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					Social Media Marketing Trends
Today, many new areas of opportunity and pathways of consumer traffic are becoming the topic
of interest of marketing people everywhere. It's called social marketing and it appears to be here
to stay. These new social marketing areas put the advertising directly in the paths of people
where they are in the normal course of daily events.

Neilsen/Net Ratings reports that 114.5 million Americans used search engines during January of
2004 alone. Popular search engines are the #1 way users find new web sites even above email,
tv, radio and word of mouth.

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, social marketing focuses on what consumers want and
makes it available through various methods outlined below. The popular forms of social
marketing we're focused on include:

* SMM - Social Media Marketing

* SMO - Social Media Optimization

* WOMM - Word of Mouth Marketing

* BBM - Business Blog Marketing

* ORP - Online Reputation Management

* POD - Podcasting Video & Audio Content

Where Does Social Marketing Happen?

A huge number of sites exist that are centered around things like podcasting, RSS feeds, public
and private blogs, user forums, wiki's, user review websites, and various social networking
websites like MySpace, Friendster, FaceBook and Digg. The process connects active consumers
on these sites with mutual interests with what they are seeking online. The benefits of this type of
marketing include: increased website traffic, increased brand awareness, viral marketing.

Exploring The Various Forms of Social Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM is primarily driven by off-site activities that are initiated on social media web sites, such as
Digg, MySpace, Wikipedia, Flickr and others, to spread a message or content (video, text article,
audio) by itself from-to-friend.

increasing inbound links to get more traffic to achieve top web site rankings in the organic search
engines or improving brand-awareness and consumer associations, a social media marketing
campaign is more effective when you have a compelling message or unique content and
prominent profile in the social media.

compelling text-based content that gets bookmarked at or Furl or by making the home
page at Digg to the creation of a video that spreads virally by placing it on YouTube and other
video sharing and social networking web sites.

Social Media Marketing happens online and requires a lot of experimentation and testing. the
risk of failure is higher then for "traditional" online marketing and advertising, but the rewards
can be high for relatively low cost.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media optimization is a more narrowly defined activity then social media marketing.
Social media optimization is often limited to making a web site or blog more adaptable to social

The idea behind social media optimization is that by adding compelling, dynamic and fresh
content on a regular basis, e.g. through Tip Sheets, How To listings, white papers, a podcast or
blog, a web site gets more easily and frequently linked to and achieves top ranking and visibility
in the general and specialty search engine such as Technorati, BlogPulse and podcast directories.
Other examples of SMO are the implementation of links to social media web sites to make
tagging, sharing bookmarks (, and voting for content (Digg, Netscape, Stumbleupon)
by visitors easier.

Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)

Word of Mouth Marketing relies on finding and empowering people to spread the word about a
product or service. People such as opinion leaders who have extensive knowledge in a specific
area. Today, people are utilizing this method of marketing in very creative ways. Ideally word of
mouth marketing is something that occurs on it's own (viral marketing) and without effort. Word
of mouth marketing is powerful, lasting, and something every company wants to have working
for them.

Business Blog Marketing (BBM)

Business blogs are another way online marketers, business owners actively engage and
communicate with potential and existing customers to build customer loyalty, generate online
buzz and increase your company's brand awareness in the marketplace. Small Planet's business blog marketing services include comprehensive strategy consulting,
planning and blog design, blog hosting, custom setup and training, and ongoing blog content
management and development.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)
Do you ever wonder what others say about your company? It's a growing concern for modern
businesses around the globe and with good reason. Becoming aware of what customers and
industry analysts are saying about your business itself, your company brand and employees can
make the critical difference needed to increase your competitiveness in the marketplace.

Small Planet helps your company become aware and respond to these concerns
through blogs, forums, social networking websites, opinion sites, and other online sources.
Because the information people post is indexed by the search engines - people will find it! We
create a strategy based on your company industry and focus to actively monitor the online
dialogue about your company.

Benefits of this service include a better understanding of product issues, awareness of consumer
opinions and feedback from various sources, and other posted content found that talks about your
company, products or services, employees, or other company information. Our online reputation
management program enables you to help fight bad publicity, protect your company image,
become aware of what the public is saying about you.

Our social marketing services include everything you need to tap into this powerful marketing
tool: Word of Mouth Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Business
Blog Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Audio & Video Podcasting.

By Todd Murat