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									Personalized Tote Bags for Employees

Personalized tote bags can be a great item to give to your employees, and they can be used in a number

of different ways. Some companies may choose to give a custom tote bag as a reward. This can be to

recognize a sales quota met, a new product launched, or a training program completed. Physical

incentives to work towards a goal can be very motivating and a logo tote bag can be a great reward to


Businesses can also used personalized tote bags as a holiday, birthday, or anniversary gift for employees.

A useful bag featuring your company logo can symbolize to your employees that you are proud to have

them on your team. Custom tote bags can also be personalized to reflect the colors associated with your

logo and can even include your company’s message.

A third way to use logo tote bags is at a company retreat or before an important business trip.

Employees will appreciate a favor to remember a fun trip and will be happy to have a useful item

featuring your company logo. Fun giveaway items can boost employees’ excitement about their

employer and they will be proud to show off your logo wherever they carry their personalized tote bags.

Custom tote bags from ePromos come in a variety of sizes, colors, and fabrics to complement your

business and your needs. Talk to one of our specialists today to customize your logo tote bags.

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