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                                  M-NCPPC PARK EVENT CENTERS RESERVATION OFFICE
                                   11001 MACARTHUR BLVD., POTOMAC, MD. 20854
                                      Office: 301.299.5026 Fax: 301.299.5386

RESERVATIONS: A security (damage) deposit of $150 must be paid to secure a rental date. Once the security (damage)
deposit is paid, a rental contract/permit will be sent to the contract holder. If requested, an invoice can be sent to
accompany the contract. A reservation becomes official when the security (damage) deposit is paid and a rental
contract is signed and received within two weeks. An initial payment of 50% of the rental total is due 180 days (6
months) prior to the rental date. The full balance is due 60 days (2 months) prior to the rental date. All extra fees
incurred within 60 days prior to rental date (i.e. lcd projector rental, flipchart pads) are due no less than 30 days prior to
the rental date. Contracted hours include decorating and the setup/ breakdown time for all vendors.

We accept payments by credit card (Visa, MasterCard), checks made payable to M-NCPPC ($35.00 returned check fee),
cash or money orders. We do not accept American Express.

Payment Schedule:
           $150 security deposit to secure a specific date
           Initial payment of 50% of rental fee due 180 days (6 months) prior to the rental date
           Full balance due 60 days (2 months) prior to the rental date

If a reservation is made less than 60 days prior to the rental date, full rental payment and security (damage) deposit is
due immediately and payments must be paid by credit card, certified check, cash or money order.

All cancellations/changes must be in writing by the contract holder and forwarded to the event center reservation office
eventcenters@montgomeryparks.org; FAX 301-299-5386; 11001 MacArthur Blvd, Potomac, MD 20854

Cancellations by the Contract Holder:
             180 days or more prior to the event date: If the contract holder cancels the event 180 days (6 months)
                or more prior to the event date a $200 cancellation fee will be assessed and taken from the security
             179 – 91 days prior to the event date: If the contract holder cancels the event between 179 days and 91
                days (between 6 – 3 months) prior to the rental date, the security deposit will be forfeited.
             90 days or less prior to the rental date, the security deposit will be forfeited plus 50% of the total rental
                fees paid.

Cancellations by the Commission: It is the Commission’s mission to ensure an extraordinary rental experience. If at any
time any element of the event is found to compromise the facility or the Commission staff, the Commission reserves the
right to cancel the event without reimbursement.

If the Event Center is unable to fulfill a rental contract due to causes beyond the control of the Event Center, any
payments, except for services already rendered, will be refunded in full or be applied to a future re-booking, which will
be done under the same terms and rates of the original agreement.
Date Changes by the Contract Holder:
    A one-time reserved date change done at least 180 days prior to the event date within the same facility is
       acceptable with the original security (damage) deposit applied to the new date.
    More than one reserved date change by the contract holder or changes made less than 180 days will be treated
       as a cancellation. Cancellation policy will be applied.

SECURITY/DAMAGE DEPOSITS: A $150 security (damage) deposit is required to secure a date. The deposit is separate
from the rental fee and cannot be applied towards the rental. Deposits are refunded with one month of the event
provided there are no charges assessed due to damage, loss, excessive cleaning or extension of time. Refunds are issued
by the main office in Riverdale, MD and are mailed directly to the contract holder.

HOURS OF RENTAL: The rental period is stated on the contract and can be any 8 consecutive hours Monday – Friday,
between 8am – 5pm for Rockwood Manor and Monday – Thursday between 8am – 5pm at Seneca Lodge and Woodlawn
Manor. This rental period includes your deliveries, set-up, decorating, caterer prep, event, breakdown and clean-up.
This is the only period that you, your guests, participants and vendors may occupy the rental site. Deliveries/pick-ups
must be made from paved areas. All drop-offs and decorating must be completed within your contracted rental period.
Additional hours can be added to your rental period if more time is required. All changes in times or purchase of
additional hours must be requested in writing at least 30 days prior to the event.

OVERNIGHT: Accommodations at Rockwood Manor may be reserved based upon availability. Check-in at 3:00 p.m.
Check-out 11:00 a.m. A lost key charge may be assessed if keys are not returned at the conclusion of the rental.
Housekeeping services are available upon request, Monday - Friday. Guest Room Assignment Sheets are due (for
Rockwood Manor) 2 weeks prior to the event date and are available on our website. The screened-in pavilion in the
cabin area is for all to share.

FOOD & CATERING SERVICES: In-house catering services are not provided by the Event Centers. The contract holder
may select an outside, licensed and insured caterer of their choice. Only caterers who provide the required
documentation are permitted to serve and/or provide service within the facility. The catering agreement shall not
include the Commission as a party. The agreement must require the caterer to abide by all laws, rules and regulations of
the State of MD., Montgomery County and M-NCPPC. It shall obligate the caterer to provide to the contract holder a
copy of the caterer’s Food Service Facility License, Food Manager License, and Certificate of Insurance. The insurance
document shall name the Commission as a certificate holder and an additional insured as follows: Maryland-National
Capital Park and Planning Commission, 6611 Kenilworth Avenue, Riverdale, MD. 20737.
The contract holder must submit copies of the license and insurance certificate, no later than 60 days before the event,
to: eventcenters@montgomeryparks.org OR mailed to: M-NCPPC Reservation Office, Rockwood Manor, 11001
MacArthur Boulevard, Potomac, MD 20854 OR faxed to 301-299-5386.

