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Affiliate Marketing Success Stories by moraduddin0


Affiliate Marketing And Making Money Online For Future

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									Affiliate Marketing Success Stories - Raising an Affiliate Program Cash Cow (Part 2)
The following appointment with Shawn Collins, a prominent expert in the
affiliate promotion area, should prove helpful to people. Shawn
has experienced a meteoric rise in the area and now runs his own on the internet
program management and talking to firm. As this appointment is fundamentally
limited in opportunity, one is motivated to read more about Shawn's encounters
in the area and the guidance he dispenses through his books, conventions,
blog, articles, reports, and weekly radio show. The audience can also meet
Shawn at the Affiliate Peak, a "can't miss" conference for those
interested in doing your best in the competitive world of internet on the internet
Q. Shawn, how would you explain your initial encounters with on the internet
A. It was returning in 1997. I had a dial-up account on AOL, a 14.4 hub and
a want to make more cash. At time, I didn't know a factor about
creating websites, promotion, etc. But I went through a guide at AOL on
writing HTML and picked up the basics. Then, I created a ugly, single
page website about New York City and put up some Amazon links. I never gained
a cent on that website.
Q. What growing pains did you endure at first? What were the biggest
obstacles and difficulties from that period of time?

A. In those days, there was a monopoly on registering domain names, and it cost
$35 a year. At time, that was a bit beyond reach for me (I didn't
realize what a great investment a short name would be). That was a trend -
an disinclination to invest in my on the internet initiatives. I was going the free
route with tools, hosting, etc. That definitely late my progress.

Q. What was your first "Ah-ha" moment? How did you incorporate the
lesson learned into your internet on the internet promotion business?

A. Once I got my reporting via e-mail from Amazon with
information on commission payment gained. In those days, there was no option to sign
to an interface - just a regular e-mail with on the internet stats. When I
realized it was real that I could generate income this way, I was excited and
motivated. This convinced me that I was wasting time working in
magazine posting - it was here we are at me to get into a line of perform that
was stimulating and rewarding.

With my restricted internet on the internet promotion experience, I managed to get a
with a start-up in 1997 called, and I bluffed my way into
running the on the internet items and applications there. I've experienced my
perform ever since.

Q. Without referring to names, have you joined internet promotion applications that
not keep their guarantees and/or offer appropriate compensation? What
measures did you take when confronted with this situation and what guidance
can you give others to avoid this circumstance?
A. Lots of internet promotion applications lie in their selecting initiatives - they
talk about how simple it is to generate commission payment from them. That's simply
true - it's not simple. I just don't pay attention to most selecting
efforts from internet promotion applications. I would encourage associates to ignore
proclamations of simple earnings and high EPCs - the most crucial factor is
to test everything yourself and promote what works for you.
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Affiliate Marketing Success Stories - Raising an Affiliate Program Cash Cow (Part 2)
Q. How has internet on the internet promotion changed in the last seven years? What
strategies would you implement now that you would not or could not do
years ago?
A. The industry has aged greatly. Seven decades ago, many on the internet
marketers were content websites which used 468x60 banners. The statistics
were basic and fewer companies offered internet promotion applications.

Now, the industry is so varied. Essentially, any way to promote on the internet
is being utilized by associates... including price comparisons,
domaining, video, SEO, e-mail, social networking sites, PPC, benefits applications,
If I could reverse time, I would have started up multiple niche
community websites returning then for popular topics. By now, if developed they
would have grown nicely and become profitable websites.

Q. If one is blessed promotion an associate items or solutions, is it
likely that this individual can successfully industry his/her own items or
services? Should people look into developing their own items while
marketing or instead of promotion others' products/services?

A. I'd say anything that is already promoting on the internet can be successfully
marketed through an associate items and applications. Selling your own items or
services can certainly offer more benefits in the best case scenario, but
then you've got a lot more risk, too.

If somebody has the facilities and know-how to sell a certain item
or assistance, I'd say to go for it. But don't take uncalculated risks.

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