher-level ticket is closed.
        Lower level tickets should include work log and instructions from higher-level
  xv. Must be able to relate and link problems to specific incidents.
 xvi. Should provide real time and historical reporting capabilities
 xvii. Should have a flexible and customized reporting module. Should be able to
        generate wide range of customized reports like average call volume per day,
        call resolution details, status of pending and active calls etc. at any point of
xviii. There should be provision to display the canvas / Dash board capturing the
        live data.
 xix. Help Desk software should provide basic tools like call registration (through
        all means), ticket generation, call resolution, call tracking, auto escalation
        and report generation etc.
  xx. Help Desk module should be able to integrate with industry standard (a)
        Network Node Manager (b) ERP System and (c) IVR/CTI.
 xxi. The solution should support SSL.
 xxii. Solution should support standard databases like MS SQL Server 2005 or
        higher or Oracle 10G or higher RDBMS etc at back end, Red Hat Linux, MS
        Windows Systems, HP-UX, SUN Solaris, IBM AIX etc as middle ware and
        standard Web browser at Front end.
xxiii. Application Security: (a) Security should be role-based, define access to
        application modules, functionality within the modules and underlying data. (b)
        Should allow administrator to define roles associated with passwords. All
        passwords should be encrypted.
xxiv. Customization: (a) The solution should have form based tools to add
        database and Web / GUI fields without the need for scripting. (b) The
        administrator or any user with the appropriate authorization should be able to
        modify workflows or create new workflows. (c) Should be easy to deploy and
        should provide flexibility to be tailored to our requirements.
xxv. Scalability: Should have scalability feature for integrating other advanced
        tools like change management, CMDB, Request management etc.
xxvi. Licensing: License scheme is floating for 5 analysts. However the number of
        licenses can be increased at any point of time.

6. Warranty:

  i. One year on site warranty support from the date of completion of installation
     which includes implementation and customisation
 ii. Version releases are to be provided and implemented free of cost during
     warranty period.

7. Other Terms and Conditions:

   i. Bids shall remain valid for 120 days after the due date of bid submission.
  ii. Bidder should submit an EMD of Rs. 30,000/- by way of a demand draft
      from any Nationalized / Scheduled bank drawn in favor of “Accounts
      Manager, ECIL, Hyderabad-500 062”, and Payable at Hyderabad at the
      time of bid submission. EMD amount of the successful bidder on whom
      purchase order is placed (hereinafter refer to as vendor), will be converted in
      to Security deposit. The Security deposit will be refunded on completion of
      the customization job and the receipt of the Performance Guarantee. EMD /
      SD will be forfeited if bidder / vendor in case of default.
 iii. Vendor should furnish Performance Guarantee in the form of Bank
      Guarantee from a nationalized Bank equivalent to 10% of the PO value
      which should be valid for a period of 13 months from the date of completion
      of the implementation.
 iv. Vendor should deliver the product within 4 weeks and complete the
      installation and commissioning at ECIL, Hyderabad within 8 weeks from the
      date of release of PO.
  v. LD will be deducted @ 0.5% per week subject to a maximum of 5% of total
      order value for the delay in implementation and commissioning. If the
      software is not implemented in a stipulated time, ECIL has right to procure
      the same from other source at vendor’s cost and risk.
 vi. Call has to be attended within 4 hours once the call is logged through phone/
      fax/ mail and should be resolved within 8 hours during warranty period.
vii. If a problem is not resolved within 24hours after reporting, a penalty of
      Rs1000/- per day shall be levied which will be deducted and adjusted from
      the PBG and also warranty period will be extended by number of days for
      which problem is not resolved.
viii. Bidder should provide details of all the requirements for minimum Hardware
      and Software platform for implementing offered package along with the
 ix. If bidder is not OEM, OEM’s Authorization certificate is to be submitted
      along with the bid for offering this item and also ensuring support to the
      offered item during warranty and post warranty period by Authorized bidder
      or OEM.

  x. If any software modifications / patches are required / released during the
      warranty and Annual Support Contract period, vendor should supply the
      same free of cost and it should not have any financial burden on ECIL.
 xi. Training is to be provided free of cost for operator and maintenance level
      staff at Hyderabad for a period of minimum seven days on package and ITIL
      V3 including documentation.
 xii. Bidder has to provide implementation methodology and major time lines for
      implementing the package along with the bid.
xiii. Configuration of Server, Creation of Database, Configuration of Application
      and security aspect of Database to be done and detailed documentation is to
      be provided.
xiv. Bidder shall provide compliance statement to all technical and other points.
      Supporting data sheets / public documents shall be submitted along with the

8.   Payment terms:

Payment will be made after successful installation, commissioning and
acceptance of the package duly certified by ECIL engineer concerned and
against submission of invoice in triplicate. Valid Sales Tax and Service Tax
number should be mentioned on the Invoice. .

9.   Annual Support Charges:

Post warranty Annul Support Contract (ASC) charges for five years shall be
quoted year wise separately. However entering into such contract is at the
discretion of ECIL.

10.       Bid Submission:

  The bid should be submitted in two parts: Part-A and Part-B, in separate sealed
  envelops super-scribed as ‘Part-A: TECHNICAL BID’ and ‘PART-B:
  COMMERCIAL BID’ respectively. Part-A shall contain all the documents regarding
  technical and other matters. Part-B shall contain only Price bid in given format.
  Both envelops along with EMD Bank draft should be put in a separate sealed
  envelop and super-scribed by the following.

             •   “Tender No. : ECIL / CSD / 10 - 3053”
             •   “Do not open before – 15:00 hrs – 21.06.2011”
             •   Name and address of the bidder.

  and should be addressed to

             Sr.Manager (Purchase)
             CSD / IT&TG
             Electronics Corporation of India Ltd.
             ECIL P.O
             HYDERABAD – 500 062
             Andhra Pradesh

  In case of any query, the parties may contact:

           Phone: 040-2712 2778 / 27182488
           Fax No. 040-2712 2071
           E-mail ID:

      •   The bid should be signed on each page by authorized signatory.

      •   Last date of submission of bid: 21.06.2011 before 15:00 hrs.

      •   Bid submitted after due date and time will not be accepted.

      •   Bid received by e-mail or by Fax will not be considered and they shall be

  Date: 27.05.2011                                        ___________________
  Place: Hyderabad                                        Sr. Manager (Purchase)

                  Electronics Corporation of India Ltd.

Tender Enquiry No:

                             Price bid Format               Item               Unit   Rate Rs.    Tax     Total Rs.
 1      Supply of HelpDesk S/W

        Total in words:

        Installation &

        Total in words:

        Post warranty ASC
                  I Year
                  II Year
                  III Year
                  IV Year
                  V Year
        Total in words:

        Additional floating license
 4      cost for each analyst if

        Total in words:

Date:                                            __________________
                                                  Authorized signatory


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