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									What are the Natural Remedies for an
Earache is a painful problem more commonly seen in children, but it can also affect adults from
time to time. Home treatments for earache can be useful for pain relief if the earache is not
caused by a middle ear infection, so what are the natural remedies for an earache?

Before trying any natural remedies to relieve the pain of an earache, make sure you are certain
the earache is not caused by an ear infection and therefore requires antibiotics. The same applies
to earache in children and babies—in both cases if the earache is accompanied by a raised
temperature, swelling around the ear, loss of hearing and balance, seek medical advice as natural
remedies will probably not work.

What are the natural remedies for an earache?

When the earache is not too severe, or you do not believe that the pain is as a result of an
underlying infection, there are several natural remedies you can use to relieve the pain and cure
the earache.

Warm olive oil or vegetable oil drops can be used twice per pay to soften hard ear wax inside the
ear canal and relieve the pain of an earache caused by ear wax. It will take a few days for the oil
to soften the wax, but once this has occurred, ear syringing will be able to remove the excess wax
and cure your earache.

Earache is sometimes caused by a change in ear pressure, either as a result of altitude, or because
the ears are blocked due to a cold. If you or your children experience earache whilst flying,
chewing gum or a sweet can encourage the swallowing reflex, which will in turn relieve the
earache. With babies, encourage them to feed as this will achieve the same effect.

Sesame oil warmed with a clove of garlic is an old wives remedy for the relief of earache. Warm
some sesame oil with garlic and then drop the oil inside the affected ear. You should experience
pain relief very quickly. Garlic has natural antibiotic properties, so you can also try eating garlic
cloves to cure the pain caused by an ear infection.

St John’s Wort is a natural remedy for a variety of conditions and it can also help with earache,
so try using St John’s Wort ear drops for a few days as a natural remedy for earache.

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and can be used for the treatment of a large number of
conditions, including earache. Tea tree oil should not be used undiluted, so for earache, add three
or four drops to quarter of a cup of warm water and use a pipette to add a few drops to the
affected ear. The natural healing effects of the tea tree oil will help to fight bacterial, fungal, and
viral infections.
What are the natural remedies for an earache in babies?

An old fashioned remedy for curing earache in babies and children involves warm urine. Place a
few drops or warm urine inside the ear and plug the ear with a small piece of cotton wool. Leave
the urine inside the ear for fifteen minutes and then allow the urine to drain out.

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