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Copyright Q_A version 2


									Ethics Activity –

        As an educator I want you to know about copyright laws and how they impact you as someone
who might create a song, a piece of art, a story, etc. Our country has established laws to protect these
works. In high school when you plagiarize you might get suspended or expelled. But as an adult in the
business world you might be fined or sent to jail. So as a creator what are your rights and what or
where do you go to find out more about this topic. As a Catholic school, we should know about the
ethics behind copyright laws.

Take this document & Put your name at the top and save it as “copyright Q&A-lastname” in your
Documents folder.

You will use the area of the library of congress to answer these questions.

On your document list the answer right after the question.

You will have 30 Minutes to do.

    1. Copyright Basic Links
           a. What is a copyright?
           b. Does it protect both published and unpublished works?
           c. Give some examples of the rights owners are given
    2. “Fair Use” allows you to use some things? Check out this link for the answers to these questions
           a. If it's on the Internet can I use it?
           b. Is it ok to use up to 5% of someone else's work?.
           c. Can anyone ever use my work without my permission?
           d. Answer where is the public domain and two other questions of your choice from these
               questions below – you can just click on the question?
                     i. • Who is an author?
                        •   What is a deposit?
                        •   What is publication?
                        •   What is a copyright notice? How do I put a copyright notice on my work?
                        •   What is copyright infringement?
                        •   What is peer-to-peer (P2P) networking?
                        •   Where is the public domain?
                        •   What is mandatory deposit?
                        •   What is a work made for hire?
                        •   What is a Library of Congress number?
                        •   What is an ISBN number?
                        •   What are some other commonly used terms?
    3. Go to back to main page and then to FAQ link to answer the following:
           a. How is the copyright different from a patent or trademark?
           b. I’ve heard about a “poor man’s copyright.” What is it?
           c. What does copyright protect?
           d. Can I copyright my domain name?
       e. Can I copyright the name of my band?
       f. How long does a copyright last – as a “General Rule”?
       g. Click on this link and find out what entertainer helped with the length of the copyright –
          look for October 27, 1998.
       h. Also look on the timeline and answer - Which president signed into law the first
           copyright laws? What was the first book copywritten in the U.S.
4. Go back to main page and then use link for current fees
      a. How much does it cost for an online registration of a basic claim in an original
          work of authorship (electronic filing)
       b. The list of current fees have been effective since when?
5. List the steps for Copyright -
        a. List some of the steps
        b. About how many copyright requests do they get each business day?
        c. About how long will it take for them to get your certificate to you?
        d. Will it be recorded online in a catalog?
        e. Lets search Mrs. Espinosa’s maiden name to see if there is anything cataloged. Click
                 ii. On left side under ONLINE RECORDS click search catalog
                iii. You are going to search by: NAME
                iv. Type in Search for Darrouzet
                 v. Click begin search
                vi. Copy and paste the table of results

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