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April 2012 Newsletter (PDF)


									                        2526 S. Commerce, Ardmore, OK 73401
                    Phone: (580) 223-2763 Email Address:

   Message from the Exalted
                                                                                  APRIL 2012
                                  this will require Grand                       Mark This Down
                                  Lodge approval so stay
                                                                                  Saturday, April 7th
                                  tuned. Lastly I'd like to say
                                                                                  1 pm
                                  "Thank you" to all our                          ELKS EASTER EGG HUNT
                                  volunteers. The Ladies fixed
                                  a wonderful meal for
                                                                                  Friday, April 13th
                                  installation of officers,                       6:30 – 8:00 pm
                                  another group is investing                      BURGER NIGHT
Greetings and welcome to          time and money to ensure
the 2012-13 lodge year. The       the pool looks it's best, the                   Sat. & Sun., April 14-15th
                                  entertainment committee                         3 pm
first few months will be
                                  has activities planned and                      BOCCE BALL TOURNEY
extremely hectic. State
Convention is April 19-21 in      generates at least one new
                                  idea a week. I'm really                         Friday, April 27th
OKC, Sunfest is June 16th,                                                        7 pm
and the pool will open May        excited about YOUR lodge                        PICKIN’ & GRUBBIN’
26th. If that weren't enough      and I hope you are too. It
the trustees are working on       takes us all, but when we                       Saturday, April 21st
                                  work together the whole                         10 – 4
the new budget and the                                                            KIDS DAY IN THE PARK
Audit Committee will work         can be greater than the sum
with the accounting service       of the parts. What can YOU
                                                                                  Saturday, April 28th
finalizing reports to the         do?
                                                                                  6:30 – 7:45 pm
Grand Lodge. In another                   Fraternally Yours,                      PER SPUD NIGHT
room the House Committee
will be discussing possible              Steve Middleton
kitchen renovations. We'll
need to borrow money and

                                Vim Dahya            04/16
                                Robert Hunter        04/16
                                Michael Maxwell      04/17   James Hight        04/29
                                Dale Ott             04/18   Deanna James       04/29
                                Sandra Welch         04/18   John Miller        04/29
   Phil Hutchens        04/03   Tom Love             04/22   Gene Fryar         04/30
   Lee Ann Mashore      04/03   William Walker       04/22
   Shannon Harman       04/05   Jack Parker          04/24                              LO D G E H O UR S
   Michael Medcalf      04/07   Joann Watterson      04/24                              Monday - Thursday
   Kevin Potter         04/07   Dave Rickard         04/25                              5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
   Robert Hartsell      04/09   Geary McCormack II   04/26                              Friday - Saturday
   John Hayes           04/11   Wayne Spivey         04/26                              5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
   Larry Eschenbacher   04/12   Robert Harper        04/28

                               CHECK OUR WEBSITE & LODGE EVENTS ONLINE
                             Secretary’s Message – April 2012
                  Hello everybody! It’s me, Jody, your friendly elks lodge secretary. Well, the new
           Elk year is here! What a great year we had in membership! If you have paid your
           membership dues for this new year, You should be getting cards in the mail pretty soon!
 If you haven’t paid your dues, you can do so at the lounge with your credit/debit card for your
 convenience. And if you haven’t received your dues statement, please let me know right away. You
 can contact me by email at I also want to remind everyone that if you move
 or plan to move, please let me know as soon as you can. This helps us avoid fees at the post office
 when the mail comes back to us. The fees for return mail are one dollar apiece. This can and has
 become costly so please help us out.
         There was some good activity in the March meetings in regards to membership. New
 applications this month were: Milton Floyd, owner of Floyd Construction and proposed by Jess Mayfield;
 Jamy Hamilton, employee at OK One Stop and proposed by Vim Dahya; Carol Wheeler, proposed by Tim
 McCullers; Brad Manley, truck driver and proposed by Tim McCullers; Lou Ann Stahl, self – employed
 house cleaner and proposed by Vim Dahya; reinstatement for Mike Spandle by Vim Dahya;
 reinstatement for Lloyd Hamilton by Tony Hutchison; reinstatement for James Dunn by Tim Rhodes.
 These applicants will be voted on at the first meeting in April. During the first meeting of the
 month, we voted on applications for Richard McLaughlin, Brett Price, Samson Buck, Shae Holmes and
 reinstatements for Randy Grissom and Layne Ensminger. All applications were approved. Richard
 McLaughlin, Samson Buck and Shae Holmes were initiated during the second meeting of the month.
 Please make sure to great our new members and make them feel welcome at your lodge. Great job
 to everyone on membership and keep it up! Bring your family and friends out to the lodge and lodge
 events and show them what we are all about. There are so many worthwhile events, activities and
 charitable things for you to be a part of. All you have to do is ask!!
        There are a couple of volunteer opportunities coming up in April. Our annual Easter Egg Hunt
 will take place on April 7th at 1 pm. We will have an egg stuffing party Wednesday, April 4th at 6
 pm. Volunteers wishing to help out at the Easter Egg Hunt need to be there at 12 noon to set
 parameter of the field and help put the eggs out in the field. Cash and candy donations can be
 made at the lodge. The Ardmore Elks will have a booth space at Kids Day In The Park. We will
 have coloring books, stickers, bookmarks and candy to hand out. All materials will carry our drug
 awareness message. To volunteer, give me a call at 222-7566 or email me at
 The hours are 10-4 at Central Park in downtown Ardmore. Thank you in advance for helping out.
        And speaking of charitable and fun events to participate in, you can keep up with events at
 your lodge by visiting our website and checking out calendar website at

         See you at the lodge! Jody

                                  News From The Auxiliary
Happy spring, everyone! A giant THANK YOU to all the ladies for their time and energy this past month. It was a
busy one. Thanks Vim, Sue, Roger and Mark for the newly remodeled ladies restrooms. Your work is amazing.
We added a few new decorations and WA-LA, beautiful! We have some great plans for this coming
month. Officers were re-elected in March, Janet Chaney-President, Shirley Hanus-Vice president, and Judy
Rogers-Secretary/Treasurer. We have some new members joining us every meeting and would like to invite
more. Our meetings are the second Tuesday each month at 7:30, right here at the lodge. Upcoming activities
include snacks for the 'Pickin and Grubin', Wednesday night dinner on April 18th and helping with the Annual
Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 7th. See you at the Lodge!

