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CHC2D - Chapter 17 Questions_1_


									CHC2D: Twentieth Century Canadian History:

Chapter Sixteen Questions:

Read chapter 17 of Spotlight Canada (pp. 417-431) and answer the following questions. Be
specific and detailed in your answers!

1. In 1970, the Trudeau government was determined to take Canadian foreign policy in new
   directions. What were the main features of this new foreign policy programme?

2. For what does CIDA stand? Why was CIDA established?

3. What radical changes in Canadian defence were proposed and introduced by the Trudeau
   government in the early 1970s?

4. What public statements or actions of Pierre Trudeau tended to strain relations between
   Canada and the United States?

5. What were some of the problems often cited by anti-nuclear activists in their opposition to
   nuclear power generation? What were some of the benefits of nuclear power proposed by
   nuclear advocates?

6. Explain the historical significance of the following:

La Francophonie                               CANDU Reactor
Canadarm                                      Telesat Canada
Alouette 1                                    Atomic Energy Canada Ltd.

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