Adding a Custom Tab to Facebook Using WordPress

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					Adding a Custom Tab to Facebook Using WordPress
Step 1: Get the plugin

Login to the admin part of your website/blog and add Facebook Tab Manager to your plugins. Activate it
and look for “Facebook Tabs” at your sidebar. Click “Add New” and you will get what looks like an Add
New Post window, just like you would for creating any post or page for your website.

Step 2: Design your tab

Just like you can design whatever you want for a post or a website page, you can design whatever you
want for your tab. If you‟re not the web designer for your org, this might be where you ask for some help,
but WordPress has done a pretty good job of making the interface as easy to use as possible. Add text,
color, links, pictures—whatever you want on your tab. As an example, my organization has four “sub”-
organizations that are collaborative projects with other groups. I am working on creating tabs for each of
those sub-orgs that will go on our main Facebook page as a way to link them all together. I am including
the sub-org‟s logo, links to its website and facebook pages, and information about its mission and work. If
your tab is going to be a landing page, consider a call to action for visitors to „like‟ your page, a welcome
image, etc. When you‟re happy with your design (and it can be changed and updated in WordPress
whenever you want), click “Publish”.

Step 3: Follow Instructions

It starts to get a little more complicated now, but there are very good instructions. Once you‟ve hit
publish, new instructions will appear at the bottom of the page.
Follow these instructions to register your tab with Facebook; note that they refer to your tab as an App or
an Application. You will have to fill out a form with both your information and the information for the tab.
It seems a little daunting at first, but WordPress gives you the answers to the hard questions, and the rest
is pretty self-explanatory. You may be asked to verify your account since you are now considered a
Developer (woohoo!); you can do it with a phone number or credit card, but there is no cost.

Name the “App” whatever you want it to say on the left hand side of your profile…give it the same name
as your org, name it something catchy—whatever you want. You are limited on characters, though.

Your icon will be the tiny little symbol that shows up on the left of your profile; make it simple and easy to
recognize. The logo will be the bigger version that shows up in the directory.

When you get to the “Facebook Integration” part of the form, refer back to WordPress for the URLs that
you need.

Step 4: Add your Tab to your Facebook Page

Go back to your “My Apps” page and select “Application Profile Page”. Then click “Add to My Page” and
select the page you want to add it to. You can then rearrange the order or set it as your landing page
from the settings of your org‟s page.

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