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									Getting that Birthday Gift that You Want

There is no doubt that your birthday is a special time of the year
and you definitely need to celebrate it in any way that you can! If
your family and friends are around then chances are that they'll
want to help you celebrate your birthday also, but what about what
you want? If there are certain birthday gifts that you've been dying
for then your birthday is the perfect chance to be able to get them
If you're wondering how to go about telling your family and friends
what you want for your birthday, there are definitely several ways
to go about doing so. First of all, making a list and passing it around
to your family and friends is an excellent way to go about telling
them what you want, but this may come off as pretentious and
conceited. Gift lists are also made around Christmas-time, which is
why it shouldn't come off as conceited, but many times it is. One idea
to tell everyone what you want for your birthday is to hint at what
you've been wanting for quite some time. For example, if there is a
list of movies that you want for yourself then you can always strike
up a conversation about movies with your family and friends.
Conversations are excellent ways to get what you want for your

What to Do if your Family and Friends Fail

The simple fact of the matter is that many times family and friends
may put off getting you a birthday gift until the night before or the
day of your birthday! When that day comes they may be at a loss for
what to get you and they may end up getting you something that
you didn't even want. If this happens then there are obvious choices
that you have.

First, you can always return the gifts that you were given and
exchange them for the stuff that you actually want. This may strike
a discord with the people who gave you the gifts, though, so you may
not want to do that.
Another idea, and perhaps the best idea of all, is to buy yourself the
birthday gifts that you've been wanting. If you are the type of person
to hardly ever spend anything on yourself then your birthday is the
most excellent time to do this! Certainly if you can't afford it then it
is another story, but there are plenty of people who will spend
hundreds of dollars on themselves just because it's their birthday!
This is a totally healthy thing to do, especially if you hardly ever buy
anything else for yourself year-round. Everyone deserves to splurge
on themselves every once in a while!

All in all, the point that is being made here is the fact that you
shouldn't feel bad that you want yourself to receive nice things for
your birthday! After all, this is your day to do whatever you want to
do! So if your family and friends just do not come through for your
birthday wishes then the best thing to do would be to make it
happen for yourself!

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