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									 Cisco •642-902
Implementing Cisco IP Routing

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             Questions & Answers: 10
                                          Question: 1
Two Company EIGRP routers are attempting to establish themselves as neighbors. multicast packet
type is responsible for neighbor discovery?

A. Update
B. Query
C. Acknowledgment
D. Reply
E. Hello
F. None of the other alternatives apply

                                           Answer: E

                                          Question: 2
Company has chosen to use EIGRP for their network routing protocol. Which three stat regarding
EIGRP? (Select three)

A. By default, EIGRP uses the Dijkstra algorithm to determine the best path to a destination on
bandwidth and delay.
B. To speed convergence, EIGRP attempts to maintain a successor and feasible successor
C. EIGRP uses hellos to establish neighbor relationships.
D. By default, EIGRP performs auto-summarization across classful network boundaries.
E. EIGRP uses an area hierarchy to increase network scalability.

                                      Answer: B, C, D

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                                         Question: 3
You need to configure EIGRP on all routers within the Company network. Which two statements are
characteristics of the routing protocol EIGRP? (Select two)

A. Updates are sent as broadcast.
B. Updates are sent as multicast.
C. LSAs are sent to adjacent neighbors.
D. Metric values are represented in a 32-bit format for granularity.

                                         Answer: B, D

                                         Question: 4
You have been tasked with setting up summarization in the Company EIGRP network.
Which two statements are true about EIGRP manual summarization? (Select two)

A. Manual summarization is configured on a per interface basis.
B. When manual summarization is configured, auto-summarization is automatically disabled by
C. The summary address is assigned an administrative distance of 10 by default.
D. Manual summaries can be configured with the classful mask only.
E. The summary address is entered into the routing table and is shown to be sourced from the
Null0 interface.

                                          Answer: A, E

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                                       Question: 5
Router PG14 is configured as an EIGRP stub router. What are three key concepts that apply when
configuring the EIGRP stub routing feature in a hub and spoke network? (Select three)

A. Stub routers are not queried for routes.
B. A hub router prevents routes from being advertised to the remote router.
C. A stub router should have only EIGRP hub routers as neighbors.
D. EIGRP stub routing should be used on hub routers only.
E. Spoke routers connected to hub routers answer the route queries for the stub router.
F. Only remote routers are configured as stubs.

                                      Answer: A, C, F

                                       Question: 6
You want to reduce the amount of EIGRP traffic across low speed links in the Company network.
Which is the most effective technique to contain EIGRP queries?

A. Using a hierarchical addressing scheme
B. Configuring route filters
C. Establishing separate autonomous systems
D. Route summarization
E. None of the other alternatives apply

                                         Answer: D

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                                        Question: 7
Routers PG1 and PG2 have formed an EIGRP neighbor relationship. In order for two routers to
become EIGRP neighbors, which two values must match? (Select two)

A. K values
B. Delay
C. Autonomous system
D. Hello time
E. Hold time
F. Bandwidth

                                        Answer: A, C

                                        Question: 8
Company uses EIGRP as their internal routing protocol. Which three statements are true about E
operation? (Select three)

A. The maximum metric for the specific routes is used as the metric for the summary route.
B. When summarization is configured, the router will also create a route to null 0.
C. The summary route remains in the route table, even if there are no more specific routes to the
D. Automatic summarization across major network boundaries is enabled by default.
E. Summarization is configured on a per-interface level.

                                      Answer: B, D, E

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                                          Question: 9
A link failure in the Company network has caused the EIGRP routers to update their routing tables.
What action does PG1, an EIGRP router, take when it cannot find a feasible successor for a network?

A. It examines the topology table for a next best path.
B. It transitions from passive to active state for that network and queries its neighbors.
C. It examines the routing and neighbor tables for the next best path.
D. It transitions from active to passive state for that network and queries its neighbors.
E. None of the other alternatives apply

                                            Answer: B

                                        Question: 10
EIGRP performs automatic summarization at network boundaries. What administrative distance is
given to these EIGRP summary routes?

A. 1
B. 90
C. 95
D. 0
E. 5
F. 170
G. 255
H. None of the other alternatives apply

                                            Answer: E

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 Cisco •642-902
Implementing Cisco IP Routing

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