5SC Sum Parts Banana Peel

					                        Banana Peel (adapted from Math & Science – A Solution 1987 AIMS Education Foundation)
State Standards: S5P1 Students will verify that an object is the sum of its parts.
                        GCPS AKS – 5SC_A2006-3 apply computation and estimation skills necessary for
                        analyzing data
                        GCPS AKS – 5SC_A2006-5 Use tools and instruments for measuring objects in scientific
                        GCPS AKS – 5SC_C2006-9 verify that an object is the sum of its parts.

Lesson Objectives: Students will determine that the mass of a banana is equal to the sum of the peel plus the sum
of the edible part. Students will determine what percentage of a banana is edible. Students will develop a formula
relating the edible part to the total mass of the banana.

       Phase                  Time           Activity           Materials         Questions            Evaluate
Engage – Teacher        5-10 minutes     Students estimate 1 banana/group of   What percent of     Are students’
holds up a banana and                    what percent of a 4 students          this banana is      estimates
asks students if the                     banana is edible. 1 balance/group     edible?             reasonable?
banana is mostly                                           1 set of gram       If I paid $2.50
edible or inedible.                                        stackers or paper   for this bunch of
                                                           clips               bananas, did I
                                                           Recording           spend more on
                                                           sheet/pencil        peel or fruit?
Explore – Students      30-40 minutes    Students will     1 banana/group of   Is there a          Does the mass of
will compare the mass                    measure the mass 4 students           difference in       the banana equal
of several bananas –                     of the unpeeled   1 balance/group     results based on    the sum of the
overripe, unripe ,                       and peeled        1 set of gram       the type of         mass of the peel
large, small                             bananas and       stackers or paper   banana?             and the mass of
                                         record results on clips               Is there a          the fruit in all
                                         individual sheet  Recording           pattern?            cases?
                                         and class chart.  sheet/pencil

        Phase                   Time            Activity             Materials        Questions             Evaluate
Explain – Development     30 -50 minutes   Students find the     calculators       What are you         Most bananas
of a formula needs to                      ratio of the edible                     wondering?           come very close to
be discussed. The                          part to the total                       Does your formula    fitting the
edible part of a                           mass. Find the                          hold for all kinds   formula E=.65T or
banana (E in formula)                      percentage that is                      of bananas?          E=2/3T
is expressed as a                          edible.                                 Would the
fraction or                                                                        formula hold for
percentage of the                                                                  any kind of peeled
total mass of the                                                                  fruit?
banana( T in the
Extend – Represent                         Students graph        Calculators       How can you          Are graphs
data                                       results.              Recording sheet   represent you        accurate?
                                           Students repeat                         results?
The percent of waste                       the activity using
in other fruits will be                    other fruits, such
examined.                                  as navel oranges

           Total Mass in   Mass of Peeling       Mass of Edible   Ratio of Edible   Percent of
           Grams           (g)                   part (g)         Total Mass        Banana that is

Banana A

Banana B

Banana C

Banana D




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