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Earache remedies are nowadays very common and can are easily accessible by ingredients
available at your home or talking precisely, earache home remedy options are present in your
kitchen. This pain occurs due to the inflammation and swelling of the ear structure which
consists of an external auditory canal, the tympanic membrane, and the middle ear.

Earache treatment using home-related items are:

An earache is usually caused after a bad cold or sore throat and very commonly after you blow
up your nose. The logic to this point is that the fluid is accumulated in the Eustachian tubes
which creates pressure on the ear and creates pain in it. Home remedies are quite common these
days. It may also result in losing your sleep due to excess pain. Earache treatment should
therefore be undertaken so that it is cured. If you are suffering from an ear infection you should
consult your health care provider. Treatments in medical science are based on the use of
antibiotics which enables your body to cover up the infection. Home earache remedies, on the
other hand, can be explained as follows:

2. Herbal Drops: One of the basic earache home remedy is the use of herbal drops. These drops
consist of several oils but the most effective of them is the garlic oil. Garlic is considered as a
natural antibiotic and is evasively used in earache remedies. You have to warm up the oil and put
3 drops of the oil in your ear. Blow a hair dryer at low heat onto your ear for 3 minutes. Use a
hot folded cloth, place it in a bag and hold it to your ears. Repeat this process 3-4 times a day.

1. Heating Pad: To aid this pain, using a heating pad will help a lot. Place a hot water bottle
beneath your pillow and lie on it and take a nap or rest for a while.

2. Tiger Balm: Apply Tiger Balm on the on the outer portion of the aching ear. Cover the area
with a warm hot cloth and leave it to set for a while.

3. Peroxide and Alcohol: Home remedies for earache also include a mixture of Peroxide and
alcohol of the same quantity. Drop it in the ear for a moment and then let the mixture drain out.
Repeat this process as required.

4. Cotton Wool Bud and Olive Oil: Dip half of a cotton wool in Olive oil and place it onto the
ear. Put the cotton inside the ear and remove it after a short while. This is another form of
earache remedies.

5. Potato Steam: Potato Steam also includes the steaming up of ears by potato heat. Split potato
in two parts. Heat it inside a microwave oven. When heated allow the steam to enter into your
ears’ infected canals.

6. Salt as earache remedies: Heat some salt into the pan. Place the salt in a damp cloth and place
it beside your ears. You will feel relieved in a few moments.
There are several other home remedies for earache but by applying the above mentioned items as
earache remedies, you will find a significant relief in your pain.

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