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If you are experience a painful, annoying earache that can happen to anyone when least
expected, you’d be looking for an earache cure right about now. Here are three simple solutions
that you can act upon:

Prevention is the Best EarAche Cure
As mentioned before, the best way to avoid an earache is to prevent it from starting in the first
place. you can do so by avoiding extremely loud music, extremely cold temperature and plug
your ears when swimming. Ear muffs are a good idea during cold weather, and plugs can also
help you out in areas with loud music like concerts.

In gerena, earache tends to arise from excessive bacteria in your ears. Cleaning your ears
regularly can help prevent such a painful problem.

EarAche Home Remedies
Many people use home remedies to cure earache pain. Most of these remedies can be made with
things that you keep in your pantry. Garlic and onions, for instance, are great for earaches
because they contain a natural antibiotic that can get rid of the bacteria in your ear. You can mix
these ingredients with sesame oil to make ear drops. Place the ear drops in one ear, and give it
about ten minutes for the solution to work. Then switch sides and put the eardrops in the other

EarAche Medication.
You can always turn towards medication to help you cure earache pain. If you have a kid who is
suffering from an earache, you should make sure to use Tylenol, or a medicine that contains
acetaminophen instead of ibuprofen. It might also be helpful to use a decongestant medicine.

If you are experiencing a common cold right now, then the earache would probably go away
with simple cold medicine. If the cold is gone, so is you earache.

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