Two Words For Tomorrow

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					Two Words for Tomorrow

Can you sum up the biggest challenge facing Australia’s future in just two words?

Is it government policy? Clean environment? Immigration issues? Climate change?

What are your Two Words for Tomorrow?

It’s a question that lies at the heart of a new interactive campaign recently
launched by GE, which asks Australians to share their opinions on what matters
most to them.

The campaign is open to all Australians online and is being supported by events
being held in capital cities during April and May. The events will see a polling
station set up in the centre of the city on a designated date, where visitors can
enter their Two Words for Tomorrow. The answers will then feature on a Two
Words waterfall, a digital artwork installation, which will run across two 4 metre x
2 metre LED screens, highlighting the top ten themes as they happen.

Want to get involved? Like the Facebook page, enter your Two Words for
Tomorrow – and make your opinion count.

Description: What are your Two Words for Tomorrow? Help the future of Australia.