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					                                         FDM Cheat Sheet
Child Care                      Contact Info           Services Provided
CHILD ACTION                    916-369-0109           Child care resource and referral, child care subsidies, recruitment
                                                       and training of child care professionals, parent education and
BEAN STALK                      916-344-6259           Developmental care for children ages Infant to 12yrs old.
                                                       ELIGIBILITY- Low income families
FAMILY CHILD CARE PROVIDERS     916-362-4453           In-home child care resources.
Children’s Care & Safety
YMCA CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER   916-457-9622           Memberships are open to all. Sponsors infants, toddlers,
                                                       preschool and after school child care.
CRISIS NURSERY South            916-394-2000           To prevent child abuse and neglect by providing support to
Crisis Nursery North            916-679-3600           families at times of crisis through residential respite care for
                                                       children from birth to age 5 for 24hrs. or up to 30days.
TABACCO EDUCATION PROGRAM       916-875 -5869          To prevent Tobacco use
Community Engagement
HANDS ON SACRAMENTO             916-447-7063 EXT.304   Connects volunteers to match their schedules and interests. Do a
                                                       one-time event or long term project.
Family Environment
HEAT AND ENERGY ASSITANCE       916-567-5220           Utilities
SALVATION ARMY CENTER           916-442-0331           Family services, food, utilities
Financial Stability
A POSITIVE FORCE LEADERSHIP     916-370-7729           Helps families manage money and credit repair, helps with
                                                       resume and employment assistance training.
CONSUMER CREDIT COUNSELING      916-379-3600           Seminars on credit, money management, bankruptcy and housing
CALIFORNIA INDIAN MANPOWER      916-920-0285           Employment and job training program. Job referrals, job
CONSORTIUM                                             counseling and emergency financial assistance for housing,
                                                       utilities, education and employment. Emergency Food Vouchers.
SETA                            877-920-JOBS           Employment services

                                             FDM Cheat Sheet
Health Access
PRIMARY CARE CLINIC                 916-874-9670           See’s all ages, international immunizations at low cost available.
COVER THE KIDS                      866-850-4321
CHILD HEALTH AND DISABILITY         916-875-7151           Refers children to Dr’s clinic who offer the gateway program
PREVENTION                                                 (Temp Medi-cal) so that can get well-child exam and
                                                           immunizations up to date.*ELIGIBILITY: LOW INCOME FAMILIES
                                                           AND UNDOCUMENTED QUAILFY FOR THE SERVICES*
NIA BIRTHING CLINIC                 916-558-4800           Prenatal and well-women’s health care. Medi-cal worker on site.
                                                           Substance abuse relapse counseling.
Sacramento Native American Health   916-341-0575           Provides basic health care for adults and children; pre- and peri-
Center inc.                                                natal services; sensitive services for teens; diagnosis and
                                                           treatment for acute and chronic conditions; nutrition; health
                                                           education; and smoking prevention/cessation education. All are
                                                           welcome (no tribal or thnic requirements).
WIC                                 916-427-5500           Women, Infants & Children Nutrition Program.
Shelter & Housing
WEAVE                               916-920-2952           Intervention counseling advocacy and information and referrals
                                                           to DV and Sexual Assault Victims.
MY SISTER’S HOUSE                   916-428-3271           Crisis line and shelter services for Pacific Islander DV victims
ST. JOHNS SHELTER FOR WOMEN         916-453-1482           Homeless shelter
LUTHERAN FAMILY SERVICES            916-453-2900 EXT.200   A 2yr transitional housing program assisting homeless families,
                                                           helps with employment, education, independent living skills,
                                                           parenting skills and accessing community resources.
MERCY HOUSING CALIFORNIA            916-414-4400           Develops and manages affordable housing for families, seniors,
                                                           homeless, HIV/AIDS and formally homeless people with mental
                                                           and physical disability.
TENENTS RIGHTS HOTLINE              916-444-0178           Provides information for landlords and tenents.
SACTO EMERGENCY HOUSING             916-454-2120           Provides emergency, transitional and permanent housing for
                                                           families and individuals.

                                           FDM Cheat Sheet
Social and Emotional Health
ALTA CALIFORNIA REGIONAL CENTER   916-978-6400        Services available to families with individuals with developmental
ANOTHER CHOICE ANOTHER CHANCE     916-429-7977        Affordable drug and alcohol counseling, anger management and
                                                      mental health.
CHILD & FAMILY INSTITUTE          916-736-0828        Counseling for children and families.
OPTIONS FOR RECOVERY              916-922-5110        Family living well program, drug education and treatment
                                                      provided, healthy living skills, helps with housing, medical care,
                                                      legal assistance and FREE on-site play care is provided during
Substance Abuse
MAAP                              916-394-2320        18yrs or older, outpatient treatment provided by experienced
MI CASA RECOVERY HOME             916-394-2328        Has a 30, 60 or 90 day treatment program facility for both men
                                                      and women. Outpatient treatment is provided for nearly
                                                      recovered individuals.
N.E.E.D.S                         916-482-2006        Outpatient drug treatment program including court ordered
                                                      treatment, drug testing and mental health services. 12 Step
                                                      education anger management and chemical dependency
PROJECT TEACH                     916-733-8333 24HR   Transports children to school in order to continue school
                                  LINE                attendance. Also transports to Health Care appointments.
REGIONAL TRANSIT (RT)             916-321-2877        Fee for services. See website for “Online Trip Planner”:
Paratransit, Inc.                 916-429-2009        Fee for services. Transportation services to individuals with
                                                      disabilities, the elderly, and related agencies.


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