What is FTP Server by fanstar1984


									What is FTP Server?
FTP Servers (or File Transfer Protocol Servers) are the computers in the network that handle
basic file transfer between different computers. There are several types of FTP servers. You can
have a smaller, purpose based FTP server at home or you can use the large and powerful ones on
the internet. Well, basically, you are currently using FTP Servers since I imagine you are
reading the article on the internet. Well, anyway, FTP Servers allow quick access and upload
and download between several computers in the same network, in this case the internet.

Ok, so I would imagine that you want to hear about the FTP Servers that you can use at home.
Firstly, why would you even want to use such a complicated piece of technology? Well, because
FTP Servers are not complicated at all and if you are looking for a faster way to upload and
download data, this is the way to go (Use FTP softwares such as filezila to establish this). You
can also use FTP Servers to access resources on the internet or to establish a fast and secure
connection between you and your friends or co-workers with whom you need to share files and
you either want to avoid using the e-mail services or the files are simply too large for that.

FTP server hosts our web pages, other documents that we need to share over the internet. Take
the case of this networking blog. I am hosted on a server with ftp access. With my ftp tool, I can
upload or download data which I wish to share with the world. There are options which enable
me to restrict access to certain files or folders. This is don’t through CHMOD options in a linux
server. Through this, you can achieve secrecy as well as enable business oriented approach on
the web (Paid or premium access folders)

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