On a sad note, we lost a long time friend, Elva Auten last week and she will be missed.

                                                                                                Your president,
                                                                                             Janet Chaney
                                    SUNFEST 2012
                               SATURDAY, June 16, 2012, 6:30 PM TILL MIDNIGHT!!
It’s that time again – Sunfest 2012. Preparations are already being made. The Sunfest committee will meet next
on Thursday, April 5th, 7:30 pm, at the Lodge. We still need someone to help collect “door prizes” for the event.

WE NEED YOU TO SELL TICKETS – Tickets are $75.00 each. They allow two adults into the Lodge on
the 16 for FREE food, FREE beer, FREE entertainment, door prizes and a chance to win $7500.00 in cash.

The tickets are in packets of five and are available from Gene Scrugham either at the Lodge or at his business
downtown. There are incentives in place to reward those who sell a book of five/or a total of 10 tickets.

Sell five tickets and receive two(2) beverages of your choice at the Lounge. Sell ten tickets total and receive
either a $50 Lounge gift certificate or a $50 Mazzio/Ardmore gift certificate.

This Sunfest we will continue the incentive – “High Ticket Sales Person”

This person will receive $200 cash for their efforts in addition to the other incentives mentioned above.

The committee has decided to have prizes(money/etc.) for some of those in the “First Group Out”, tba.

The Sunfest is one of our largest fundraisers of the year and we need all members to try to sell the tickets. For

                                        ENTERTAINMENT CORNER:                                        Trustees are
           ALERT                                                                                      accepting
                                    04/07 @ 1 pm - ELKS Annual Easter Egg Hunt                    recommendations
Dues are due April 1st                                                                          for expenditures for
                            04/14 @ 3 pm – Bocce Ball Tourney (setup at 2 help needed)           the 2012-13 budget.
   Cardlocks will be                                                                             See Russell South
  changed April 15th.            04/27 @ 7 pm – Pickin’ & Grubbin’ (snacks provided)                for more info.

  At the first meeting in April we
   will be voting on the new lodge
                                                                  ELK OF THE YEAR
    by-laws and house rules, in
   accordance to the Grand Lodge                                          Mike Watts
 rules.     To be eligible to vote, you
    must have current dues paid.                              OFFICER OF THE YEAR
                                                                      Robert Chaney
                                                                ER CHOICE AWARD
                                                                          Vim Dahya
               Toe Tag $3.00
 Membership/Lapsation Monthly Report
 Close of the Month for March 2012                                    ELKS
 No. of Members as of April 1st: 238

 Increases                  Delinquency

 Initiated     23           Six Months           7

 Affiliated    0            One Year            38

 Reinstated    6            Over One Year        0
                                                                 Wednesday Night
 Subtotal      29           Total               45                  Dinners
                                                                 CHEFS NEEDED!!!
 Dropped            0

 Transferred Out 0                                               If you are interested in
 Absolute Dimit     0       Applications on Hand, Waiting for:          preparing a
                                                                    Wednesday night
 Deaths        2            Investigation   1                     dinner, please contact
                                                                     Steve Middleton.
 Expelled      0            Initiation      1

 Subtotal      2            Number of Life Members 8

                                                                     Elks General

                                                                 We meet the second and
              BEREVEMENT NOTICE                                   fourth Tuesdays each
                                                                 month from 7:30 till 8:45.
                          Elva Auten                             Come and find out what
                         Orville Cope                            your Elks lodge is doing
                                                                  and how you can help!
                        Billy Ray Smith

   LODGE OFFICERS                     PER OFFICERS
      2012-2013                         2011-2012
Exalted Ruler    Steve Middleton    President      Robert Chaney
Leading Knight    Lauren Chaney     Secretary/Treasurer
Loyal Knight          Vim Dahya                Gene Scrugham, Jr.
Lecturing Knight        Joe Smith
                  Jody Westervelt
                    Amy Markum
Inner Guard          Greg Wilson          OFFICERS
Tiler            Tammy Wagner             2012-2013
Chaplin          Randy Simmons
Esquire        Gene Scrugham, Jr.   President        Janet Chaney     ELKS CARE – ELKS
Trustee 1 Yr.          Mike Hale    Vice President Shirley Hanus           SHARE
Trustee 2 Yr.          Boyd Ellis   Secretary/Treasurer
Trustee 3 Yr.       Russell South                     Judy Rogers       SUPPORT OUR
Trustee 4 Yr.      Robert Chaney                                          TROOPS!!!
Trustee 5 Yr.      Carole Drown

                                                                     NON PROFIT ORGANIZABTION
   Ardmore elks lodge                                                          US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                    PERMIT #204
      LODGE #1906
             PO BOX 1114
         ARDMORE, OK 73402-114

                                                                    PERMIT #204

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