Kitchen equipment*:
     Woodlawn Manor House- warming oven, refrigerator & freezer
     Seneca Lodge- small oven, microwave, refrigerator & freezer
     Rockwood Manor House -large ovens, stove, microwave, ice machine, refrigerator & freezer
     RW Manor Park Cabins – two grills on lawn
        *Equipment subject to change. Please verify with the reservation office prior to your event.

ALCOHOL: Alcoholic beverages are permitted to be served by the drink at Rockwood Manor, Woodlawn Manor, and
Seneca Lodge to anyone at least 21 years old. A bar mat must be used. ”Bring Your Own Bottle” functions are not
allowed. A CLASS C, SPECIAL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE LICENSE must be obtained from the Board of Licenses,
Commissioners of Montgomery County for a cash bar or if admission is being charged.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Equipment (microphones, TV, DVD, CD player, conference phone, screen) may be reserved 30 days in
advance at no charge. A fee is assessed for rental of the LCD projector. A/V equipment is for indoor use only. A/V
equipment may not be available at all venues. See the event venue’s list of available equipment on the rate sheet on
our website.
FLOOR PLAN: All floor plans must be submitted to the Reservations Office 30 days prior to the event date. Blank floor
plans are available on our website: www.parkeventcenters.org at the venue page. Examples are also available upon
request. Clients are welcome to call for assistance in developing a floor plan.

LINEN: Table linen is provided for business events for rectangular tables only. Linen is not provided for food/buffet
tables. Towels, sheets etc. are included free of charge with overnight accommodations in the Guest Rooms at Rockwood
Manor (French House, Skyview Lodge and Carolyn Cottage). Linens and pillows are NOT included for the bunk beds
located in the Group Cabins. However, for a nominal fee, a linen rental package is available to rent at least 30 days prior
to your arrival. The rental package includes: 2 sheets, 1 pillow, pillowcase, seasonal blanket, washcloth, bath towel and
hand towel.

DECORATIONS/FLYERS/SIGNS/LIGHTS: Signs must be free standing or secured by coated wire, string and/or painters
tape. No nails, screws, push pins; metal hooks, damaging adhesive or other material of such nature may be driven into
or placed on any interior or exterior wall or fixtures to include garden fixtures. Sprinkler heads should be free of
attachments. Confetti, decorative glitter and birdseed is not allowed.

FURNITURE/TENTS: Items from the Equipment list (available on the rate sheet on our website) are for indoor use only.
They are setup by Park Event Staff free of charge based on the contract holder’s floor plan. The Event Center will
provide outdoor furniture and tenting at an additional cost. A list of Event Center rental furniture is available on our
website. Installation or removal of tents and canopies from an outside vendor is allowed with the prior approval and
scheduling of the Manager.

All rentals arranged through an outside vendor must be removed at the conclusion of the event. Items left overnight
will incur a storage fee of $250 per night. At the conclusion of the contracted time, the client is responsible for moving
the outside rental furniture to a designated place for storage. The Event Center is not responsible for items left
overnight that are rented through an outside vendor.

    Woodlawn Manor - All outdoor Amplified Music is permitted
    Seneca Lodge- All 0utdoor Amplified Music is permitted
    Rockwood Manor House - Outdoor, amplified music is not permitted at Rockwood Manor Park; however
        acoustics are permitted
Quiet time at all venues is midnight through 8:00 am.

FIREPLACES: Fireplaces in Rockwood Manor and Seneca Lodge are only operated by Park staff, upon request.

A Campfire amphitheater is located at Rockwood Manor and is free with a rental (amphitheater is for all to share).
Firewood and buckets of water are provided when use of the campfire is requested. Additional water may be obtained
at the water spigots which are located behind Skyview Lodge. Please attend the fire until completely extinguished.
Campfires must end by 12midnight.

Candles for decoration must be enclosed in containers with bases to catch wax drippings. Grills are not permitted on
wooden decks but may be used in designated locations.

Fireworks / Firearms /Contraband are prohibited.

DISABILITY ACCOMODATIONS: Arrangements may be made through the Reservation Office in advance.

PUBLIC SAFETY: Driveways, corridors and emergency exits must be accessible at all times. At the contract holders cost,
the Manager may require M-NCPPC Park Police to be present when the safety, protection or well-being of the guest or
facility is needed.

WILDLIFE: In accordance with M-NCPPC Rules and Regulations, no plants or wildlife shall be disturbed from their habitat
or fed. Please do not feed the horses at Woodlawn Manor or the livestock at the Agricultural History Farm Park.
INDEMNIFICATION: The contract holder shall indemnify and hold harmless the M-NCPPC from and against all actions,
liabilities, claims, suits, damages, costs, or expenses of any kind which may be brought or made against M-NCPPC of
which M-NCPPC must pay and incur by reason of or in any manner resulting from the sponsor’s negligent performance
of or failure to perform any of his/her obligations under the terms of the reservation agreement.

                                11001 MACARTHUR BLVD., POTOMAC, MD. 20854
                                   Office: 301.299.5026 Fax: 301.299.5386

                                                                                                        rev 3/5/12

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