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									How to subscribe to the GOADS-2005 Forum

All technical questions and associated answers related to GOADS-2005 will be listed on
an internet forum.

   1. Subscribe to the forum.

       Send an email to listserv@listserv.erg.com with the following text in the body of
       the message (not in the subject line):

       SUBSCRIBE GOADS-2005 Firstname Lastname

       You will receive an email confirming your request (and verifying your email
       address for on-line security purposes). Click on the URL in the email you

   2. Create a password.

       Once your email has been confirmed, subscribe to the mail list by going to this
       link to create and register your password. Again, this is for on-line security and
       you must have a password to post to the forum.


            a. Click on the above link to the forum
            b. Type your e-mail address and your chosen password (type your password
                twice to verify)
            c. Click on “Register Password”
            d. You will receive an e-mail to confirm your password
            e. Click on the link in the received e-mail to confirm your password
            f. You will be transferred to the listserv website

   3. Click on Server Archives in the upper left hand corner and then select
      GOADS-2005 and you will see these options:

       a.    Search the archives (by keyword, author)
       b.    Post to the list (create new message or reply to previous message)
       c.    Join or leave list
       d.    Weekly archives (review posted messages and replies by week)

   4. Save the URL in your favorites folder.


   5. You will receive an email confirmation each time you post a question or reply
      to the forum.
   a. To create a new message, select post to the list
   b. To reply to a question directly, select “Reply” from the top toolbar as you are
       reviewing the message

   c. Select “Quote Original Message” from the bottom of the screen if you want the
       original message to be included with your reply

6. Messages and replies can only be posted via the on-line forum (not by email).

7. Only questions and replies pertinent to the GOADS-2005 data collection
   effort will be permitted.

8. For additional technical problems or other difficulties, contact:
      Ms. Holli Ensz
      Minerals Management Service
      Office of Leasing and Environment (MS 5433)
      1201 Elmwood Park Blvd.
      New Orleans, LA 70123-2394
      Phone: (504) 736-2536
      E-mail: holli.ensz@mms.gov

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