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    Avendra Announces Promotions to Help Achieve Growth Targets
Christine Gallivan, Sally Martin, Ed Thompson and Rich Warren Named
                            Vice Presidents

ROCKVILLE, MD – June 10, 2004 – Avendra, the hospitality industry’s largest

procurement services company with nearly $2 billion in purchasing volume,

announced the promotions of Christine Gallivan to vice president, Financial

Planning, Sally Martin to vice president, Procurement, Ed Thompson to vice

president, Quality Assurance and Rich Warren to vice president, Program

Management. These internal promotions were made to better align the

management team with Avendra’s strategic growth efforts.

Christine Gallivan, Vice President, Financial Planning

“As Vice President of Financial Planning, Christine will assess strategic

opportunities to expand our business,” said Mark Berey, executive vice president,

Business Development and CFO for Avendra. “Under her leadership, we are

identifying new markets for expansion and analyzing opportunities for

acquisitions and mergers.”
Ms. Gallivan oversees Avendra’s Financial Planning Department that manages

budget, forecast, program data integration rollout, business return on investment

analysis for new projects, quantification of savings for owners, and financial

analysis for the Company’s Board of Managers. Additionally during 2003, she

supported the renegotiation of Avendra’s contract renewal agreements with its


Sally Martin, Vice President, Procurement

“As vice president, Sally will head our Operating Supplies Division,” said Scott

Hollis, senior vice president, Supplier Connections for Avendra. “Under her

leadership, we plan to expand our Operating Supplies offering. It is our goal to

provide our customers additional products and more varieties of existing


Ms. Martin will oversee the entire range of Avendra’s Operating Supplies Division,

including manufacturer and distributor relationships for rooms supplies and food

and beverage supplies (including amenities, linen, terry, china, glass, silver,

smallwares, uniforms, spa, etc.).

Ed Thompson, Vice President, Quality Assurance

“In his new role, Ed is working to expand our Quality Assurance efforts,” said

Brian Weed, COO of Avendra. “In addition to our core QA program, which is
largely behind-the-scenes, we will be increasingly working more closely with our

customers on QA-related activities at the corporate and property levels,

leveraging our expertise to add value to their operations.”

Mr. Thompson’s team of quality assurance associates ensure that customers

receive safe, high quality products that meet specifications through hundreds of

yearly on-site audits in manufacturing plants and distribution centers. His group

also assists Avendra’s contracting team in qualifying prospective suppliers being

considered for Avendra customers.

Rich Warren, Vice President, Program Management

“Rich’s new role is a natural extension of his Program Management function,”

said Brian Weed, COO of Avendra. “He will lead our efforts to improve overall

customer awareness and penetration of our programs, both upon rollout and on

an ongoing basis.”

Under Mr. Warren’s leadership for the past two years, Avendra has redesigned its

program development processes, providing key customers with input into

contracting priorities and a strong role in creating the individual contracts, as

well as greater transparency into all of these processes.
About Avendra
Avendra is North America’s leading procurement services company serving
hospitality-related industries. Avendra customers gain access to contracts
leveraging $2 billion of annual purchases, expert advisory services and in-depth
purchasing data and analysis. Through Avendra, customers obtain substantial
savings on their purchases and other value added services to improve their
operations and bottom line results. Formed in 2001, the company is
headquartered in Rockville, MD and has regional offices throughout the United
States and Canada. For more information, please call toll free, (866) AVENDRA,
visit www.avendra.com, or email inquiries to info@avendra.com.

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