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					                  / Insertion Order Form


                                            Phone/Fax: 1- 888-440-4684

Credit Repair Lead Pricing:

Price Break Down & Volume Order Discounts

       Leads Ordered          Price Per Lead
       50 Lead Test                $5.00
         100 Leads                 $4.00
         250 Leads                 $3.50
        350+ Leads                 $3.00
       1000+ Leads                 $2.50
        Use This Price Guide to Calculate Cost
        For Exclusive Leads double the cost

Thank you for choosing to order credit repair leads from By ordering today you will
have leads coming to you the following business day! To order leads simply complete the order form
below and fax it back to: 1- 888-440-4684

We will call or email you immediately to confirm your order was received and at that time we will create a
client profile for you, and ask you about any special instructions for your order.

Client Info: *Use the email you want leads delivered to below.


Company Name____________________________________________________________

Phone______________________________ Email_________________________________

Website Address___________________________________________________________
Your Information Is Always Kept Confidential!
3 Easy Order Steps: Fill out the form – Attach Check Copy – Fax To: 1- 888-440-4684

The Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code That Is Printed On Check




Check Number_____________________                      Bank Name______________________________

Phone Number________________________ Email___________________________________

Check Amount: ___________________ # of Leads Ordered__________________________


Routing #______________________________          account #______________________________________

                             Place Copy Of Check Here
                             Or Fax On Separate Page
                       (Make An Enlarged Photo Copy For Best Results)

I authorize to draft the account listed above for the amount listed above. This is a one
time draft. I confirm that the funds are available for immediate payment. I agree to TOS.

Sign______________________________________ Date_______________________________________

                 – Fax: 1- 888-440-4684
Check by Fax Guide:

Check-By-Fax is a fast and secure way to make payments without exposing your credit
card or financial information online. When you fax a check to us as payment, we simply
use the exact information printed on your check to create a “demand draft”. A demand
draft is basically a digital recreation of your check that is then deposited the same way
as a regular check. Demand drafts are normally deducted from your account within 24
hours or less.

By faxing a copy of a check you are giving us permission to run the check 1 time. Check
by Fax is the fast easy way to pay with a check. There is no need to mail your original
check to us, keep your original check as a receipt of payment.

The only parties that see your check will be You, Us, and the banks. After your check is
processed successfully your check information is destroyed.

How to fax a check:

Make a photocopy of the check made out to as if you were
going to mail it. Then fax it along with the order form above.

Alternatively you can securely tape all edges of the check (using clear tape) to a blank
page and fax it, this methods works fine.

If you have any questions please call us. If you wish to not fax a check we can take a
check order by phone (Monitored Phone Call).

Questions: 1- 888-440-4684
FAX: 1- 888-440-4684

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