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									                                       Citibank Credit Cards

Title : Citibank Credit Cards : A plethora of Citibank credit cards with us to suit your interests

Description : Get Citibank credit cards at the one-stop site for credit card deals, Chase-credit-, along with rewards like cash-rebates, cash-back, travel points and more.

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Featuring a list of Citibank credit cards with rewarding benefits you’ve only dreamt of!

With the Citibank credit cards, or cards issued by the Citibank, you can be approved for credit
cards immediately, so don't delay, and find out how much credit you can get now! These credit
cards really come in handy when you need some extra cash, with 0% balance transfer for 6
months that Citibank currently offers. We, at offer a list of
personalized Citibank credit cards, with low rates and easy balance transfers to get you started.
With these credit cards you can travel without having to bring a lot of cash, and without having to
change for local currencies, because the Bank will do that for you automatically.

Some of the multiple benefits of the Citibank credit cards include:

       0% interest on purchases for the first 6 months.
       No interest payable on balance transfers for the first 6 months.
       Low long term APR on purchases and balance transfers, minus annual fees.
       A high credit limit of up to £12,000.

The Citi Driver’s Edge Platinum Select Card and the CitiPlatinum Select for College
students are two of the Citibank credit cards that prove to be extremely beneficial for teenagers,
college students etc., along with competitive APRs for purchases and balances. CitiPlatinum
Select for College students is a unique addition among Citibank credit cards with security
features like roadside assistance, auto rental insurance, purchase extended warranty, and the
photo feature for Internet security. Another addition to the list of Citibank credit cards for
students is the Citi® U-Promise Card, with which you are entitled to 10% college savings on
7000+ grocery and drugstore items, including Coca-Cola®, Kleenex® Facial Tissues, etc and
also to 2% college savings on gas at all Exxon and Mobil locations.

The Citibank credit cards also include fabulous Reward credit card offers like the Citi® Platinum
Select® AAdvantage® Business Card, with the opportunity to earn miles toward American
Airlines. You get 10,000 bonus miles upon your first purchase of the card, and also 1
AAdvantage® mile for every dollar that you spend. Thus these Citibank credit cards, with travel
reward programs can really be useful when traveling, especially in foreign countries.

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