; Learn Rumba Learn Rumba for Fun Rumba was
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Learn Rumba Learn Rumba for Fun Rumba was


For more information about ballroom dancing and learn how to slow dance and rumba visit the link

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									                 Learn Rumba for Fun!

Rumba was originally danced to African and Cuban type of music, but over time, Western, Blues and
Rock have found its way to the Rumba dance. If you are game for an exciting dance, then you will have
some fun with the Rumba. If you are more conservative and shy— then this is the perfect opportunity to
break out of your shell! Put on a hot dress, strappy heels, a red lipstick and your best sexy attitude (of
course these are preferable seen on the woman) and you’ve got the groundwork for some serious
Rumba dancing.
What are you waiting for? You joined dancing lessons to have some fun right? Well, there’s no better
time to start than the present. Learn Rumba and have a blast in the dance floor tonight!

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