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					The Step-by-Step Guide on Home Remedies
for Earaches
Having an earache for once in awhile can be such a pain, what more getting it on a frequent
basis, but fortunately, there are several earache remedies that anyone could try at home. Among
the logical reasons as to why the earaches are happening to you include the infected fluids inside
your ear that has been building up in the back of your eardrum which in turn putting some
pressure on your ear, hence causing a much more pain and discomfort.

Because earaches tend to appear at night, it’ll make you lose more sleep because of the
discomfort and the pain that persist. Unless your symptoms kept on persisting (by which you
should consult in a health care provider for further treatment), you may want to try the step-by-
step guide on home remedies for earaches:

First of all, you’ll need some of these things for your home remedies for earaches: towel, hot
water bottle, water, olive oil, mineral oil, garlic juice, and a hair dryer or a heating pad. Set your
hair dryer on a warm mode and hold it several inches away from your ear in order to let some
flow of air into it. Remember not to set your hair dryer on a hot mode as it might burn your ear,
and make sure that you didn’t use the hair dryer for over 5 minutes. You could also use the
heating pad if you prefer it more than the hair dryer. Apply some heat to your aching ear by
putting the heating pad. Make sure that the heating pad is warm enough to sooth you but not hot
enough that it hurt you more. The pain inside your ears will be eased by the warm heat (heating
pad) and the warm air (hair dryer). This is one of the best tried-and-tested earache remedies.

Heal your earaches by dropping some garlic juice onto your ear. Squeeze a small piece of garlic
until it turned watery and pour the extracted juice in your aching ear. Garlic has the best natural
antibiotic and health benefits so this method could work greatly. Garlic could also help in
fighting the infection inside your ear, hence making it one of the best earache remedies ever.

You may use the mineral oil or olive oil to ease your ear sore. The oil works best as a natural
lubricant and it really helps you in eliminating the itchiness and the dryness inside your infected
ears. Warm the oil for several minutes and remember to test the oil’s temperature first before
pouring it in your aching ear. For a proper application, use the ear dropper of your own one or
the cotton bud to coat the aching area inside your ear. Using the oil is definitely one of the best
earache remedies to date.

You could also use the towel and the hot water bottle to treat your aching ear by wrapping the
hot water bottle with the towel. Use them as a pillow and put them on your aching ear to ease the
soreness and the pain. This method is also among the best earache remedies to use during

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