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Manage XML traffic and govern consumption of Web services, SaaS and Cloud offerings

Information delivery over the Internet is increasingly dependent on applications talking directly to other applications via XML. While HTML continues to be the lingua franca of the Internet, XML and related Web 2.0 technologies are increasingly at the root of emerging Web-based service offerings.

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									                        SecureSpan and ProxySG Solution

                        Control, Monitor and Accelerate XML and HTML
The solution offers:    Implement comprehensive, in                                l         entering/
                                                    in-depth analysis of all digital content entering/leaving your
                        organization, securing and optimizing the performance of your network.
Security                Information delivery over the Internet is increasingly dependent on applications talking directly to other
Filter XML content                             For
                        applications via XML. For example, by allowing applications to access other applications delivered as
and prevent XML         services, travel portals can dynamically access an airline’s reservation systems; online credit agencies can
attack and intrusion.                                                                          services
                        generate reports on an individual’s credit rating; and Web mapping services can query disparate location
                        services to generate high quality digital maps. While HTML continues to be the lingua franca of the Internet,
Application Services
                        XML and related Web 2.0 technologies are increasingly at the root of emerging Web Web-based service
Optimization            offerings.
SLA policies enforced
by the Gateway           owever,
                        However, ensuring a high level of security and performance for XML traffic requires specialized control and
ensure quality of       monitoring capabilities. The combined Layer 7 and Blue Coat solution gives enterprise IT managers the
service.                                                                                                                  XML
                        security and visibility they require to manage XML traffic, ensuring they can properly govern how XML-
                        based Web services, Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud offerings get consumed inside the organization,
                        and how enterprise services get exposed to external departments, customers and partners.

To learn more about         eploying                                                              ,
                        By deploying the Layer 7 XML Gateway in conjunction with Blue Coat ProxySG, organizations can benefit
Layer 7 and how it                                                                    XML-based                          HTML
                        from comprehensive content protection and visibility for both XML based Web Services traffic and HTML-
can address your        based Web traffic.
organization’s XML
and SOA needs, call     Securing the Enterprise
+1 800.681.9377
                        The Layer 7 XML Gateway minimizes risks associated with the use of XML inside the enterprise. By
                        implementing a Gateway at the edge of the enterprise, organizations are protected from the consumption
                        of potentially harmful XML content, and secured against private data leaving the organization via rogue
                        Web services calls.

                        Optimizing Performance
                        XML-based communications can be bandwidth and computationally expensive, potentially impacting
                        quality of service and even customer/partner Service Level Agreements (SLAs) arou availability of
                        application services. The Layer 7 XML Gateway can enforce SLAs through monitoring, rerouting and
                        throttling/choking to support IT operations requirements

                        Gaining Visibility
                        In order to proactively troubleshoot and prepare for capacity planning, enterprise IT managers need to
                        know how services are performing with respect to internal users, as well as external service consumer
                        demand. The Layer 7 XML Gateway provides a low cost, easy deploy solution for monitoring and
                                                   XML-based services.
                        reporting on the usage of XML

                        Layer 7–Blue Coat Synergy
                        Layer 7’s XML Gateway deployed in conjunction with the Blue Coat ProxySG series provides comprehensive,
                        in-depth analysis of all digital content entering and leaving an a organization’s network. Blue Coat
                        ProxySG’s ICAP interface provides the link to Layer 7’s XML Gateway for XML data inspection. Once
                        installed, the Blue Coat ProxySG identifies XML traffic and automatically routes it to the Layer 7 Gateway for
                        further inspection and processing. Specific policies for securing, managing and monitoring XML can be
                        defined using the Layer 7 Policy Manager
Key Features
Protect Against XML                Interrogate XML messages entering the organization via HTTP(s), FTP(s) or JMS to
Threats and Attacks                ensure valid data structures and reject malicious content
Centralized Access Control         Centrally manage authentication and authorization to internal service resources

Assure Quality of Service          Create SLA policies and enforce them on the Gateway to ensure the delivery of XML-
                                   based application services
Track Usage of SaaS and            Monitor, track and report on the external services in use by your organization
Cloud Applications
Simplify SOA Integration           Ease integration with disparate SOA infrastructures from SAP, Oracle, IBM, Tibco
                                   through standards-based interoperability and integration

The solution supports the latest versions of the Layer 7 SecureSpan Networking Gateway and the Blue
Coat ProxySG.

To learn more about how Layer 7 can address your XML security, monitoring and accelerating needs, call
us today at +1 800.681.9377 or visit us at

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